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Money and the Illuminati - Adolf Hitler 12

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ADOLF HITLER INTERVIEW 12 - Money and the Illuminati Hi, this is Adolf... once again. The last time, I was explaining my involvement with the Illuminati to my rise to power, and me having the ability to use them. They perceived to be using me, but ended up completely the opposite way. So... ...what was my... ...intention? My intention was to send a message to the systems, to the demons that was governing and ruling the world - in everything: I saw them everywhere all the time in everything, controlling everything, imprinting everything - human beings' lives, etc. I wanted to send them a message. I wanted to show them that, you know, I'm standing up and I'm not allowing them to enslave these people anymore. Because these people's Life Essence exist within them as who they are - I see it - I wanna bring that out: I'm going to fuck the systems and the demons that feed of it into oblivion. So, it's interesting that... my specific way of applying myself while being Adolf Hitler on Earth was seen as the most... atrocious event of mankind when actually the atrocity exists within human beings, existed within the world, existed within who and what human beings had become. The most... the one thing that pissed me off the most while I was here was money. I hated it. I could see what human beings are doing with it. It was vulgar, it was dirty. So knew I had to get my hands on money, the one thing I hated the most of the world. It was only with money that I was able to get to the point of power, and that's why I got involved to the Illuminati because, of course, I knew they were the ones in control of everything. Now the Illuminati expanded to... they don't "favor anything or anyone", they don't let alone people, country, laws - they don't give a fuck - at all. This, what is implemented, is not only to control society but also the very presidents of a government and of a country. It's all a controlled system. And I wanted to break it. And... the only way that I knew in that time: how to stand up and make a statement and sift out who and what human beings would follow me as what I stand for - as Life - and who would choose the "systems", who would choose to remain "systems" - the demons. So my entire act of "atrocity" in this world was to fuck the systems in the world, systems that human beings have become - of demons. Those that followed me were the ones that I would have taken and "lead further" into the world of what is it that I was implementing. And I knew only I could stand there. And I knew how I stood: alone - in everything that I had done. And I would have sent everyone all across the world until I would have left - and then everything was settled. God, I didn't know if it was possible but, shit, if I was crazy and perceiving that would even be possible, then so be it. But my specific application was what I did and what was necessary. So... I stood in the point of power, control, started my... building up my support - sifting out, you know, the people who walk with me, and the systems and the demons who would suffer. And I made a promise to myself in the beginning, before everything started falling perfectly into plan - I said: "The systems will experience what they have done to the people" "that are of Life, that have suppressed them!" So everything I did to "human beings" - who weren't human beings and still aren't - just systems - you're nothing - demons controlling the systems. I didn't feel anything for anyone. I didn't care about anything or anyone BUT... sorting out this world, removing the systems of the world that are controlling the people (they don't control all the people) and are suppressing their Life Essence - who they are. You know, it was what I'm experiencing and I wanted everyone to experience what I was experiencing. Don't look at my actions, on what I did. No-one ever knew what I already stood for. And, you know, I had the opportunity to experience my event again with everyone. So... what happened next? So, the gas chambers and the concentration camps, the starvation of them: it's exactly the same thing that the systems were doing to human beings as who they are within themselves, that Life Essence. I was merely showing... the world what you're doing to yourselves and each other and the world in its entirety. Because you have systems. I didn't... I wasn't afraid to kill. I didn't feel any regret to kill. Only, well, of course, you know, when I got into the Dimensions, I had a shit load of forgiveness to do... to place it mildly - because the way I did it... was not the most preferable way. I understand that now. But, at that moment, that's all I could see was what could work, was what could be effective to send a message to the systems, to say them: "Fuck! I am now here and you will no more enslave my people!" By "my people", I meant the people of me as that which was suppressed by the systems and the demons. So well: "Let them feel what they are actually doing,..." "the systems and the demons." OK. Thank you very much. This is Hitler. <i>transcribed by Christophe</i>

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Hi, this is Adolf... once again.
The last time, I was explaining my involvement with the Illuminati to my rise to power, and me having the ability to use them. They perceived to be using me, but ended up completely the opposite way.

So... what was my... intention?

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