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Science in Seconds - Organic Food

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Science in Seconds Know Everything RUMOURS - Organic Food Brit Trogen: Organic food is a great idea, in theory. Crops are exposed to fewer man-made chemicals, which means less of them make it into our food and the environment. But is organic also a magic word that automatically makes everything, from cookies to coffee, more healthy and sustainable? Not necessarily. First, an analysis of 162 studies in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed there's no difference in the nutrient content of organic food relative to non-organic. So even though it costs more, organic produce is biochemically identical to the other stuff. There's also no evidence that residues from conventional crops cause any negative health effects in humans. And it's been shown that just washing your food removes all traces of pesticides anyways. Organic products like tomatoes, potatoes and milk actually use more land and energy to produce than conventional farming. So there's still serious doubts as to whether organic alone can make up the enormous yield that's needed to feed the growing world population. And don't forget, while green lobbyist always scream about the biotech industry working only for profit, the organic food industry now makes $20 billion every year. It's gone from grassroots to big business. And just like any other, they'll do whatever it takes to protect their assets, including fudging the evidence. So yes, there are reasons to eat organic, like better living conditions for livestock. But there's also lots of reasons not to. And remember, there's no such thing as a magic bullet. Courtesy of Science in Seconds – All rights reserved Only for educational/non-profit purposes. (Translators are invited to put their name here)

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SiS ponders facts and myths about Organic Food big business.

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