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About Us Meet NetCloud

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Hello, my name is Eyal Greifner, the Co-CEO of NetCloud Ltd. Many professionals ask me how to choose a suitable ERP system that will help them to progress forward. There are numerous answers to this question. You need a solution that will incorporate all of them. We are delighted to present NetSuite the world's leading ERP Cloud system. NetSuite is suitable for ambitious organizations who are interested in growing. NetSuite operates in an advanced Cloud-based technological environment. It is suitable for various disciplines in the organization, it analyzes diverse data and displays the results in a homogeneous and advanced way. It is customized to work on mobile phones and includes a web interface and an internal social network. According to Gartner, NetSuite is a system that presents the highest growth rate among leading ERP systems. All these create an innovative Cloud-based ERP system suitable for modern companies and future business challenges. This company is us. Please, meet NetCloud. NetCloud is an official representative of NetSuite in Israel. We have spoken about technology, now let's talk about the people. Even the best system has to be customized to the customers' needs. How to do it right? In one word - Partnership. Partnership which is based on listening, Hi Josh, how are you? Great! I'll see you in New York next week. You see? NetCloud is an official representative of NetSuite in Israel. We are the only ones authorized to apply, to implement and to develop the system and we have been doing it for over six years now. We have exclusivity for the system's localization and we work with the Tax Authorities in Israel. We perfectly customize the modules of NetSuite to the customer's working environment. We keep the commitment to our customers regarding schedules, while taking full responsibility for every stage of the process. Customers are usually concerned about the complex, long and expensive implementation process of an EPR system. In NetCloud we make everything much simpler. Now, after almost a decade of experience with NetSuite, everything goes much faster. How do we ensure the development and implementation process? We work with structured methodologies and employ the best experts in Israel. Our software engineers are the best in Israel in programming in NetSuite environment. They help each other to come up with innovative ideas and solutions. They also became good friends, a fact that helps the working process. Like in every area, when you have the best technology with the most professional people, you can be sure you have a back allowing your growth, development and success. NetCloud - a world of Cloud-based solutions

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