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FREE CCs: Partnership for Appalachian Girls’ Education (PAGE)

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PAGE Partnership of Appalachian Girl’s Education Promoting 21st century literacy skills, educational access and economic opportunity for Appalachian girls. PAGE is an educational enrichment program for middle school girls in Madison County. During the program they make digital stories, they read books about girls and their own lives and they also play lots of games because, we all know, middle school girls love games. PAGE gives all girls in Madison County a chance to decide their own future. One PAGE girl’s digital story… My Special Field My special place is when I go into the field where there are a lot of flowers. There are daisies and buttercup flowers and dandelions. It’s usually just me and my dog Tigs. We got Tigs when I was two and he grew up with me and he is like a best friend to me. Tigs protects me on scary situations, like the time he killed a black snake that was nearby. He stays by my side, and follows me around. like if someone would come where he is, he would attack them. We have horses in the field, their names are Lotny and Goober. I like to ride my horses and pet them. It makes me feel happy when I am around them because when I talk to them it’s like they understand me. I say 'Hey buddy!' or 'What’s up?' or 'I missed you today' and they look back at me and its feels like they are real people. I go in the field when I get in trouble or when I don’t wanna do much worse. One day I’m gonna build a fort So that I can stay down there a lot longer. I’m going to put some horse houses into it so that I don’t have to go all the way back at my house to get food. I’m gonna put a caterer so that horses don’t mess things up at my fort. Even without the fort it's the perfect home away from home. “This project is a once in a lifetime opportunity for these girls” - Lisa, parent of a PAGE student. Please consider donating. Your gifts to PAGE make a direct difference in the lives of Appalachian girls.

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Partnership for Appalachian Girls’ Education (PAGE)

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