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Want to find the purpose of your life? Hi everybody! My name is Michal. I am a teacher of Kabbalah for the past 15 years. My name is David Naor and I am teaching Kabbalah for the past 15 years at the Kabbalah Centre. The wisdom of Kabbalah is ancient, more than 4,000 years. The Kabbalah Center opened its doors to the public to study Kabbalah only in the past 100 years. It was founded in 1922. And millions of students, 4 million students that passed through the doors of the Kabbalah Centre all over the world through the 50 different branches that we have and learned this wisdom, this ancient wisdom and how to apply it in their lives. And everybody can study Kabbalah. if you are an adult, a teenager, kids. My children are studying Kabbalah. Everybody is welcome. So what are we going to do here today together? I will ask you first to prepare a paper, and a pen. Why? Because we're going to interact. We are going to receive already practical tools and understanding of how to actually practice this ancient wisdom in our life. And you will learn how to take the first step to finding your life purpose. You know, David, everybody is talking today about purpose, philosophers, scientists. Purpose is out there. For example, you told me about this research, right? In the university? That is right. The research in the university says that actually when people find a purpose in their life, they live longer. That is very cool, right? People are paying today thousands of dollars for all kinds of anti-aging treatments, which is great! Do not get me wrong. And guess what? If you just connect to your life's purpose, you are going to live longer. What does it mean staying alive? You know, we all, we wake up in the morning, we are doing our things, we are drinking our coffee. We are going there, we are taking care of the family. We are going to work. It is a kind of automatic pilot. There is to live, to breathe, to eat, and there alive, to feel alive, to jump out of bed in the morning, because I have something great that I am doing. So this is basically, I think, what he meant with being alive, and we can find ourselves so many times on automatic pilot. That is right. There are actually three different levels that we are talking about that you can be on autopilot, right? The first one is when things happen to you, and you did not even pay attention. Like for example, did it happen to you that you drove your car, and suddenly you find yourself, you know, in front of your door, and you do not even remember what happened on the way. Yeah, what happened on the way. Right. The second one has to do with all of our reactive system. You know? Those are the little things, those red buttons in our life that get us upset, that bring us to sadness. And then we are looking back and saying: "Ah! How can it be that I did it again and fell into the same trap? Again I lost it, I lost my mind. Again I went into depression." We do not have control over the reactivity of our life. That is right. And the last one is actually a very important one, because it actually happens when you in the middle of your life suddenly you wake up, and you understand that you missed so many opportunities. You look back and you say: "Wow! What just happened?" So we want you guys for the first time take your paper and take your pen and please write down: Where do you find yourself on automatic pilot? Finding our life purpose has to do with this feeling and knowing that we are alive, with being alive. Purpose is being alive. So the first understanding - live or being alive - this what will get us closer to our purpose. Because obviously, if we do not feel alive, it says something about connecting to your purpose. That is right. So, please, take your pen and paper again and write down from 1 to 10: How much do you think or feel that you live truly your purpose? Let us say 1 is really not close to it and 10 would be really totally fulfilling your life's purpose. You are jumping out of bed in the morning. Okay? That is 10, if you jump out of bed. So if you wrote that you are at 5 or 7, let us think to ourselves: why it is not 9, why it is not 10? What is holding me back at the moment from accomplishing or connecting more with my life purpose? During the course "Discover Kabbalah" We are going to introduce to you, to read together ancient texts of Kabbalah from along the history, from thousands of years ago, from hundreds of years ago. We are going to start today with a Kabbalist - Yehuda Ashlag? - Right? from the past century. And the Kabbalist is saying to us three main points. The first one: Each one of us is unique. Each one of us has a special diamond that he came with to this world, and it is only yours. This diamond that we have inside of us in order to truly see it, experience it there is a process that we need to go through. And the Kabbalist gives this simple example of a fruit, right? A fruit also goes through a process of ripening, and if we are going to bite into a fruit that is not ripe, we are not going to judge the fruit as a bad fruit, right? I am not going to say it is sour. We understand it is a process. We understand it is a process until it gets ripe. Right, but in our life we do not do that, unfortunately. And the third point is that nobody can change it. And we see in our life that there are different ways of how people try to change it. For example, kids and parents, okay? There is a kid that loves to play the drums, but his parents have this dream for him to become an engineer, a lawyer. and then, you know, they are trying to convince him not to do that. Sometimes we are our own enemy, right? We are looking and we are trying once, twice, three times. We try to do something, it doesn't succeed, we leave it. We fall into low self esteem, we fall into laziness. But the beautiful thing that the Kabbalist is saying: Nobody but you can bring this special gift to the world. Nobody but you. So in order to understand how to expose, how to find our greatness, this uniqueness, we will dive now deeper into the wisdom of Kabbalah. Before you continue, please, take your paper again and write down one challenge that you are facing in your life today. It can be any challenge. It can be in your professional life, it can be relationship wise. Any challenge that you are facing today. And the second part, please, write down: What are the tools, steps that you take, that you use today to solve this challenge. And we will get back to it very soon. In order to understand our personal diamond and purpose, the Kabbalist will always ask the question "Why?" They will always go to the root. So I know that I am not singular in this world, and if I want to understand my purpose, first, lets understand what's the purpose of this universe around us? And scientists talk about the Big Bang. Kabbalists talk about, what happened before what brought the Big Bang. Please, David. What brought actually about this Big Bang? When we are going back, to why everything was created? The Kabbalists explained that there was a source that created everything, and from that source emanated a spiritual energy. In Kabbalah we call it "the Light". The Light, the nature of the Light is to share, it is to impart. And the purpose of all creation and the purpose of that Light is to fulfill us. All fulfillment exists already in that Light force, anything that you can imagine. What does it mean "fulfillment"? Fulfillment? Yeah. is basically everything that I want in my life. Fulfillment is love. Fulfillment is security. fulfillment is health, is abundance, is money. That's fulfillment, everything that exists in this world. That is right. Even certainty, when I am going through challenges to have that certainty. Right. So fulfillment is spiritual, fulfillment is physical. So we understand that the purpose of the Creation is to bring us fulfillment. Amazing! Why do I wake up in the morning, and I don't feel so fulfilled? Yes, where is this gap coming from? Tell us. When we say that the purpose of all Creation is to fulfill us, so why aren't we fulfilled? So in order to understand it, we need to understand the structure of the Universe, and how everything is built, and the Kabbalists explained that our Universe and all reality exist in ten dimensions. And these 10 dimensions, this is the very bottom one that we are talking about, this is the physical domain. And in the physical domain this is where all our challenges happen. This is also where all the blessings come from into our life. And everything above the physical domain, this is the spiritual reality. This is where the Light exists. This is where all thoughts are coming from. And we understand from this Tree of Life diagram that everything in our life needs to go through a process. In order for us to reveal our fulfillment, there has to be a process. So that structure of the universe is called the ten dimensions, "Sephirot," the Tree of Life. And we understand that we need to go from one stage to the other. You know, it is like when a child is being born, nobody expects him to start running, right? We understand that there is a process. But guess what? In our life we do not want to wait for the process I want the result right here and right now. And this is what keeps me in my life in the physical dimension only. This is why I am not connected to this reality that the Kabbalists explained is the reality of the answers. It is the reality of the fulfillment. That is the connection to our purpose. So, how can we connect more to this reality? How do we do this connection between what we want and what we truly have, and how do we go through this process? So the Kabbalists introduced the tool of consciousness. What is consciousness? The way we can connect more to the spiritual reality is only if we know how to activate the right consciousness. Consciousness is my awareness of what is happening right now and how I judge situations in my life. Consciousness is our way to translate the world in front of us. It is the way that we perceive situations in our life. And actually the Kabbalists are talking about two main consciousnesses There are two types of consciousness. The one consciousness is called the "Body Consciousness". This is when we are focused solely on what is happening right now with me, when I am thinking about myself. When I am thinking about receiving. Right. What I want. What I need. Or what I do not get? My feelings, my lack, this is the body consciousness. And the other consciousness. The consciousness is called the "Soul Consciousness", right? The Soul Consciousness is when you think about others, when you think about sharing, when you think about the bigger picture and about the process. Right. So, you know, I will give you a simple example of how it looks in our life. Let us say I am stuck in a traffic jam, right? So I can react to that in two ways. Okay? I can find myself in the traffic jam and I can start thinking about my time, what will be at work or maybe somebody is waiting for me and who is the... And I don't want to use my language, but who is the person that stuck the traffic, right? And I can start using the horn in the car. Everything that is actually coming from my own narrow perspective. This is "Body Consciousness". Why is it happening? Because I am thinking about myself, What is going to happen with me today? I am late. I am this. I am that. But if I will use a higher level of consciousness, like the "Soul Consciousness", I might think: "Hold on, there is a bigger picture here. It is not only about me. Maybe actually somebody needs help. I will actually get out of my car and see if somebody needs help or I will even get the understanding of there is a bigger picture. There is reason, a very good reason why I am stuck in traffic at the moment. So "Body Consciousness" and "Soul Consciousness" is up to us. And this is one of the most fascinating topics that we will teach you in the course how to elevate consciousness, how to move from this neediness, from the victim consciousness to a higher level of consciousness, because this tool is the tool that connects us to the metaphysical world. And in the course we studied for more than five classes. It is exciting. It is profound. It is a life changing tool. Actually when we are talking about really making this change and really connecting with a higher consciousness, what is the actual way of doing it? I mean in real life, in physical life? We understand the concept of earning. We understand that we need to work for our money. If I want to be a great singer or a great dancer, or whatever it is that I want, I need to practice. There is always effort involved. But when it comes to our spirituality, many times we just expect things to happen, we think we are going to meditate and it's going to happen. We think that it's something that just to be a good person, just to help and be nice... Yeah, but it does not work like that. It does not work. The spiritual work is a very precise process and structure, and we will teach you how to do that. So our job basically if I want to connect more to my purpose, I need to start to elevate my consciousness and climb in the ladder of the "Sephirot" the Tree of Life. And look at the steps and the tools that you said that at the moment you take to solve this challenge and think to yourself which consciousness are you using? Is it body consciousness? Are your decisions, are your steps coming from a place of fear, of lack, of what is in it for me? Or are your tools and your steps coming from a soul consciousness, a bigger picture of how I can give, how can I share? Because this uniqueness of the diamond that we have inside of us it is not only for ourselves, it's universal, it's a global diamond. And the stress that we feel in our life and the fact that we are not happy or sad it is because it is not just individually because we feel that we are special. By the way, this what brought me to this path. I knew that I am special. I knew that I have something to share with the world. So each one of us know that. But more than just our own knowing of ourselves, there is a global responsibility. And this is actually what is pushing us This is the stress in our life. It comes from the surrounding, from the universe. So as we climb in this ladder, more and more layers of this stress and more accomplishing, and more fulfillment comes into our life. So guys we are inviting you to join the course "Discover Kabbalah". a 20 week journey. Now we know that 20 weeks is not enough to study a wisdom of 4,000 years, but it is definitely a good beginning. and sometimes we find ourselves in kind of hectic moments, times in our life. The truth is that there is never the right time. So if you enjoy and you relate to what you have heard today, Join us. What are we going to do in this course? It is more than a course. It is actually a journey. We are going to take each one of you on a personal journey. In the first part of the journey we are going to learn how to take responsibility, how to own this process that we are talking about. We are going to learn about a universal force that actually challenges us every day, every second in our life to become the best version of ourselves. And actually how to spiritually earn all this fulfillment that we are talking about? We are going to find and understand what our life purpose. What is our "Tikkun"? "Tikkun" is correction. It is a very main concept in Kabbalah. And it means that all the challenges that we have in our life, all those challenges that we spoke about, they are actually our golden keys to success. We will teach you about it. We will teach you how to be your great version. And the third part of the course: This is where we are going to start to learn about all the rules and principles of the universe. How this actually works? So we are going to dive into ancient Kabbalistic meditations that are going to help us to bring out our soul and receive real answers and real understandings, And we are going to even go into Kabbalistic astrology. Right, astrology, reincarnation. In the last part we are going to actually live our purpose. One of the main things that we will teach is the concept of desire, How do I build a real desire, a true desire, a desire that will fulfill itself? And will last. Join us guys. We will be happy to see each one of you THE KABBALAH CENTRE Practical Ancient Wisdom

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