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Thoughts 6 | خواطر 6 EP1 (2010)

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we compare peoples and periods to compete for goodness for,may people compete! 2010 AD 1133 AD Sicily Al idrisi (geographer) 1020 AD Ciro Al Qumrah (Camera) ibn al-Haytham (Camera's inventor) 2010 AD 975 AD Cordoba Al-Zahrawi (surgeon) 2010 AD Oxford University 859 AD Fes - University of Al-Karaouine first university ever! 859 AD - Fatima Al-Fihri, the founder of University of Al-Karaouine Thoughts 6 welcome (test behind the scenes) Welcome All ! Thoughts 6 In the name of Allah, we begin Thoughts 6, happy year for all, Ramadan Mubarak Thoughts 5 was about Japan, we compared Japan and Arab world we saw how is Japan's civilization, productivity, and creativity with on waste of morals or principles as we wish to be our communities some may say, "..Japan is far away", "..a devloped country since 100 years", " has its privacy!" " was not a colony before!" excuses! after excuses! I feel sorry to hear such phrases from our community and some claims that our comparison has no aims the huge different makes us to feel defeat so what is the solution? then we decided to make this comparison between muslims themselves we'll compare between past (1000 years ago) and todays muslims who lived in Andalusia, Ciro, Baghdad, Damascus, how were muslims living their life? how was muslim's daily life? needy? or has his own property? how were they dealing with Rain water? no technique? or creativity in all fields? imagine, how was the actions of muslims in 10th Century, what about their inventions for example? they only import? or they had their own production? then let us compare these points by muslims todays, that is the first part! second part of our comparison is between muslims each other todays we'll complete this comparison between old muslims and old European people to show how we were superior in past time and how our grands practiced their daily life? while London and Paris were living darkness and ignorance days! and how this situation turned over against us? so comparisons are useful and must presented for make a legal competition as well as prophet Mohammed's friend when they compete each other in worship and goodness UAE may compete Saudia and so Morocco, Gordan, Egypt, or Libya in the line of goodness and finaly, my aim is to mediate as I can theme of this season is briefed in a single word this word here is the word of this season it will be repeated within our talk it is a word of such rare principle todays is that Islam? I am afraid .. No! is it brotherhood? wrong! English letters? may be S! yes, it has S sound N, and S I think Proficiency? sure? have you get it? it is Proficiency! you got it ! great ! Proficiency.. all things are studied well with a perfect planning and .. Proficiency ! Proficiency, the highest level of practicing a high level of worship, or any other behaviors to practice your way perfectly ! Proficiency, is the secret of Islamic civilization in the past ! Proficiency in chemicals, physics, in hydrology system, in Mosques, streets and roads, cities and all properties of the life ! even was in playing ! and we'll see that .. there was a real idea of Proficiency applied before we use this book to figure the basic points of this season it is very useful and helpful 1001 inventions (Muslim Heritage in Our World) it showed hundreds or may be thousands of the creativities and inventories of Muslims in all fields of life a British expert will join us, Dr.Adam from London he is an specialist expert in historical sciences he is British, and will explain some Islamic inventories many of these inventories we produced it into visual objects to imagine how were they look like and you will see how these inventories' effects why we chose an English expert ? in fact we did that to avoid any exclamations, this is very important ! also we did ensure that every things will be showed is a true in the light of scientific resources and I am gonna to ensure that we don't need to exclaim and we don't need to force others to recognize our golden history periods we have our enough and reliable guides about our historical fact this season recorded in different places we went to East to Malaysia, and Singapore then, Turkey Spain, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Britain, eight countries we went unfortunately, we couldn't record in Morocco, the authorities there don't allow us to record ! first day in KL Singapore .. Istanbul .. Ciro of Al Mu'aiz we are in London in Dubai first day in Jiddah, KSA Cordoba.. the jewel of world Oh.. great ! let us explain our logo vertically in the left the word "Proficiency", in the right inside the circle a phrase of "seeking for knowledge is an obligation" to focus about the importance of knowledge, the secret of former Islamic civilization I also like to say that our program is visual idea of such thoughts spin around our minds I liked to share these thoughts with our audience to mediate as we can forward goodness for our communities ok.. go ! I wish you enjoy.. Thoughts 6 I am very interesting about sharing our children this thoughts, to educate new generation .. to raise our new civilization in the future .. I am focusing on our young generation todays, they are the hope of our future wish you enjoy .. we were as a beacon of knowledge we built the glory indeed medication and architecture sciences, arts, and so we were as a noble model producing the real civilization but now we are weak and wasted our glory regretfulness, heartbreak, looseness what makes pain and tears by knowledge and proficiency we may light the world as it was thoughts in my heart calling us to come back to give a permission to share ourselves to go back to our Islamic civilization to go back to our Islamic civilization

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