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Jacque Fresco - Purpose, Conscious, Relativity, Individuality (1976)

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You see this thing? And, about consciousness? Yes, okay, that is a great subject. Now, i mentioned a few things, but i didn't backed up. I saw that most of the things that you can talk, most of them, have very little or no meaning. And the english language was not designed for communication. And all religion is designed to control the values on behaviour of people, to support and reach a successful society. Society is evolved to social costumes, and their religions, supporting the restructure of society. And so, if i were in an ambient cheap, i were bringing you up with my achieve in it's home. And believe that much achieve have the same soul, no matter which time it has on the sales so. And so, when i raised up my child and jumped for Jesus, i bring up that child upon and that happened. Now, in other process to build a world in which we can live in a world community, we have to break away from conventional notions with separated human needs. We feel, at least i do, that man and woman can achieve the same things. They can be great medics, they can be architects, engineers, and that the female doesn't have any inferior structure, they are just capable to do anything, so long you don't bring up as a female. So on you don't have to address them as a little girl. Without pockets. So long which you just little girl climbing trees and explore, she is going to be narrow as in a male. Male was given wide range of an exploratory behaviour. You have being in a not sure. As a boy, you given a wider range of behaviour. And you are familiar in a wider range of behaviour. And so, you are set by a male, in a kind of this. If you read a bible, you find that the female is supposed to be obedient to the male, one is based on the male, hit by a nail. And god is a male, not a female, or a thee. And so when you look at god, you find a crude structure, designed by man, making god in his image. And it's ignorance is simple. And this is the bad news. In order to progress out of those patterns, we have to reexamine all of that values, not some of them. In order to do that, we have to have information. Now, what is information? Well, when i say, that was lightning was coming, because god is angry, there is no backup of the information for that, there is no truth. When we say that god dwells on the heaven as a bug, for minutes they points up the priest or the rabine, and only hit when we put them in the other way. There are not other ways from now. Well, when jews are fast in this part of the world, their stuff were in this part of the world, because of the time difference. There can't be no holy days. You see what i mean? And we don't think about those things. And so, i read the bible instead of a comic book, because i find that preposterous. I find that all the ideas from american there are completely jumble, unacceptable, and senseless. And since there was, you miss, in this scenario there. Is that threaten your beliefs? It's right, there, you see? And all were glad, see? And you see this? All right. Okay. Now, when we look at that point of view, and try to understand it. We have, then brought up, to believe in purpose. That light has purpose, that nature has purpose, that everything has purpose. And the scientist says i don't know. And we are going through other things that have purpose. And this is strange. And so, they said out and find out. And so, they say in order to find out, then it follows you. They send out and find out, and they find things like this. They see a telescope, you see? You want to boil out. No. And use the same thing, and sure. What? What? Well. The caterpillar, the caterpillar have many, many legs, because it's a caterpillar. But there is no reason given for it. They said that the bird have a beak for taking up worms. But if the bird didn't have a beak, the get under aged under side. And in the background, that is why they are picking up worms. And that the bird look like the worm lower. And the worm is called in the lower close, and you see that is why they pick up worms. And the bird, or their organism, just immediately, in order to track these worms, they say they are picking up the worms. And so, people hang whatever labels they can, on things, because they don't understand anyway. They say that the reason of the earth turns, and so you have night and day. Or in the other turn, we have day or night, or what is on. Whatever we have a reason for that, and so, we on side do on the other. And so, they say that their reason people have noses and they smell with. We wouldn't have mouths to eat with. And the reason that we have a brain is to think with. And the reason they have ears is to hear with. And those people can't see him, you know, smell or touch. Because they don't know what they are touching. It is on the mind of most people, and rather than things are some over assumptions, some may know the difference of what is a plastic. Others might now that this is style wing, by the way. Some people may know that this is a plastic, you know? A decoration. They might know. And they might know that it is aluminum, by touching, or whatever it is highly probably. And so, they have invented a word, in order to talk about what they believe they know. And the word is consciousness. Which we denied, that is no such things as consciousness. But the human being is not conscious at all. Now, in order to accept that, we have to elaborate on it. And try to show you what i mean. Okay? When we look at a common object, like a flower, what we see is something to be sure. But if you have a macro photograph of a section of that flower, and enlarge it many times. And that is just about to texture of the surface of the flower. We would not know what we are looking at. When a person says i'm conscious of a flower, in what level? In the overall superficial surface? For microscopic detail? Or the flower section, up to the middle section, and down to the other sections that they were flat? And the electrical phenomenon in plants that we believe it is? How chemicals work in plants, and induce flow or a sect? How the leaves convert the sun's rays into useful energy for the plant? How conscious? So, how much is there to know about a flower? We feel in intern variety, would be many things. So, when a person says we are around conscious, i don't know what the hell they are talking about. They don't value nothing. Many doctors would say this. That the human eye, or the organ of sight, is so complex, that they believe that there are 7 million cables behind each eyeball. And each cable having a little light sensors like raws, taking sensors like cones, which corresponds the colour. But they don't see them as a complex part of an organ of sight. And so on, when a person says i'm conscious, i don't know what are they talking about. What level of conscious, do you see what i mean? Okay. Now, let's talk about judgments and knowledge. How scientists talk about knowledge and judgment. Some scientists say that, when you put two bricks together, do they touch? Another scientist says, what you mean about touch? And the average person says, or you don't know what i mean by touch, when a scientist with some knowledge would know by touch. Because the things have to touch, in order to other things that you might have on those. Those magnets you got? Okay. In order to touch, as we examine them and brakes, and we have a forensic tube, and behind the two breaks, we will see some light coming through into balls. Does that makes sense to you? So, if we took the area of maximum pressure, right there in the large here, and would look something like this. And we find that were be all touched, even in the area of maximum pressure. All the several places. And if you take this area, right here, with the maximum pressure that you are all seeing, even that doesn't have full contact, but a case of contact, like that. And even if, belong the line, that portion, you would see general light contact areas. So, we find that an umbrella may touch on one hundred, or one per second, in their service. So, the average person can not see the world, they can only see the relative to their own point of view. It seems that Einstein said that, when the man is fixing or moving train window, and drops a ball to the man in the train, and then it becomes straight down. And let's see, that is he go or she, and moves away, and straight down to the observer, and often then, that moves at an angle. And the man in the train strikes the ball straight down, and the judge says, no, no, it is moving at an angle. And Einstein said that they were looking like. And the train moving straight down. And the train were moving around. And all of this has no meaning. True advice that uniform. In other words, in the earlier days, the man said they look ed up at a planet, and moving this way, and he slowed down, they stopped. And then he moved to the other way, see? The other man were not understanding that at all. And there is the earth. And they have anybody moved and they see that is rotated. But it is rotating in this way, and you wouldn't see it rotating. But in order it is that way, and then in that way, so far away that you can see it coming through. What you see is a beam of light moving up and back, see what i mean? So relative to the earth observer, they moves up and back. In order to the top view, it moves around. Relative to another view, it moves inaccurate. How it really moves is nonsensical question, what is your point of view? Is that making sense? Okay, now, i use this analysis many times, and i may understand it better. On this kind of unknown they wore someone, and they say that were that, on water. Because water is relatively viscous for a mosquito. And the mosquito divided all over right about water, and water being very difficult to separate temporarily. When a dog wear about wise going on that school, and overall is very thin. And so they are searching for true, comes in the old world, the old world of values. And now, that there are some things into trouble, that make you feel insecure and insufficient. But you don't learn very much in schools. You don't learn very much, you don't learn anything from the bible. Whether the old testament or the new testament. Because the old testament has a lot of fantastic stories with no backup. And so, what we do is we repeat, as children, their grand mothers, and they say mommy, they loves you. Mommy. Daddy. You see? And only says da-da-da-da. So we go on with these children, now as saying who loves you more than anyone else? Da-da. And so, these children get a lot of hell of what they are talking about. They are mimicking it. They have something because the same thing. Now, what happen when a baby, is they are receiving devices. And you make as soon as sounds, and they talk like that. If you bought up like that. And if you brought in that, you would talk like that. And so, if you brought up, in the old agriculture. Way back, you will walk like that. And you will have manners. And they are not real, they are imitations. And if you brought up in the audience, you walk in a certain way. And very way state to say, bounce and that, and you will say that is correct, you know? Because this is the way they brought up. And if you brought up there, in the upper middle classes, and you walk around and you smell bad, and, you see? That like few monkeys, they imitate other people. Whether they wanted to be free. They wanted to lay in may, as long you don't touch in my religion. I will have that, no change that. And i believe in a family, even marriage, i believe in children. Don't touch that. I believe in the individuality. Don't touch that. Individuality is myth number one. That is a myth and fraud that perpetrated by this society. We say this. And that the human being is exposed to many different cultures. And if you study art in the middle east, assuming art is your well being, whether colour is a conscious. And well purpose. Yes. And this is pathetic. Sure. If you study art in Italy, or if you study art in France, you have particular instructions. They are very sophisticated art structure in order to look at your work. And say you were being influenced by the way for vote. Assuming how far you studied. Even if you studied music. A well consolidated musician can listen to music, and say this man or woman is manipulation by Bach, which you cause, drop or invade them. You can always hear the background. If you listen to hebrew songs, they are very similar, if you listen to Chinese music. They are similar, not exactly the same. So if you lived in China 5 years, and France 3 years, in England 2 years, and Israel 5 years, and then came back and write music, they say might you are an individual. It just means that you have exposure to the average person has to do, in high grade. Does that makes sense to you? So to us, there are no gifted to people, there are no talented people, there are cowards and there are no heroes. And no great man, and no poor man, and no murderers, they were just people. Now, if i tried to, if you made it possible that i can have, they wanted that your child, and very young. I believe that child is very young, and they charge, early. And the more taxes and experiences you have an ice cream, that i see. And then that child born in caves and jaws, and they might cover murder, they are criminal. And i say no. If you brought up by the Nazi, and that is obey. And there you see, there is so much that very well, and say the truth. You see? Everything, the truth. And if i tell you to see, it was a murder, do you understand what i mean? And these people are brought up by people that whatever hate Negroes, Swedes, you know? And once were a large Jewish convention, and whether it says, let's call a smart to clean up the cellar, you see? There is a negro, and i asked why don't we have a jew? Doing the same thing, you see? And doing over and over again. And so bigotry, it is present in the clan, and the jews, and the catholics, and the americans, and the badges, it is all over. In order make a break, you have a break in these culture. You got a community to the human system, a living community. In which there is no polish cancer, swedish cancer, jewish cancer, irish cancer, it is just cancer. It is only learned by medication and physical science. And as soon as you get away from the superstition, and artificial boundaries manufactured by institutions, we can build the the border of the network. This is what is needed. But we are all cleaned, that we are all planed to our beliefs, that we are trying to go on. And the world of confusion, suffering and misery. The broad of the man can only be accomplish through knowledge. And so, so in order on get on with the idea, which i talked about in terms of individuality. subscribe, like, favourite, "friend" channel if you would like to leave comments. Thanks

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Jacque talks about Purpose, Conscious, Relativity, and Individuality (Sept.18, 1976)

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