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MyKabbalah Lesson 5 mission 4 Engsmall

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Proactive Giving Oh good, you're still here. In our previous mission, we learned that opportunities for kindness is the universe's way of giving us a way to experience far more. Remember, kindness and sharing are like a spiritual muscle. when we first begin to use them, it's going to feel a little bit painful. Especially when it's growing. And it we don't use them at all, eventually they will become a little bit more weak When the sharing and kindness is more difficult, more Light can enter. Sharing when it's easy is not necessarily a bad thing. But it won't make my muscle grow. And therefore, the universe won't be able to reflect back to me what I'm really looking for. So now, with this understanding, Let's finish building our Proactive Formula. Whenever there's a trigger, when there's a difficult situation in my life, now I pause and I say, "What a pleasure." I remember that this situation is specifically designed for me from the Light. This is part of my tikkun. I observe, and I recognize the voice of my opponent. I resist that voice. I embrace the process. I ask the Light for help. And now my final step is to take a proactive action. And to approach the situation from a place of sharing. All that's left now is to practice. Kabbalah is an experience based wisdom. And when we practice, we'll get much better at it and thereby allowing our sharing and kindness muscle to continue to grow. So let's recap everything up until now. We learned practically what it means to act like the Light, even when I'm going through a difficult situation. We learned that kindness is the universe's way of knocking on our doorstep, and giving us an opportunity to generate more Light into our lives. We learned how to shift our energy from a receiver to a giver. And when I shift that consciousness, The more that I give and come from a place of sharing, the more I end up receiving. Thus the true receiving is through my sharing. Our rule for Level 5 is approaching any situation without an agenda always allows more Light to flow in. And my tool against this agenda is to practice kindness and sharing especially when it's illogical. The more difficult the situation is, the more Light can flow into my life. This is really the purpose for why we're here. When a baby is born, it's fist is completely closed As if it's trying to hold on to and take everything in life. When a person passes away, their hands are open. Everything they've ever received in life now they are able to share. Hopefully we can reach that stage where we can constantly share and thereby create room for more Light into our lives to constantly flow. And look, we're almost finished. In our final level, we're going to deepen everything we've learned up until now, and learn the source for all of this wisdom. We're going to understand how this deepening of our understanding will make everything go to the next level. When you're ready, we'll see you there.

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