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Princess Knight Episode 1

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I'm coming. Who is it? Excuse me, ma'am, but have you seen a young girl with black hair and blue eyes dressed as a boy? I haven't seen any girls. Help! Help me! Stand me up! Please! Mrs. Ladybug, maybe you can help me. Have you seen a girl dressed as a boy? I haven't seen any girl like that. I must have been searching for her for 12 years without finding her. I wonder how much further I'll have to go. Take that! And that! You won't get me, bandits! He sure can fight. Take that! Get some guts. Come on. I'm not afraid of you guys. Spray the "revealing" liquid on him. What are you squeezing now? This! Oh no! I missed him! Let's all shoot at the same time. If this is a girl, she'll change color. Spray! Let's go! Follow him! Off we go! Gallop away! Will you lift your bum off the ground... Walk, you fool! Oh no, help! I can't see! Where is that rascal? Over here. I'm not coming with you guys anymore. Just look at me. I can say here or here or here or here...ahh, no, here...oh! Tell your master not to send anyone else after me! Let's go, Opale! Prince Sapphire, wake up, it's time to get up, please! Oh! Help! The ghosts are after me, help! Good morning, Garigori. Look how much time you've wasted. More than half a minute. But Mr. Garigori, I haven't been up for long. Therefore you have time to stop pulling my leg? Good morning, Prince. Time to get dressed. I've brought clothes to fit your rank. Hmm? No! What are you doing, Prince? No! Stop, please, Prince! Be good, please! You little rascal, doing this to a woman like me! Where are you going, Prince? Stop! - Good morning, Opale. Are you happy to see me? Now get my clothes. I didn't feel like wearing those outfits. I feel much better in my own. Now I'm comfortable. See you later! Thanks, little horse! My greetings to His Highness and may the heavens protect Him. Our women will know of this land. Greetings. May the sun continue to shine on your fortunes. The prince! Yes, the prince! Lord of the Tenderloin Castle, great horseman deserving of the King's merits the great Duke Jeralmin. Sire, I'm happy to find myself in the presence of His most celebrated person. I, too, am happy to see you. You see each other every day! Snot-nosed brat. I've been thinking about the deer-hunting contest... ...I want this year's to be a great one. But is there enough money for the contest? Naturally, we'll need more taxes. I've already written the Royal Decree. You just have to sign it, sire. Give the Duke the Royal Seal. You can use it to sign for me. Served you well. I'll return later, with His permission. What a tumble, hey Pop? Bye, Pop! Sapphire, you must take your cap off in the throne room. That's better. Now then, why on Earth are you dressed like a poor swordsman? I like this outfit. I'm comfortable, and I can't stand those pompous clothes. Sapphire, remember that you're the hereditary prince. You must behave with more dignity. What are you thinking, turning to me and saying no more than, "bye, Pop"? Why, Pop? What else should I say to you? First and foremost, I'm due a bow. Hey, what's so funny? Oh goodness, I've lost my balance! Duke Jeralmin! Good morning, Baron Nylon, it's you. That snot-nosed prince stopped me from signing for the...

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Duration: 5 minutes and 45 seconds
Country: United States
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Genre: Animated
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Posted by: shadowgirl2230 on Sep 16, 2012

Girl Forced to dress as a guy created in japan and migrated to various countries since

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