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How to make an electric guitar cake

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[♪♪] [howdini - get yourself a guru] Hey there, I'm Laurie Gelman with Howdini, and if your kids are old enough to rock it out to their favorite song, they're definitely old enough to love a rock and roll birthday party complete with this very cool electric guitar cake. I love everything about this party. We've got tambourines, we've got groovy sunglasses, we've got a horn, and especially the cake that can be any color your little rock star loves. And best of all, while you're taking credit for being so cool, you never have to tell them how easy it was to make. Let's get started. Our friend Liv Hansen for Betty Crocker Kitchens is waiting for us. Hey, Liv. >>Hi, Laurie. Who knew you were such a rock and roll girl and you can make a cake like this? I've got everything ready. >>Great. Okay. So we start with a 13- by 9-inch cake, and once again we're going to trim off that dome to make the cake level. I'm using a serrated knife that cuts through the cake really easily. Just discard that. >>Or make snacks for the kids, which is what we do at our house. Oh, yes. Or for yourself. And then just flip it over because this side has fewer crumbs, so it'll be easier to frost. There's a template, and we're going to lay it out on the cake. And it's in two parts. Okay. Then we're just going to cut it out. I'm using a small serrated knife. A paring knife would do well. The serration makes it easier to cut through. How long did you chill the cake for before you brought it out? Chill the cake for about an hour before you cut it, and that way you'll have fewer crumbs in your crumb coat. Now we can lay it out on our board. We'll do it on a diagonal. So let me guess. Now we need to crumb coat. You got it. >>Especially for something like this--a lot of exposed edges. I'm learning from you. I really am. I have one already crumbed, so let me go get that. >>Smart girl! All right. Let me take this one away. Okay. Looking good. So we're going to do the final coat of frosting now. These are the colors we chose, but you can really do anything. Oh, yeah. Choose your child's favorite color. Have fun. That is my child's favorite color. >>It's my favorite color, too. >>Is it really? >>Yes. We just gave her a guitar for her 8th birthday. Ooh, she would love this! >>She loves the guitar. Okay, so I'm getting enough on the top, and I want a little bit of it to go over the edge, if possible. That will help me frost the sides. To scrape off the excess, I'm going to come in like an airplane landing and then take off again. Is that just food coloring? >>This is just food coloring. You can actually just mix in yellow and green together. Wow. And for the black, we started with chocolate frosting and then we added black gel color. >>Wow. That way you don't have to add quite as much black as if were starting with white. Okay. So I'm going to get the sides smooth. >>Like you did with the body. Yes, and this time you'll notice that a nice lip of frosting has formed on the top. Yeah. >>And again I'm going to do the airplane landing. Come in and then take off. So another nice tip if you want to get your frosting really smooth is you get some hot water, dip your spatula in, and that'll melt off the frosting. Just make sure you dry it off. It will also melt the frosting here a little bit and make it nice and smooth. >>Nice. The next step is I'm just going to pipe on an accent color. I'm going to do white. >>Okay. I've filled a freezer bag and I've cut a hole in the tip. I'm just going to-- So you took just a regular freezer bag and put vanilla frosting in it and cut a tip and-- >>Yep. It's a quick way to make a pastry bag. And then I'll smooth it out with my offset spatula. Okay. So now we are going to do some more pipe decorations. Okay. I'll just start. We'll do a little accent in black here. Is that the bridge? >>Yes. Nice. We'll do a little gray here. So how do you get gray frosting? You mix a little black food coloring with vanilla frosting. >>Oh, okay. So now I'm going to pipe on some fret. I just wanted to show you an example of the two different bags. This one we made with a freezer bag, [For more, see How to Use Pastry Bags and Pastry Cones at] but you can also make small pastry cones, and they are great for detail work. So I'll just pipe lines right across. >>Oh, wow. Okay. Now we're going to do a couple more accents. We're going to do some string, which is kind of fun. You can pipe it on, but another fun idea is to actually take licorice string, and we're going to see if it's long enough to go from one end to the other, and just place it down. >>Perfect. Do you want to try one? There. That one looks good. Thank you. >>And we probably won't fit six strings. I think this one is going to be a little long. >>Then I will just trim it for you. Okay, great. And just put it down there. Okay. >>Yay! So while I finish up the strings, why don't you get some tuning pegs? You can use little gumdrops. You know what? We have some of the little mini ones. Maybe we'll just line a couple up down here even, just to finish off the ends of the strings. And maybe take a few of those candies. Maybe we'll put those little buttons they have. Okay. >>It looks like something a little is missing here. I'm just going to do some accents. I'm just going to pipe three dots on either side. So we're finished with that. All we have to do is just clean up the board a little bit. Okay. >>I'm just going to take my spatula and scrape off. You can also take a damp rag if you wanted to clean it up a little bit more. Okay, so we're done. It looks so good. I'm ready to rock and roll! How about you? >>Oh, I am. Let's go paint the town. Liv, thank you so much. >>Thanks. And there are a lot more birthday cake ideas from the cake experts at the Betty Crocker Kitchens on [chimes jingling] [howdini -]

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You’ll be a total rock star to your kids when you make this very cool electric guitar cake. Professional baker and author Liv Hansen for the Betty Crocker Kitchens shows you how to bake your groove thing.

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