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Video for TED (3 min. version)

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Hello,I'm Dustin Trembath. I'm 18 years old, I live in Briggsdale, Colorado and I go to Briggsdale high school. I'm a senior, and I'm here to talk to you about what changes public education needs. Just as music, religion, have all kind of turned to their roots for guidance, social education - Education by Merriam-Webster's dictionary is defined as "development of mental, moral, or esthetically". And I think that currently, education does a fine job of developing us mentally, but I really think that, you can go so much more beyond, fine (?) in achieving a type of superiority among other countries such as China or India, when we have a country that's nearly half the population of our competition, we should be able to do fantastically better, but it's because we stick to old traditions, such as putting our kids according to age, rather than according to, let's say, learning advantages, visual learners or textual learners, or audible learners, and not really focusing on the individualness of each student. I think that allowing them to become more creative, or more self-driven, is something that we are able to do with such a small population, but I think it's majorly overlooked. We need to take advantage of what we do well. We are more personable, we're more accustomed to o technology. I think we should use those things to our advantage. I think social medias are going to be huge in the future, which is something that kids are good at, but aren't given a huge opportunity in our schools really to work with. What we need is to teach that intrinsic moderation .... (?) every time

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Producer: Dustin W Trembath
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Posted by: calmansi on Mar 9, 2011

Video by Dustin W Trembath for TED's TEDactive project. Original URL . Also embedded in - i.e. in the collection of the TEDactive videos.

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