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[MUSIC PLAYING] Once the clicker is powered up, the puppies are ready to learn how to offer behaviors. We put down a small box, and wait for the puppy to interact with the box. We click anything at all that puppy does with the box-- look at it, touch it, step in it. [CLICK] It doesn't matter if the puppy touches the box by accident. We still click it. The object of the game is not to get the puppy to do anything in particular, but to teach the puppy to be creative. We want to instill in the puppy the core concept that they can offer a behavior, any behavior, and get rewarded for it. [CLICK] [CLICK] The puppy's realization that he can offer behavior and get a response from humans is a profound moment of understanding. Oh. Good boy! It's the beginning of a dialogue and a partnership that will last a lifetime. [CLICK] The scientific term for a dog that understands this concept is operant. [CLICK] You may hear people talk about teaching puppies impulse control. And what I want to lay on the table is that impulse control is really the ability to delay gratification. It is seeing something that the puppy wants and having the intellectual ability to triangulate and say-- [CLICK] The shortest distance between me and what I want is not a straight line. It's through my owner. so impulse control, again, is the ability to delay the gratification of just going for what the puppy wants. Now, I spend a lot of time making my puppies operant. I play a lot of games with my puppies that will cause them to offer behaviors and look to me for a reward for offering those behaviors. So, in a large sense, becoming operant can teach the puppy impulse control, or at least give the puppy the fundamental roots of what they need to learn impulse control. [CLICK] [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh! Oh! Oh! [INAUDIBLE] Oh! Woo! [MUSIC CONTINUES]

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