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مسلسل يوميات مدير عام الجزء الثاني الحلقة الثانية YouTube online video cutter com

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Hi, Can you check this paper? Yes, Give it to the guy near me. Hello, Mister, Can you check this? I just saw it, come back later. That means i go around for a while, come back and it will be finished? What?! Do you think am playing here? You are in an official Goverment work place, things do not work like that. Oh! this guy looks good, just sign his paper for me. Don't you see how many papers i have to work on?! This is a Goverment place you have to wait like everyone else! Please sir! just check it out, mabye you will finish it in a short period of time. Ok i will check it out, you know what your paper is missing! Missing!? what do you mean? Its just Missing! Oh i get it! Here you go! What is this!? Are you stupid?! Take it back, take it. Sir I'm not trying to Bribe you, Consider this a price of a cup of coffe! Only 100 Syrian Pounds! Thats too low! You Don't watch news? Can't you see that everything is very expensive! Can't you see what's going on the world, there is an Economic crisis. What do you want now!? Ah ok ok i get it now. Here you go. Thank you. Now you go the elevator near this room, you will see a guy he will continue the work on your paper. After that come back here, to this guy near me to continue the Work on your paper. Ok Be ready someone is coming, he wears a black costume. Hey Can't you see you stupid idiot! Hey what do you have? Can you check this please? Ok lemee see this shit! Fuck, It's missing. Put some money in it Fast! Here you go sir! Ok, Come back after week! mabye it will be finished! One week is too much, cmon if you can do it now please. Ah ok i get it now! Only 100 pounds Really! do you want to get this finished as fast as possible? Ok ok Take this!

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Posted by: iyad on Feb 8, 2016


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