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Mid-July Brochure (English-V3)

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LOVE WHAT YOU DO! TUPPERWARE MID-JULY BROCHURE JULY 15- AUGUST 11, 2017 Hey y’all! It’s me, Cheryl. And are you ready to see your mid-July brochure? Are you ready to send your crew back to school? Well, we have everything you’re gonna need in your mid-July brochure. But before we go there y’all, let’s talk about what do we have for all of your hosts for hosting a party. Once again, we have your date gift guys, and remember, they can get one, two, three or four bags, depending on how you choose to use these date bags. And I love, love, love these market tote bags, guys and they coordinate with the amazing, exclusive house kit special that we are featuring in our catalogue so it’s 502 in the US, 602 in Canada and all of these can be theirs, and then don’t forget, we’re going to keep on going with our amazing bonus, y’all, and that is 602 in the US, 702 in Canada, and your hostesses, for a small co-pay, can qualify for this really amazing, awesome blanket and not one, not two, not three, but four of our medium-sized eco water bottles and the really fun Koozies to match, y’all. But when you’re a host, take it to 750 and 2 in the US, and 850 and 2 in Canada, and they can get their bonus for free! And you all know if it’s free, it’s for me! So now,…what… now you know what’s going on for your host, but what’s going on for all of your customers? Okay y’all, so are you ready to see your brochure? I’m pretty excited about it. Now, I do wanna start with, this is our US and Canadian front of the brochure. Our Hispanic brochure looks like this but the contents on this in the inside then I’m gonna talk about right now are the same. So, are you ready? First of all, are you ready to do your weekday wake up guys? We have the perfect set to help you get ready for your lunches, and it’s all of this. Now, the great thing about all of this, is your customers can purchase all of this as one set. And the marketing team has created a flyer for you with one item number if they want to buy everything that you see right here on the counter. How awesome is that? Or your customers can pick and choose, if they want to. So, for example, if they want to get two sets of our sandwich keepers, they can do that, because these sandwich keepers are a whole lot more than just a sandwich keeper, guys. They are the perfect size for that on-the-go snack. The great thing about this is the kids can open it up, and you can put your snacks right inside here. If you do any kind of travelling in the summertime and you’re running through like a fast-food, and you go to Chik-fil-a, waffle fries right here, and their ketchup right here, and then when they’re done, you just close it up and the mess is all contained. How awesome is that? Open it back up and stick it in the dishwasher. So, it’s great for your snacks. It’s also great for a little travel box for your first aid kit. It’s also nice when you’re travelling for your jewelry. It’s also amazing for all those mini trial-size that you might want to travel with. You can put them all inside here, guys. So, there’s lots of great reasons why your customers are gonna want to double-up on those sandwich keepers. And we also have, y’all, a set of our Big Wonders and you notice everything color coordinates. How awesome is that? And people love the Big Wonders because they’re perfect for your lunch. They’re also great for the cereals. They’re also great, guys… they’re also a great size for your on-the-go snack. And remember, when the seal is round, it’s air-tight and liquid-tight. We also have not one, but two, cause they doubled up on your snack cups, guys. And these are just a gotta-have in everybody’s house. They’re the perfect size for the diaper bag, they’re a perfect size for your lunch bag, it’s the perfect size for your briefcase, it’s the perfect size for your on-the-go travel bag. Everybody needs a snack cup, guys. So, we’re gonna double up on that and then, of course, you’re also going to get your set of Tupper Minis. Now, these are awesome. If you want to pack a lunch, you can put some hummus inside here and use this hummus when you’re dipping your pretzels that you have in your snack… in your sandwich keeper or you can put Ranch dressing in here, have carrot sticks and celery sticks inside your Big Wonder, guys, or you could use this too if you want to do protein – hard boil your egg, peel your egg, and then your egg will fit right inside here too, guys. So, lots of reasons that your customers are gonna want our Tupper Minis, y’all. So, another great thing about this is you can go ahead and you can get your lunches done the night before, because everything color coordinates. So, if you’re going to do a sandwich, you can go do your sandwich. You can do your salad inside here. You can do your salad dressing inside here, and maybe you want to put some croutons right on top of here. And there’s your Monday. Then you can have your Tuesday, then you have Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. We make it simple for your customers to pack those lunches and save money by buying and purchasing all of this set. Now, when they purchase this entire set, it also entitles them to our Summer Lunch Bag, guys, for a very small co-pay. Put this all together and you’ve got an amazing set, and in the US, it’s only ninety dollars. So, go out and make it happen with these amazing offers, y’all. Okay y’all, guess who’s back in town? Our Zoo Crew, and we have a brand new crew member. The is Olly the Owl. How cute is she, y’all? Now, you’re also going to get Barnaby the Bear and Barnaby…. oh sorry, honey…. Barney…. Barnaby the bear,we’re showing it in black, but it really is in the Tokyo blue. Okay guys, so this is a really great deal for all of your customers, and the really cool thing, guys, is you can take the Zoo Crew and add it to your back-to-school set, guys. For eighty-four dollars in the US, they have everything they need for their back to schools and their snacks, guys. So, you’ll want to make sure you pair these together as another set at your Tupperware party. Are you excited about the Zoo Crew? And the savings continue, guys. Right next to your Zoo Crew, you also have some other amazing offers, and we’re going to start with the call back to the catalogue with our Sorbet Maker, and I’m gonna teach you this really fun, easy,healthy recipe that you can share and do at your parties, and then parents can do it with their kids during the summertime. And you can serve that really fun dessert in our little Petite Dessert Dishes. We haven’t had these, guys. I love the color. I grew up with these when I was a little girl. My mom had these and Mom always put pudding in here cause it was very inexpensive to make pudding, so we could make it up the night before, and then we would add sprinkles to it. It was just the bomb. You could also use it for your ice cream, guys. You could also use it to serve anything out of. I can tell you that my aunt Marcia used to serves vegetables out of here to her kids cause they ate it cause it was such a fun little dish, so they’re going to get a set of four. And we also have the Banana Keepers back, guys. So, you know how easy it is to bruise those bananas when you’re putting them in your lunch containers, guys, so put it inside here. It protects it. It’s also…so, what kid or what adult doesn’t want to have a banana split out of this? How fun is that, y’all? And if you’ve always been dying to be part of Charlie’s Angels, there you go. Okay y’all, so I’m gonna show you right now how to do a really fun banana sorbet, if you will, and we’re going to make a really fun chocolate hard shell that you can pour on top of it. Voilà, dessert in less than four minutes, guys. Are you ready? Okay y’all, so you’re ready for this super fun, easy, easy idea. First of all, guys, you know when those bananas are starting to go or they’ve already gone, go ahead and peel them, cut them up, and put them in your Freeze Its. Okay, and put them in the freezer. Then, take them out about twenty minutes before you want to make your banana sorbet. This actually is two bananas that we have frozen, cut up, frozen, and taken back out. Let the bananas sit out for about twenty minutes. All you do is put it in the hopper of your sorbet maker, take the little plunger, take the handle, guys, and just start to turn, and you’re going to start to get your frozen sorbet bananas. Let me move this over. Look at that! How cool is that? Okay. And it’s healthy, guys. Don’t be throwing those bananas away anymore. And when you know that you have, you’re done, okay, you just add a little bit more bananas to it and you just keep going. Okay, guys, so the magic of video is that I put the rest of the bananas in, okay, and now we’re making our sorbet. Look at that. Two bananas and how healthy is this, y’all? Okay, guys, so now you’ve gone ahead and you have your banana sorbet, okay, and you want to put your chocolate shell on top. Super simple recipe, it’s only two ingredients, we have it posted for you on your Tupperware website under your July brochure, guys, so it’s really, really simple. Now, you want to use your Micro Pitcher to make it and then, once you’ve got it all mixed, you can store it in your All-in-One Shaker. Okay, and then you just simply pour it out. Yum! This is going to be Stenova’s new favorite desert. And then you just let it set for a few minutes, guys. And this is going to harden up and become almost like a magic shell. How fun is that? Okay, guys, so look… see how it’s hardened up? This recipe is so simple. It’s simply chocolate chips and it’s virgin coconut oil. So, make sure you’re checking out the website to get this really fun recipe and do this at your Tupperware parties. So, go out and date a Tupperware party. Your friends are going to love it, your customers are going to love it, your kids are going to love it, you’re going to love it. Let’s go bananas! Okay, guys, and the savings continue. Are you ready to “chill out” this summer? Well, guess what, y’all? Our brand new improved Freeze-It is on sale, guys, and this has the new stain guard to it and what’s so awesome is we have our one set for only fifty dollars in the US, and when your customers purchase this set, it entitles them to be able to get not one, but two, of our P with P. Now, our P with P is our door-size, and this does come in the correct color. We just wanted to make sure you saw the right size. So purchase this set, and they can purchase their P with P to go along with it. And what’s so cool is that it’s modular, guys. Okay. Then, we also have a very exclusive size and this is extra large. This is great if you’re buying those bagels, if you’re buying those muffins from Sam’s, BJs or Costco’s, the big box stores. It’s really great when you want to freeze in quantity, guys. Then we have my favorite, and it’s our small set, guys. And this is a call back to what we had in our mid-April. All of our customers that you had parties with, that attended your parties, they could purchase this set as the attendance offer. You want to make sure you’re calling all of them back and letting them know that our new Freeze-It with the new stain guard is now on sale. So, make sure you’re getting on the phone and dating those Tupperware parties. Let’s chill out, y’all. Okay y’all. We also have your tear-off. It starts July 15th, and it runs until July 28th. And in our general marketing Canada, guys, we have your Modu Mate, square and ovals on sale individually at a twenty percent discount. But when your customers purchase the sets, they get it at a forty percent discount. And we also have then our Hispanic flyer. We’re showcasing the individual ones, but we also have two exclusive offers in your Hispanic tear-off flyer. But what we’ve done for our Hispanics is we’ve also put the sets, we’ve made a flyer for you, put them in the sets and put them online for y’all. You see that you also have the sets at forty percent off. But we’re not done with your tear-off, y’all, because on the very next page of your tear-off… this is so awesome, we have our Fix and Mix Bowl. It’s back! So right bowl, wrong color. It’s going to match your Tokyo blue with your cereal bowls, guys. And these are our microwave cereal bowls. Make sure you tell your customers that the bowl is microwaveable, but not the seal, and you always want to tell them when you’re reheating in the microwave, especially with your cereal bowls, that you always reheat at fifty to seventy percent power, guys. Now, this is a perfect set. And I did say set because, yes, they can buy them individually, but I would sell this as a set, y’all, for your family fun nights, okay. Make your popcorn, put it inside here, Mom and Dad can eat from here and the kids can eat from here. If you want go ahead and you want to do your popcorn and make your own trail mix, you can put it inside here and serve it out of here, or you can do your gourmet popcorn. And speaking of gourmet popcorn, we have a really fun, cheesy garlic recipe that you can also find on your My.Tupperware website under the mid-July brochure. Okay guys, so lots of reasons why your customers are going to want to have the Fix and Mix Bowl and lots of reasons why they’re going to want to have the cereal bowls, but I would tell my customers to double up on the cereal bowls, and when they do purchase the Fix and Mix Bowl and two sets of the cereal bowls, it qualifies them, if they want to purchase, their Freeze-It door set. Okay, y’all, how exciting is that? But we’re not done!Cause if you want to make that gourmet popcorn or if you want to make that trail mix, we also have our small Serving Center. It’s on sale, and don’t forget to tell your customer it has the removable snack cup, guys. How great is that? So, your trail mix, you put your M&Ms here, you put your raisins inside here, put your little spicy peanuts and stuff in here, and they can make their own trail mix, so they can customize it.Popcorn here, all their trail mix fix things inside here, customize it and put it right inside here. What a fun way to have a family night out, guys! And it’s all on sale. And we have the perfect attendance offer on this mid-July brochure and it’s not 1 but 2 of our 30 oz. Thirst Quake, guys. Now, these are the right Thirst Quake, okay, it looks just like this, and it will come with a seal in your little tab and this is a gotta-have guys, and if you will notice the design, look how great it coordinates with your exclusive Host Gift special. So your hostesses are gonna wanna make sure they are purchasing this because it coordinates with this Host Gift special. So, here is your attendance (inaudible) at your Tupperware party starting mid-July brochure, and then, as always guys, make sure you’re sharing your “I Story” all of your Tupperware parties, and you can use some of Kim Syke’s “I story” to share at your Tupperware parties, guys, because you know that when you offer Tupperware opportunity, it is the gift that keeps on giving. So, until I see you again make sure you’re dating those Tupperware parties, so think big! Start small, but go out and party now!! I’ll see y’all later! Bye! [TUPPERWARE]

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Mid-July Brochure (English-V3)

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