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[Technology & safety] [Featuring excerpts from the 7x7 Quality Improvement Course] [The driver options] >> The picture of your face on the top right of your home screen is the button that leads to your driver options. Selecting the earnings option in the driver menu shows you your weekly breakdown. If you select the image of your face with your rating, the app will show your profile itself. It will also give you the opportunity to update your profile. If you click the star rating below your photo, it will show you the details of your last 500 star ratings. The account button give you access to your account details, including your vehicle choice and your app settings. The app settings are especially useful if you are deaf or hard of hearing. Check out the options under Accessibility to make your Uber experience more suited to your needs. You also have some important safety options in the app settings, like night mode, so the bright light of your phone doesn't distract you from the road, or speed limit, which will help warn you if you're starting to drive too quickly. [App Safety Options] >> There's now an option in the driver app to show when you are driving over the speed limit. If you use this option, it could help you stay within those safe limits and keep everyone on the road safer. [Maintain a bubble] >> You need empty space between you and the cars around you. That empty space is a bubble. You need this bubble, whether you're driving on the freeway or if you're stuck in traffic. That bubble gives you the space to change lanes or prevent a fender-bender. Plus, when it comes to "Zen" driving, that bubble gives you the space to slow down smoothly. [Make technology work for you] >> You might be thinking, "But what if I need to check my text messages because my next rider is sending me information?" Consider if there is a compromise that you can use instead of choosing a high-risk dangerous behavior. Maybe you can use a bluetooth earpiece and have your phone set up with a text-to-voice option that will read your messages to you so you don't have to take your eyes off of the road. We also strongly recommend using a phone mount. That way your phone can be where you need it without it bothering you or your rider. [Avoid backing up] >> Going in reverse is one of the easiest ways to damage your vehicle. Even if you have a rear view camera, you may not be seeing everything. Make sure you really know where your blind spots are and how big they are. If you're not sure what's behind you, get out and look. Take ten seconds to get out of the car and check. You could be saving yourself a ton of time and money in the long run. [Maintain your vehicle] >> While your vehicle may need to pass an annual inspection for Uber, or for your state, please note that this inspection is not the same as performing regular maintenance tasks. This also includes taking your car to the dealer or other experts when necessary. It's also good to get in the habit of checking weather conditions. The weather not only affects how you drive, but it also affects how other drivers drive around you, as well as your rider's mood. There are many methods for keeping track of your vehicle maintenance, from putting it in your calendar to using an app designed just for this purpose. Find the one that works best for you. [Review] [Use the driver app options to keep your account accurate] [and stay safe on the road.] [Use a bluetooth earpiece and a phone mount to stay safe] [with your rider in the car.] [How can safe behavior, like not backing up,] [help with your vehicle maintenance?]

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