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Title : The history of Mva`a I am Zobo Melingui Aristide. Student in coll├Ęge Sainte Therese of Mva`a, participant in the YETAM project. One of the aims of history is to pass on to young generations the treasures of their culture. Do I know where I come from? What is the story of my village? Answers to these questions will be given to us by Mama Marie Louise; Holder of the history of Mva`a and patriarch. Once upon a time, a group of people crossed the Sanaga river. They were carried by a fish to the other side of the river. The first person to settle on the hill after their arrival was a Mvog Bebene. He was called Jean Tsanga. He was the one who built the first tent here in Mva`a near the hill He was a hunter and the first animal he killed was `MBAG`, meaning fox in English. They were fierce animals and if gundogs were not strong, foxes killed them and ate them. These very foxes ate many hens. Then arrived missionaries. The first missionary was called Chalfoux. He was the one who evangelized and baptized people. After he left, the one who built the church came. He was called Father Grimmo, he was a German. When he started building the church, he wanted to know: Wht is the name of the village? People answered `MBAG` which means fox. It is from there that the village got its name `MVA`A` The first animal he killed was` MBAG`, a fox. There were many foxes around and, when the missionary asked them, How is this place called? They answered Nkol Mbag, because there lived many foxes

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Duration: 3 minutes and 4 seconds
Country: Cameroon
Language: French (France)
Producer: Plan YETAM Cameroon
Director: Cameroon Youth
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Posted by: lraftree on Aug 24, 2009

This film provides information about the creation of the community. Two community elders are interviewed to tell us how the village was founded, how the name was given and its meaning.

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