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Chefferies, Part Two

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There is a woman at this time who is the woman chief she is the one who is in charge of all the chiefs of Yaoundé In the villages, there are chiefs who inherit the chiefdom, that is to say, from father to son. For us, we are in the city. And chiefs of the Third Degree, the neighborhood chiefs, are elected, but the chiefs themselves that goes from father to son. Me, I think that, with globalization, I think that this business of chiefs going from father to son must disappear. We will have to elect chiefs because, after all, it isn't normal that a chiefdom remain in one family, that is to say, that one family of a chiefdom be in charge of the people; from father to son for generation after generation after generation. It is going to have to change. Things are changing. We also need many more women in the chiefdoms. That woman be chiefs; It shouldn't always be the men. In Yaoundé, in the beginning, there was only one main chief. It was about..... His name was Charles Atangana. He did a lot throughout the history of our country. So, surrounding him, there were chiefs by groupings Hmmm.... There were Hausa groupings and Bamiléké groupings, here, the grassfields Here, the Bamiléké groups There were Makia groupings and Oryam Ombassa, The Gevenou Doula treaty was signed by the traditional chiefs It was the traditional chiefs who signed that treaty. So Cameroon first became a colony. After the war in 1947 Germany lost everything. Now, the League of Nations, the United Nations confirmed that Cameroon was under French and British administration. This is why Cameroon was never colonized. As reputed, more or less deplaced..... Thus.....was British and French So, the law of 1950 destroyed most of the..... and thus created neighborhood chiefdoms

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Documentary about Chefferies in Cameroon

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