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Azure SQL Database - create DBs in seconds

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[Quickly Create an Azure SQL Database] A major benefit of running SQL databases on Microsoft Azure is that you can create a database in seconds [Without having to set up infrastructure or manage software updates] without having to set up infrastructure or manage software updates. And because Microsoft Azure SQL Database is built on the same technology that is used to power Microsoft SQL Server, the tools you currently use, such as Microsoft Visual Studio and SQL Server Management Studio [SQL Database] just work. Let's walk through how easy it is to create a SQL Database. To create a new database from the Azure portal,, I'm going to click on the plus at the bottom left, click on data and storage, and then click on SQL Database. Databases live in logical servers which are tied to a region. Setting up a new server only takes a couple of steps. And one cool thing with SQL Database is that as new features become available you can opt in to use the latest versions, even if only on test servers, to verify compatability before upgrading your existing deployments. And because the database is provisioned on demand, I have the ability to choose its performance level through the pricing tiers. In just a few seconds, the database is created. From the portal, I can view additional information including the current resource utilization, connection information, size of the database, and related configuration details. [Create databases with 99.99% availability in seconds] In seconds we created a database with four nines availability [Quickly create business value and get back to development] that can help you quickly create business value and get back to development.

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