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Overview Montage UW CSE Capstone Courses,

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The University of Washington computer science and engineering capstone designed courses are a hallmark of the under graduate program. During a ten week quarter, students work in teams on fast pace projects of their own design within specific areas of computing. This enriching experience parallels working for a company or a customer industry and it challenges students to confront real world problems with innovation and creativity. :Guy shouts: excuse me! I have just a few questions for you. What kind of projects have you been working on this year? So our project is to find out if the best teachers get paid the most or if they're getting paid the least. Our project is brail buddies and it's basically a mobile game that's fun and educational and it's specifically targeted to help blind children learn to read and write brail. We are building a power strip. and a four outlet device that can monitor and manage the power consumption of house home appliances. My team is working on the pre fetcher for Windows 2000. We're making animated short kind of like what Pixar Dream works does. Pixar puts them on all their films. Ours will probably be not as nice... Pretty darn close.. we hope I help people connective disability. What kind of experience do students get from a CSE Capstone Course? We developed the idea and we're like decoding it and we're testing it. I mean we're everything. For the first part I did the UI. and for the second part I did the back end. We're working on a comedy animation requires a really impeccable sense of timing. Because having something being humorous is all about hitting the beats exactly correctly. And so you really have to be perfect about when the funny things are happening. It's something that definitely takes a lot of practice to master that skill. Just general programmer. I model a couple of things and I also do shadings. Say How many hours does it take to complete one of these projects? Over the course of 10 weeks or 100 plus hours. Probably about 300 hours by the time we finish. Definitely over 100 hours probably over 150 by end of the quarter. I think I worked at least 400 hours on this project so far. Lots. What makes a Capstone Course stand out from other projects? The greatest thing about it is that you get to see the entire life cycle of a software developement. Getting everybodys ideas together is great and it can also can be a little painful. And trying to learn that balance of you know letting your ideas take a back seat to somebody elses better idea. It's very rewarding. It's very great and it's also pretty the same time.. So it's a good experience to have a learning environment like this. We're not really listening to a lecture everyday, it's more about like the actual process of designing and developing implementing something, like you would do in the real world, kind of. I've leaned that to actually start a project from scratch. It's a lot more complicated than it seems. It's not just like "Oh take a look a few papers to start writing" You actually have to have a lot of research a lot of preparation.. and documentation is really important. Incredible possibilities exists for the future of computing. Several of which are actively persued here in CSC at the University of Washington. Students work in variety of different research topics. These range from artificial intelligents and robotics, to human computer interactions, programs to empower people and developing, world and many more.. My research project involves harvesting ambient T.V. energy to power micro processors and flex sensor data. I work on Vanish, which is a project to help people get their privacy back on the web. Today we're seeing broader range of opportunities in the field, especially for under graduates. CSC is an interesting place to be. There's definitely a coolness factor. I work on a project called reverse trace route. It basically help us under stand the internet better when we send message to across the internet. We want to know excatly where they're going. I work on the "BAM" The "BAM" stands for Brick Actionated Manipulator. and it's a lifesize haptics device. There's a virtual environment where you're interacting with that environment by through this machine and in this environment you can design and and implantate any sort of rehab tools for people who lost control. Excuse me! Last question. Are you going to get a job? Yes, it will help me get a job. It already has. I already got a job. I talked about my game during in my interview. They really like that I was getting real world experience and so I was hired Thank you! Anytime!

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The UW CSE capstone design courses are a hallmark of the undergraduate program. During a 10-week quarter, students works in teams on fast-paced projects of their own design within specific areas of computing. This quick overview highlights students' experiences in the following capstones: games, operating systems, animation, advance internet and web access, hardware systems, and accessibility

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