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C9L6 Be Your Own Spectator

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Its funny I told you years ago about that article I read about Federer, it was an interview with Federer in Tennis magazine. Roger when asked "So whats it like to be Roger Federer, whats it like when you are playing?". He says you know It feels like I am a spectator when I am playing and we know what he is talking about its this idea of a spectators view. Paul was mentioning perspective before its like an adult you know off in a lounge chair watching the ebb and flow of the water. You have a greater perspective of both sides ebb and flow rather than if you are a little 5 year old kid and you are standing right there. You are running back and forth and you are over reacting always as a spectator you have a greater appreciation for the entire movement both directions. I always like the way Roger thought of himself well I kind of watch myself as a spectator would when I am playing. You know as a child you have dreams of being a great player and then all of a sudden you are winning Wimbledon you are going down confirming you are a great player. Then you are going out as one of the most popular players in history who appreciates the whole lineage of tennis and where its come from and how its evolved. That as a true great player you have been through the whole process were you become a champion. You have been in the cauldron were you have had to sum up the fortitude to just be yourself and be what you have trained to be. When you are actually called in these incredibly large situations you better have a system that will work in that way, that will test you. You will be able to play on a level that you can actually believe in. When you have a system like this you are not thinking in terms of the reptilian mind where it is fight or flight its really you are thinking this new way. Developing the capacity to overcome your small self by having this over view. Being able to go forth like a Knight you know it really is this Grail story thats why we called this company Grail Sports that we both are partners in. Importance to be a Knight, feel like a Knight we think is a new philosophy its a new religion in that you actually practice your philosophy or religion you don't just believe in it or you just don't have faith in it. We think you can actually believe in something out here when you learn to play in a perfect style. Then by believing it you do become a great player. One reason we want you to play left handed, I encourage that right from the beginning think of all the titles. Title one month one live at the 45, we want you to live into this geometry and you can do it, you have to do it every which way. You have to do it left handed, right handed you have to do it thinking from your center. You have to do it thinking from the 45. You have to do it looking from above like a a spectator and you even want to do it from the eyes of the strings. I always talk about the eyes of the strings. I don't think I have mentioned that in the school yet. I mean its not just about moving your center right, it about having your racket mesh up with the ball and this wave were you are coming out to the periphery at the highest leverage point. You are going from concave right there having that great transition so you better not miss hit. Tennis is game of inches still especially the non linear game its a game of inches if you are going to live on the edge. You have to think through the eyes of the strings as well as your center so you time your runs better. Thats why we always say you don't have to run quickly to beat the ball into position. You have to get there when the ball is crossing your 45. Well the perspective then is I can't just be concerned with myself I have to understand that there are eyes in the face of the racket. Always see the ball thats why we don't like players turning their racket faces away. I don't think I have mentioned this because hopefully we live in our own perfect bubble the last 9 months. You will find a lot of players soon as they turn they think they are doing a figure 8. They will turn their racket away from the court just like that and then turn it around and have all these different gyrations in their elbow that are unnecessary. I call them garbage and I try to get rid of that garbage by always being able to see right through the eyes of the strings. The actual surface of your racket which makes contact with the ball , its like a radar dish, the thing is that not only do you have to see with the eyes of the racket. You have to put your racket into perspective to see the ball properly then the movement of your feet . The way you gallup and the way you move into position to get that racket to be on the ball. That is another sight where you see with your feet when you notice the great players you can tell you don't even need to see their upper body to tell just by the way the actually move their feet they gallup. They coil they float above the court all those things are ways of saying that your whole body have to be synchronized with, they have to be hooked up to this perfect system because any one that is not working perfectly is going to be your weak link to your stroke and when the pressure is on those weak links are the first to show up. Thats is why you constantly want to integrate all the parts. You know if you don't feel like you are thinking on your feet then you try to see how it is manifested. Is it the way you are connected to the ball or is that your feet aren't moving and you really have to train your feet to move properly. Everything will reveal the truth of everything else in your stroke if you really are open to that.

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The brilliant perspective of the great one - Roger Federer.

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