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School of Public Health and Global Health- UWHS

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(Narrator) The school of public health has a strong vibrant community by nature they are collaborative (Narrator) Public health's mission is health promotion and disease prevention (Narrator) And creating technologies and interventions designed to improve and enhance quality of life (David Eaton) Public health is simply to say the obvious is the health of the public (David Eaton) It is looking at the disease burden and the conditions that influence people's life in terms of their health (David Eaton) And that includes diseases and includes social services such as health care delivery (David Eaton)It includes the studies of epidemics and populations it includes even the mathematical and statistical ways of looking at very large dat (David Eaton) My own research is in the area of cancer research (Ann Kimball) All the different displays really work towards understanding how to keep human populations healthy and prevent illness (Ann Kimball) Measure illness when it's present and help policy makers prioritize how they spend the public dollar to take care of their populat (Ann Kimball) I think it's going to be one of the most important things to understand about how human beings are going to survive on this planet (Ann Kimball) And we seen enormous advances in vaccines especially if you look at something like Meningitis (Ann Kimball) Where we are moving into a vaccine that might be life-time for that disease (Ann Kimball) Totally changes the nature of epidemic meningitis in west Africa (Ann Kimball) So there's lots of advances in all different advances in technology that are really important to public health (Ann Kimball) We are involved in all over the world and I get a tremendous satisfaction out of watching were our students wind up (Ann Kimball) And the things they are able to contribute to (Daren Wade) Really exciting thing about working at the UW is we have the premier department of global health in the country (Daren Wade) And that means we've have taken a step to create a strong academic program with complementary field work experiences (Daren Wade) And a commitment to working disciplinary so I think it's a great time to be here in Seattle at the University of Washington (Daren Wade) Our students are getting the opportunity to work with the most exciting group of faculty from all over the world, (Daren Wade) Ones who are leading major projects on covets like HIV aids, internal child health, Cancer (Daren Wade) We have people working on vaccine developments for TB and malaria and new drug discoveries (Daren Wade) So you can work from the bench to the field. (Casey Hasting) I can't imagine a more rewarding future because it lends itself both to like my own sense of adventure but also my believe in social (Casey Hasting) Most recently I spent six weeks in the northern city of Cap-Haitian in Haiti (Casey Hasting) I worked for two weeks on trying to identify the strength and weaknesses of their HIV care (Casey Hasting) And in that short time I identified three things that were immediately changed or improved (Casey Hasting) And it's that kind of lasting systematic change that public health will house (Casey Hasting) It kind of opens up your eyes to the possibilities of the (Casey Hasting) Even the little things that you can do to try to improve the life's and healths of people thousands of miles from your home (Daren Wade) Students come back from these experiences energized (Daren Wade) And then they see that there are big problems out there that can't be solved in a six week orientation (Daren Wade) But maybe that makes them committed to making it their life long journey

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University of Washington School of Public Health has a strong, vibrant community. By nature, they are collaborative. Public Healths mission is; health promotion and disease prevention, and creating technologies and interventions designed to improve and enhance quality of life

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