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The house of Rothschild - the Money's prophets - full 56min

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Please contact [email protected] now let's take a look at the role of the rothschild family the family centipede the wealthiest in the world and money is that the other part-time last time his his problem binary kind mythology surrounding the rough child's wealth and power is two centuries old the resulting mythology has proved almost as long lines as the firm of and am rothschild and sons itself ever since the second decade of the nineteenth century there has been speculation about the origins and extent of the family as well about their political influence not only in the five countries where they were rothschild houses but throughout the world about their duties vibrato houses complementarity version of what later became known as the multinational perhaps the most important point to grasp about this multinational partnership is that for most of the century between eighteen fifteen and nineteen forty it was easily the biggest bank in the world strictly in terms of their combined capital rough trials were in the league of their own till at the earliest the eighteen eighties the twentieth century has no work with him because they were still ridge rothschild could plainly claimed the material equivalence with the european aristocracy big relished the sense that they were some of the race innocents phrases like kings of the jews which contemporary supplied to them contained an important element of truth that was exactly the way the rothschild sts saw and conducted themselves there are no fewer than one hundred fifty three species or some species of insect which bear the name rothschild as well as fifty eight rs eighteen mammals and fourteen plans building a rare slipper orchid patio at the moment rothschild the atom say nothing of three patiently spiders into reptiles the family's almost equally preparing to do csn for the pleasures of the table has also best of the name of us to flee and a savory bronze cognac and we hear a toast accounts in numerous streets named after members of the family israel rothschild of the kids that don't fall in love people's minds around the world over numerous rothschild build houses from the bail avails very to the riviera there's even a rothschild island in the antarctic at the same time the rough child's energetically pursued and acquired decoration titles and other authors securing the ultimate prize an english here in nj in eighteen eighty five the third generation also threw themselves into hunting and horse racing does quintessentially aristocratic pastimes they also extended their patronage to include writers benjamin disraeli moderate because african heinrich reiner musicians notably for derek's apparent filipinos cv as well as architects and artists in more ways than one favor the nineteenth centuries in the kitchen from the very earliest days rothschild depreciated the importance of proximity to politicians the men who defended not only the extent of budget deficits but also the domestic and foreign policies which so influenced the financial markets and politicians soon came to realize the importance of proximity to the rothschild good times seemed indispensable to the solvency of the states the politicians government and who could always be relied upon to provide up to the minute political news when the former douroux jeanne fraser directors george bundy do became prime minister and april nineteen sixty-two later president in nineteen sixty-nine depend not on sending me commented sibling are kept equals rebuild he crosses equals roads you need for it similar echoes can be found in the british press tune inferences were sometimes brought in the nineteen eighties back to the number of conservative politicians have recorded and rothschild and sons ltd either before or after their political careers a time when the premise handling a number of important privatizations meeting gps and eighteen nineties their advice on imperial matters was sought by both the marquis of salisbury and the role of rosemary blackston successor as liberal prime minister indeed rose but it was married to a rough time beiersdorf her account sts lost child influence extended to royalty as well since it is extraordinary defined families interests in the financial affairs of team towards the boards brigade in his decision to drop by as much as fifteen years and out in miami jobs and the father of an obscure majesty next time you come to acquire a bill on the street regions the likeliest answers that he wanted from the electrophoresis castle and made a number of loans to the sounds of george the third in the seventy nine ten years later it was beaten premiers fabric the sons of minor and filter into these and other royal beds with the intention of making me left naturals somewhat old-fashioned frady's accord bankers england floor was george the fourth the only member of the british royal family to make them less money in the eighteen twenties in eighteen twenty-four for example he leads ten thousand pounds to be your as well as giving him one hundred complimentary shares in the alliance insurance company ross child's also look ahead to the next generation got eighteen sixteen the on the child of the prince regent princes charlotte probe to a minor german friends leopold of sex coburn the youngest son of a few france's frederic brothers once recognized leopold potential importance not for nothing before that rothschild writer of these deportees point out the similarity between the house of rothschild in the house of sex cobra golf goes to extend the german families which were to rise from obscurity to glory in the course of the nineteenth century indeed this was to be enormous symbiotic relation the three point five million golden land to the sex cobras by the frankford house between the eighteen fifty seven and eighteen forty two was only one aspect of the neck in of greater importance was the support which the rock child's gave to those members of the family left goldberg in search of new films elsewhere up at the rock child's lost interest in the question of the british succession following princess charlottesville blueprints regions brothers accused of and set off for germany to mary victoria of sex you talk with him a letter of credit on the front across town when the marriage could use the daughters victoria ones beginning next in line for the brown nathan hasten to offer the proud father of financial advice of his exclusive messenger service nathan sons continued to act as the doctors in fact there after the duke staff relating money to her brother ferdinand of sex gober these tenuous links were enhanced by several cultivation of the above the sex cobourg who later became king leopold the first of the belgians nor was his nephew albert about turning to the rothschild for financial assistance after he became queen victoria's grandson source interns victoria and albert eldest son was on friendly terms with many members of the family before and after he succeeded his mother as edward the seventh the list of victorian politicians who was close to the rough josh is a long walk finals campaign for admission to the house of commons in the late eighteen forty seventeen fifty sq enjoyed support from waves like lord john russell delights like lanston but also protectionist stories like this really war george plimpton they were attracted not only to the israeli patrols of the lord randolph churchill joseph chamberlain and talked about even as late as the first decade of the twentieth century system of partnerships continued to function in such a way that english rothschild said a financial stake in the paris house and french rothschild to stake in the london house the mystery of the rough child's also helps to illuminate the long-running differences between british french and german banking but the obvious reason that the various rothschild houses were active similar though not identical twins in each country in addition to the inevitable where both credits and events with other firms which arose from these activities rothschild also offered to a select group of customers usually royal and aristocratic individuals who may wish to cultivate the range of personal banking services ranging from large personal loans as in the case of the austrian chancellor princeton attorney to a first-class private postal service is in the case of queen victoria and the rough child's were also major industrial investors an aspect of their business which is often been underestimated when the development of railways raised the possibility of transforming europe's transport system in the eighteen thirties and eighteen forties russ child's were among the leading financial backers of lines beginning in france austria and germany indeed by the eighteen sixties james to rothschild had built up something like a pan-european railway network extending northwards from france to belgium southward to statement eastward singer manning switzerland austria and itll from an early stage the rothschild also have major mining interests beginning in the eighteen thirties with their acquisition of the spanish mercury mines of almaden and expanding dramatically in the eighteen eighties and eighteen nineties reinvested in mines producing gold proper diamonds rubies and boiled like their original financial business this was not physically global operations standing from south africa to burma from montana to baku unlike modern multinationals however this was always a family friend with executive decision making strictly monopolized by the partners leave until nineteen sixty were exclusively drawn from the ranks of maildrop dr there are numerous apocryphal business maxim distributed to the ross trials for example to hold a third of one's wealth and securities authored in real estate thirteen jewels and octopus street the stock exchange like a cold shower with inflict out or to leave the last ten percent to someone else the economic history of capitalism is therefore incomplete until some attempt has been made to explain how the broth child's became so phenomenally with all nineteenth-century states rent budget deficits and some almost always did and fifth was war and the preparation for which generally precipitated the biggest increases in expenditures board was violently into governments or by speculating in existing government bonds rothschild made a very large part of their colossal fortune the answer lies in the way these vests with carried out only a few years previously via rancho has been arranging payments of some six hundred twenty thousand who've been from the elected to wall street to pay for troops of horses in the eighteen oh nine campaign against france shortly after my actual staff is sound and show was advancing two hundred fifty five thousand fooled into bridges forces for the french army he simply fact both sides such a strategy has obvious attractions and it was to become a frequent rothschild gambit is a disease that has sexual was only half joking when hero to bridging solomon two u_s_ stuff make the frankfort house richer by a billion frank's the paris house richer by many of the week door of the month of the house richer by a million pounds you feel sort of the order of the crowd ave such transactions probably accounted for the lion's share of the profits the rothschild smita decisive period june eighteen fourteen harris listed the payments they had so far made to crush a austria the french king and the british army including money that is not yet been dispersed the total was twelve point six million press or worse to come by now the markets pretending to follow the rocky child lead as carl noted when we buy everybody's eyes this reflected the widespread belief that the rocks child's were acting on behalf of the english governments and that this was being done in order to force the rate of the pound sterling up that we succeeded very well in doing so for now let's return fall because nothing else in history more aptly demonstrates the ingenuity of the rothschild family than their control of the british stock market out for waterworld in eighteen fifty nine year after the invigorating twelve in america opponents status exile and return to parents just as the brothers appeared to be losing the peace parks and recreation scrunched europe back to war restoring the financial conditions in which the rocks child's activities trial this time not only russia and prussia but the previously aloof austrians found they had little option but to accept payment from the roster as the gaggle of other states including saxony bob were compared the bay area sex drive r fast denmark inside devious altogether harris's account with me for the defeat fifteen amounted to nine million seven hundred eighty nine thousand seven hundred seventy eight pounds in this the rothschild ted invaluable accomplices of the allied powers themselves naturally which department as much as they could be for peace the size of the subsidies cease as their fathers both of the brothers were always careful to make a trip to the fact is not only two governments but also to the individual officials with whom they were negotiating that nathan profited from the dramatic demands are being teambuilding the central rothschild developing my addiction the first news of napoleon's defeated waterloo before it even the government itself nathan was able to make a huge sum of money on the stock exchange this is the one of the battlefield about two hundred miles northeast of whereas in what today is spelt here napoleon suffered his final defeat but not before thousands of renshon englishmen gave their lives on the steamy summer day in july of eighteen fifteen vietnam was certainly invalid impact of napoleon attack numerous earlier it will probably have won the battle group rock child stationed a trusted agent a man named wrong work but the north side of the battlefield closer to the english channel was about eleven long well aware of the deliverable moves in a phenomenal for hours for wellington somewhere wellington the and it was a little slow moving into rivers situation para the and democrat extracts doing people think that there's has the right of return the case but then there's the semesters so the ron brown was selling napoleon one loans and most of s a market plummeted says everyone was so wonderful souls their british government bonds and prices dropped sharply okay frustrated secretly buying up the consoles do his patients for only a fraction of their word hours before homes functions record floods even more interesting about this story is that some office flame that the day after the battle of waterloo in a matter of hours nathan rothschild came to dominate not only the stock market but the bank of england as well whether or not the rothschild family seized control of the same position the first privately owned central bank in a major european nation and the wealthiest one thing is certain by the mid-eighteen hundred's the rothschild with the richest family in the world bar none they dominated the new government bond markets entranced and other banks and industrial concerns like france and britain the central and eastern european states emerged from the war with dire financial problems which could be addressed only with the assistance upon capital asd israeli leader put it in his novel comics p after the exhaustion of the war of forty-five years europe must require capital carry-on piece brands wanted some austria more russia a little few million moreover the policy of the holy alliance was found to greet additional financial needs from which the rothschild schuylkill soap opera but the principle in the alliance was to avert a recurrence of the revolutionary epidemic which would cause such upheaval in europe between seventeen eighty nine and eighteen fifteen if necessary by military intervention that implies further expenditure lost jobs were notoriously vinci ally of the holy alliance the german writer would be bad the nation's listings after more than any joined them on the foundations of queen and it is unquestionable most of the peoples of europe would buy his time be full position of liberty if such menos rothschild enough lindsey autocrat the support of their campaign world where the hostel elsewhere also professor lending money to establish greece is an independent monitor another liberal politically five t_v_ did appear to be in a position to influence the decision as to which prints with the company wreaking therefore more sense to argue that the last child's were beginning to supplier rather than merely shore up the european moderate the first major postwar loan which the brothers succeeded in taking first impression into the napoleonic period with the debt burden of around one hundred eighty eight million color and continue to run large deficits in eighteen fifteen eighteen sixteen and eighteen seventy the size of the floating get reached forty million dollar by the office the government began to contemplate raising the loan in london banking the lord rothschild once remarked consists essentially a facilitating the movement of hunting point gain break even standpoint we have is needed poor blacks and hispanics tomorrow administration assistant with the rest of celebrities in this election world's fair the rothschild of the wonders of the matter of fact you see the descendants of to execution two thousand years carried the blood comprising the higher the shakers and holding the whole concept how does that have thailand's government christian world decapitate moves without their advice stretch then equally spot because her to do vienna to paris comparison to london from london to washington bernhard child ahead of the house is the truth if u defense of the captivity the science evolves provide this extraordinary people told students of any sort of or placing orders now the broker's info depictions of europe and the republican sheets of america nor can they desire casey register fifty five point six whatever significance for caution takes eighteen eighteen russian homeless without question of watershed in the history of the european capital markets and his contemporaries came to recognize firstly the loan was not to be intolerable and sterling interest payable half yearly unrelated but in london second leader was to be a british style sinking fund to ensure the amortization of the world this deliberate endless ization of the form of missing u departure where the international capital markets now it was much easier to invest in four qfy the fact that throughout the century old goran government funds paid higher heels british consoles meant that people did the times did not exaggerate but later described the financed the first introduce our foreign loads into britain moreover that was issued not just a moment but also in frankfort women pampered amsterdam in vienna in other words represented a major step towards the creation of a completely international potluck stipulating these conditions safe and not only succeeded in making the pressures of attracted to predation governmental investors also established a model for such international partitions which was worth a pickup staffing in his book other traffic in st box eighteen twenty five the german legal experts johan the high defender identified this is one of the month child's principal contributions to modern economic development any other government bonds can collect the interest at his convenience in several different places without any effort uh... henceforth investor could receive the interest on the wall street natalie neapolitan bronze or any other rothschild issue god's than any of the rough child houses although the terms of them were heavily criticized in berlin despite the fact is been world and wrote uh... would invest in go through with the roster i lived in this country has an incredible influence on the line and some of this year london it is widely stated fantasy close to the truth that he entirely regulates the rate of exchange in the city this power is a bankers and lawyers douglas passage of the bands of luca microsoft to analyze the nature of the rothschild power more precisely here he acknowledges that in the short term absurd to shore up the reactionary regime revolutions are generally triggered off by deficiency of money by preventing such deficiencies walked out system basis to preserve peace in europe the system anything wrong child widget factories still providing firm foundation specifically dissolve into the plain states making it more of another exactly as before but it does make it difficult for the people to overthrow established authority religion is no longer able to guarantee the governments that the people who were made peace the rothschild system of loan has confirmed for the past month better processes moral force or power which religion has laws can act as a surrogate for religion egotism religion when the old religion finally goes on there it will provide substitutes for its practical question strangely enough it is once again the conservative christian religion as early as eighteen forty since liberals guy preferred to rothschild without her no power in europe today seems able to hang out in a multi polar world which five hours with dissidents interests sort of his old international crises without resorting rothschild zack did not so much to it shortens as two hundred right here once it had been there the case was put in a more sophisticated formed by the left-leaning liberal j hawt author of the plastic imperialism a study nineteen of june like many radical writers of the period option regarded the whole world war ii seven engineered by a small group of international financiers detection and argentina was shivering rough time his name was central to this does anyone seriously suppose fiasco period at a great war could be undertaken by many european city for any great statement subscribe if the house of prophet altitudes connections at their place against this jeremy much the same quote from a german nationalist prospective reading his history the house of rothschild has arisen from the polls between states has become very good my people misfortune of ceases the census course emissions and pulls the most of the stuff in refusing glanced in his request to make light of the rothschild appear queen victoria explicitly questioned whether one who owes his great wells two contracts with foreign governments for loans which is successful speculations on the stock exchange in fairly clean of british peerage a good illustration is john reads this book the rothschild the financial lives of nations which returns a typical verdict the rust jobs belong to no one nationality they are cosmopolitan they belong to no parking they were ready to prove it should be expensive friend info online the central deliver which confronted the rock trials late here because of their wealth other jews look to them for leadership in their pursuit of equal civil and political rights they themselves had no desire to push the carefully shel town and country residences forbearance palestine one of many people count helped them in america dot goldman when he addressed a meeting of the reportedly imponderable refugee this no murder of three hundred thousand people he told his audience you can act which has many happened in history yet bygone implied job humanitarian feeling we probably all agree defendant something on product back to the advantage of encroaching on the private give our country implemented could be short period of time even in nineteen forty-six speaking in the house of lords victor defended the policy of protecting immigration out of time the only logical pollution within forty five from alternative territory for that used to go to in our paper without forehead madagascar and i don't think i'm without power forward it to newport a proposal to purchase two hundred thousand a cave albertville marcia clifton and another effect which you infield and are not about a kenya northern rhodesia and guyana lord okay only at the eleventh hour informed if the doctor not recognize meet with make that he chief into britain and france this was broadly the arguments of the early zionists like theodor herzl who came to believe that the only solution to the jewish question was indeed for the jews to leave europe and found their own oops dot that's only the succession of attempts to win the support of the rough diamonds in the belief that they were about to liquidate their vast capitalism response to at least in the ticket tax but his sixty six-page address through the rough child family council was never sent as he concluded from an initial ripped off that they were boulder contemptuous egotistical people rothschild she later declared war a national misfortune for the june even threatening to liquidate them or to wage a barbaric campaign against them if they opposed to this because i just couldn't use such language in the nineteen nineties it is perhaps not surprising that the radical anti satellites and flourished in the defeated states of central europe after the first world war two suit too the big family is depicted cuts interests to all working people of nineteen ninety the house of rothschild owns forty billion they only need to administer their wealth to see that it is nicely placed they do not need to work at least not but we understand by work but who provides them and they're like with such an enormous amount of money who does this you do it nobody but you that's right it is your money hard-earned through karen sorrow which is drawn the zip magnetically into the proper zombies insatiable people another league national socialist whose side of the rough times as examples of the jewish problem he pledged to seoul was adolf hitler in an article in the nazi group issued a about terry in may nineteen twenty one for example he named them as one of the group of jewish capitalists who controlled the socialist france on at least two occasions in nineteen twenty two he gave speeches in which he referred to the significant difference between the achievements of a man like alfred cream who has been pleased that the men's national achievement through his indefatigable workers innovator and the rep at city of a rough time finance or isn't revolutions and brought the people's into interest servitude loans the television preacher and republican politician pat robertson's book the new world order published in nineteen ninety one states that the rothschild were polluted by the occult is above illuminated free masonry and paul warburg architect of the federal reserve system was a blast child agent i'm not completely different political menu khalid muhammad a former assistant to louis farrakhan the leader of the radical african-american organization nation of islam has repeated the suggestion that's the rock child's financed hitler and aided his anti semitic policy a cursory search of the internet reveals a plethora of conspiracy theories corrupt trials arrange the murder of president lincoln as his post war policies with a brick become one of the speculation the rough child's finance the rise of hitler's about work against the soviet union the rocks childs are interwoven with the catholic church and jointly with the traditional mafia and the american c_i_a_ which was pro-nazi they are bigoted our which controls other well-known banks such as war bridges schroeder's endless ours as well as being behind american financier is such as j_p_ morgan the rockefellers killed logan company espy resembling those not to mention the bank of england and the federal reserve system and obvious rothschild front through this network of global power may have been responsible for among other things the bore warmth the creation of israel to control the oil of the middle east the russian revolution aku one russia by the united states financial aren't largely controlled by the rothschild and even the floating of the dollar by president nixon today they and their associates in the conservative party in the press are plotting to monopolize the world's energy supply ends they're interested electricity kohl s against privatization it might be thought for the serious banking history should scrupulously avoid reference to this kind of nonsense yet it is impossible to appreciate the need for a scholarly history of the subject if one lightly perkins such mister not exist in eighteen twenty three the twelfth thirteenth and fourteenth cancers of violence don juan were published in london at the time when they're all there was a broil legally is approved in the greeks struggle for independence nevertheless these late verses indicated keen awareness of the power of the month and specifically is the new honda financial power personified by nathan rothschild who hold the balance of the world ask fire in the twelve-step program arraignment or congress whether royalist or liberal involves the shortlist patriots of spain will keep the world both golden new in pain or pleasure makes politics one liberal shades of bonaparte snowball daring dubroff child and his fellow christians bearing divider and rothschild and daring were the true lords of europe whose every loan is not a merely speculative hit beseeched the nation or upset so strong republics also get involved with it columbia stock pass holders not love does not change and even i silver soil for rules must get itself discounted by a jew acquiring could suggest even satiric leave the nathan rothschild hillary along with alexander bearing the balance of the world requires some explanation in april eighteen twenty five the market began to slide heaviest falls were experienced by british industrial securities and latin american bonds such as severe as set by stipulation was bound to bring a banking crisis in its wake as it was seventy three out of seven hundred seventy country banks failed the country came within forty eight hours of putting stop toward dealings between man and man except five barker much of the time they've been was a buyer orb are aware of gold and silver in december eighteen twenty five however it was the other way around rothschild is gave the bank their goals supplying the old lady upset needle street with a knife specie from the continent to avert a suspension of cash payments of course nathan would not have made such events deliveries of goals without asking for a generous commission in return the operation has to be seen as part of his campaign to establish himself as the dominant force in the london falling apart the rescue of the bank was a remarkable achievement which showed everything to the international nature of the rothschild celebrations in effect the brothers were establishing that system of international monetary cooperation which would later be performed routinely by central banks on which the gold standard again tonight and increasingly deposition in the international bullion market was becoming a star manages their position in the international bond market byron was therefore not harm wide of the market when he suggested indocin wong that bearing a grudge child reigned over both loyalists and liberals their loans could sita nation or upset it's rough here it only in regarding the two bankers has financial equals in eighteen fifty may have eighteen forty five a one on if there was a sixth grade color in the eighties bombs it was no longer bearing hahahaha at the same time by the end of this size rothschild skate to see themselves as bearing a degree of responsibility for the stability of the banking system as a whole this explains their reluctance to seek their rivals fail in all this the rothschild were increasingly beginning to think of the way fundamentally similar to that characteristic of central bankers the central banks of england and france continue to be partly private institutions in terms of their financial resources favoring backfield defense comparable with the rock childs so of course they were national where the rothschild were international across trials had no interest in resisting their monopolistic should have no tissue relationships between the rothschild since the european central banks with us almost always close and symbiotic a growing importance as a non-exclusive source of financial information misinformation this period because of course the press it might be sources of frustration if you think it is in the nineteenth century tended to overlook the advantages which the rough times related to ride from their finances and communication on the other hand the existence of financial pages of newspapers presented new opportunities for influencing the markets which rothschild is we're not slowed to exploit mason responded to really press attacks by establishing what was to be an enduring relationship with the most influential of old british paper the times correspondent reporting from saint petersburg that their appearance achieves rothschild voice was expected to boost russian bond prices by the summer of eighteen twenty five therefore the rothschild said succeeded triumphantly in establishing themselves as the leading specialists in european public finance not only european new physical needs quickly arose from the political crises which beset the spanish and ultimate empires in this period it was this need which needs met his brother's successfully met the system they developed a naval british investors and other rich capitalists in western europe to invest in the deaths of those states by purchasing internationally tradable fixed interest transferable mom the significance of this system for nineteenth-century history cannot be overemphasized for this growing international bond market brought together europe's true capitalists mentally to people wealthy enough to be able to tie up money in such assets and shrewd enough to appreciate the advantages of such assets as compared with traditional forms of holding well plan venal office and so on bonds were liquid they could be bought and sold five and a half days out of seven on the major voices of europe and traded informally at other times and in other places and they were capable of accruing large capital gains if investors bid up the price of a government stock that government could feel secure if they don't get stock that government was quite possibly living on borrowed time as well as money for this reason bond prices at the significance which historians have to seldom spells out they were it might be said the kind of daily opinion an expression of confidence in the given reji of course they weren't opinion poll based on a highly unrepresentative sample by moderate democratic senators only the wealthy d capitalists dot the vote these capitalists want us to a large extent europe's political class indeed the kind of people who held government bonds were very roughly speaking the people who were represented politically and their opinions were the opinions that matter to the stratified on democratic society the singular beauty of the farm marketplace that virtually every state including as the century advanced all the new nation states and colonies that sooner or later to come to it and most states have sizable amount of favorable dept in circulation the varying fortunes of government bonds provided vital insights into the political history of the period they are also the key to understanding the extent of the power of the banks lifelong child which for much of the nineteenth century was the prime market maker for such power what determined the ups and downs of the nineteenth century club the answer to this question is sent winnie understanding of the history of the rothschild bank obviously economic factors played an important part but the most important factor was political confidence the confidence of investors especially a big market making investors like the rough child's in the ability of the bond issuance states to continue to meet their obligations that he has to pay the interest on their bombs there were only really two things which might cause them not to do so war which would increase their expenditures and decrease their tax revenues and internal instability ranging from a change of ministry to full-blown revolution it was for indications of either of these possible prices but the markets and the rothschild is more than anybody watch three scenes would give an investor an edge over his rival closeness to the center of political life the source of news the speed with which he could receive news of the dents in states far in here and the ability to manipulate the transmission of that news to other investors this explains why the props child's spend so much time energy and money maintaining the best possible relations with the leading political figures of the day it also explains why they carefully developed a network of salaried agents and other key financial markets whose job it was not only to trade on their behalf but also to keep them supplied with the latest financial and political news rothschild is communications network gave them an important advantage over their competitors even after they lost this year they continued to exercise and influence over the financial breast sandwich newsweek's the wider public speedy depending of the dead by modifying the existing system for government borrowing to make bombs more easily treatable the broth child's actually created the international bond market in its modern for as early as august eighteen parties the bremen delegate to the german confederation stifling frankfort had a conversation with his fall street counterpart comfortable which acutely identified the unrivaled extent that the rock child's political influence in europe bissau says through its enormous financial transactions and it's banking and credit connections actually achieve the position of a real power it has to such an extent acquired control of the general money-market if it is in a position either to hinder or to promote as it feels inclined the movements and operations of fades even of the greatest european powers in fact the rest of the nineteenth century was known as that age of the rocks sounds day finances all roads making it possible for him to establish a monopoly over the diamond and gold fields of south africa in america they financed experiments and railroad the vanderbilt's and railroads and the and carnegie in the steel industry among many others by eighteen fifty james rothschild ecad of the french french of the family was said to be worth six hundred million french francs one hundred and fifty million mo all the other bankers in france put together intel does mention called area and just east of paris films on the first on-scene and explain things couldn't afford this it could only pull onto a rock star another nineteenth-century french commentator put it this way there is but one power in europe and that's is rothschild by the end of the nineteenth century one expert estimated that the roster our family console cap the wealth of the world despite this solvable well the family has generally cultivated and ara of invisibility although the family control stories of industrial commercial infants for us corporations only a handful a rather rothschild name there's no evidence that they're predominance standing in european or world finance has changed hedonistic stands things are getting back to normal in nineteen forty five point wat entitlements uh... swarthmore patsy thomason pledged to file a row became one of my own business like serious problems another rothschild residence in kensington gardens not constitutes soviet russian embassy confronts titanic mam sexual proof long-term customer concorde has gone well for tax increases ceremony lived there before eduardo halsey when i grew up with the government of the anyone customer could afford the price unconcerned it and european headquarters in brussels today's tenanted by the united states missions nato anti-european regional organization only to ucsd misplaced at thirty-three ruthlessly balk sounds a little and not houses the six of italian france's national diplomatic and essentially united states and the city has taken every number forty one built by the first not unreasonable rothschild monogram still conclave portals of their country last martin's yet clones in among ourselves lessons no one was rejected by it more famous francophone system initially a great deal of labor went into untangling the very extreme or get on which countries like chile in hungary had difficulty uation like the nineteen fifty-one offering off five million pounds popped off for the international bank for reconstruction and development usually known at the world bank had to be shared with other picking out there the old rothschild predominant in the top african gold market had already been priya fifty three years previously when the international market reopened once again the word coke sprite with formally catch in newport sixteen rusting of clothing companies nucor could not attach monumental number how minerals rented weasels and winston churchill feasted state of the things ended background in theory of common sense offenses that is june if used desmond unraveled took over to get uh... with ants nissan even in addition even back on the board beatable cases economist and later the telegraph piano edmondson senior partners stock as is still are the directions as owner and operator at the moment refinery as coverage it's back to think and as much of that crystal consolidating still seventeen court's decision as if he could interpret it was sort of and length how impatient plates pregnant interpretation and not getting back to a report that market 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The house of Rothschild - the Money's prophets - full 56min

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