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Writing Center Training Video

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Vince: Hi are you Fernando? Fernando: Hi Hi my name is Vince. Good to meet you. What are you working on today? I have this paper for English 1110, and so I only have a page. And I need to have more in there. For sure. Is this an outline? No, it's just... that's what I could write. Fernando: I don't know what to do with that. Vince: Yeah sure, I mean, you started, which is like, key. That's the beginning-- could I see the assignment sheet? Sure. Cool. What are your chief concerns with this? What do you feel like you're really trying to address? Well, I just... it's too short. It's too short. Okay. Umm one of the things is we are focussed on length you want this to be long enough. You want to get a good grade. But we sort of nee to think, "Who are you writing to?" and, "What point are you trying to make?" Could you try to think of someone else that you would be excited about this person or this group of people reading it? Fernando: Umm... I guess Latinos. In general. Vince: Latinos in the United States? Fernando: Yeah sure. Vince: Cool. Now, you don't have to have this perfect. This doesn't have to be clean-cut and seamless right now, but you should be able to say to me in about one sentence what you want to prove with this paper. So, like, "I'm writing to Latinos and this is what I want them to know." What is that? Fernando: That people are just... in general, openly racist against Latinos. And that's okay. It's validated. Vince: It's validated... Fernando: By the government. Vince: Totally. Do you have that written in this paper at all? Fernando: Yeah I think I do. Vince: Could you look for it? Fernando: It's umm... here: "Individuals of the Hispanic/Latino ethic group are under attack and it's crucial to become aware of this situation in order to find real solutions to the real problems we face today." I guess you have an option. You could write a paper that's more of an explanation of why the government and how the government is supporting this and why it's wrong. Or you could write this, which feels a little bit more, you even use the word "solutions." You could write a solutions paper if you wanted. Which one do you think you feel more comfortable doing? I don't really know what the solutions are. I think I understand the problem. Vince: Okay. Fernando: So I think it would be better to say why the situation is this way. And then so that we can talk about the solutions to try them. Vince: Like start the conversation? Fernando: Right to get it going. We sort of need, I would say, minimum three maybe two, but we should probably try and get three really solid supporting facts about how this is true. So you're saying that there is a problem and it's racism and the government is validating it. Yeah? Fernando: Yeah. Vince: We need to believe you. You need to provide us with evidence and main points. So how is this happening? Fernando: So I chose three things that show you that how the government is involved. One is there is a law that allowed police to stop people for being Latino. Vince: Where is that? Fernando: Right here. Vince: Okay, could you put a number one by it? That's great. We have this right here. And what you said to me is very similar though slightly different from what you have written here. What I remember you saying is that Latinos face prejudice and that this is basically, totally supported by the government. Right? What you have here is individuals in the Latino ethnic group are under attack and it's crucial to become aware of this situation in order to find real solutions to the real problems we face today. What do you feel like the main idea is behind these problems? Fernando: Racism. Vince: Racism? Against... Fernando: Latinos, yeah. Vince: And is it validated? Fernando: Yeah. Vince: By who? Fernando: By the U.S. Government. Vince: Okay. Could you write that down? I didn't see that written anywhere on here, so I would write that in. That's huge. Yeah, cause when you're arguing a position with a paper you really want it to be... we're supposed to care, right? Like this is supposed to be somewhat controversial. Right? There's a mission to it. Fernando: I think it's controversial. English only movement, I'm not saying that this isn't racist or that it's not problematic, but is the government supporting this? Fernando: Well they're lobbying for measures that make it hard for people that speak Spanish. Vince: Who's "they?" Fernando: The people of this movement. So they're basically like a lobby group and they have influence. Vince: They do. Great I think this is definitely a number three then. This is totally your third point. The thing is that you have to prove that they're having influence in government. You have to prove that this sort of English only English over all sort of thinking is shaping policy in the United States. It's because: your thesis, right? Fernando: So there I have that, "Their resistance to Hispanic immigration is regardless of if it's legal or illegal." Cause they're afraid of Hispanics, doesn't matter what specific means they use to arrive to this country. Vince: Do you have evidence for that? Fernando: Well... well. I guess not. Vince: I'm not saying you're wrong. I don't think you're wrong, but in a paper, an argumentative paper, a persuasive paper, in an academic context you need to be like, "This is more than about illegal immigration, this is actually about racism." And you've built a lot of stuff here, you know, with just being able to profile people, stuff like that but really... if you're going to build a paragraph out of this sentence, you might have to do a little bit more research. These are really, really strong because, if we look back at this sort of thesis statement that we're working with, you said that this sort of racism is validated by the U.S. Government. Right here, yeah, Arizona Law SB 1070 at the state level: Government. National level: the dream Act is opposed: government is supporting racist policies. Totally right. That's a really strong thesis statement. Fernando: Thanks I can see that you're building to this point, but when you make this point make sure you've got [KNOCKS ON TABLE] data to back it up for real. But yeah, that's like... that's so crucial. I think... you kind of strike me as a bit of a "freewrite" kind of guy you already came to me with such good thoughts that I feel like we actually did is we sort of... disciplined and ordered your thoughts. You were already supporting your main idea. And so we kind of did stuff here but I really wanna... after you do these freewrites just challenge yourself to look at where you're already supporting your main idea in these really cool ways. Not everything is totally developed, not everything is totally perfect it doesn't have to be right now. Fernando: Yeah, I have a problem with that cause I don't... I am a perfectionist, so I don't like to turn things in that are not good. Vince: That's not necessarily a bad thing. I feel like we did a pretty cool thing where we sort of... we got our thesis, we got our one two three four, even some sort of conclusion type stuff. Wouldn't make sense to talk a whole lot about the conclusion right now cause you haven't written your paper yet. We still have to build it. What are your remaining concerns? Are there any roadblocks for your next step? Fernando: Well I guess I don't know I... I had to do a little bit more research and... I guess now I know where to go from here. I would have to come back and see what I wrote if that's fine... and then I think that works cited I will have to do that. But I can't do it now because I don't have all of the sources. Vince: What do you think your next step is? Fernando: Just do research. Vince Yeah that's how these papers are. Fernando: Yeah I'll just google all this stuff. Vince: Reading and reading and reading... Do you feel fairly passionate about the subject? Fernando: Yeah. Vince: Good. Good. Fernando: Yeah that's why I decided to write about it because it's something that has to do with me and that I've experienced. Vince: Totally, yeah you can't fake it. You can't fake a passion. And if you have to write a paper, it should be something you care about. Vince: Cool Thanks a lot for coming. I would love to see in a few days or whenever when you have more. Fernando: Yeah. For sure yeah. I think maybe tomorrow I'll come back. Vince: Okay. Great. See you then.

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