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Sign-On With No Password Using Symantec VIP

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Passwords. We've had them for years, we know they're not secure, and strong passwords are hard to remember. And with all the new cloud apps we now use, the number of passwords has multiplied, and the number of breaches is growing. Two-factor authentication provides the protection we need, but with traditional 2FA, we're still stuck with a password. And with small mobile devices, typing in that password or even a security code is a headache. The password has been the weak link until now. Symantec has eliminated the password. Imagine signing in without any typing. Select your app, when your user name appears, touch sign-in, and authenticate with a fingerprint. Sign into your company's secure mobile app or partner portal, sign in to your favorite social site, sign in to do your mobile banking. With one touch of your finger. Easy. And when you use a single sign- on solution like Symantec Identity Access Manager, you can sign into all of your cloud apps at the same time with one touch and no passwords. Welcome to the passwordless cloud. But you aren't sacrificing security. We're just replacing something you know with something you are. It's actually more secure. When you hit sign in for an app, first we check to make sure we recognize the VIP mobile credential on your device, something you have. Then we tell you which application the request came from. Because if you didn't request access to that app, you're going to want to deny the request. But let's say it was you that wants access. You simply touch the ID sensor on your mobile device with your finger, and you've provided the second factor of authentication -- something you are. Easy and secure. So now that we've done away with the password, you can access your apps with ease from anywhere, with even better security. Now you can get rid of all those sticky notes. For more information, please visit

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Sign-On With No Password Using Symantec VIP

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