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Rumi Nagashima - Tokyo, Japan - Japanese (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~11:19:43 - 11:30:30

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Like 'good morning' — Oh! There's action with this — How does "Good Morning" go? — You pretend to be sleepy. — For "good morning" you go like "hmmm" Good morning! That looks like you're crying. — Okay, so what should we do? —Say 'good morning' — Are we going to say 'hmmmm' too? — Sure Stretch your arms more, more, more and say 'good morning!' ♪Wash your face and have breakfast ♪and after brush your teeth You feel different? ♪Then let's get changed. Today is the kanji exam. And then? ♪Today is the kanji exam so... — ♪let's sharpen our pencils —Isn't this... old? ♪I am ready to go Next is..."Good morning! Good morning!" It feels fresh doesn't it. ♪Good morning! ♪Wash your face and have breakfast and after brush your teeth then let's get changed ♪Today is the kanji exam so ♪Today is the kanji exam so ♪let's sharpen our pencils and grab an eraser ♪I am ready to go ♪I'm going now! Oh! We got it! — That was good! — Great! We can do it! — Right, that was good! — Awesome We have to make a clean copy later. — We have to put it in the guidebook. —Yes! So we have to make it. Yeah, we should. Should we do it now? Okay! — Yeah, let's do it! — Alright then. Let's write this. Good job everyone! Okay, let's pull the tables out — Uf! —Oh my legs.. — Let's do it slowly! — Let's begin. — What's this? That's the remote for the cooler. Can you do it? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 How do we do this? There's a colored pencil... Like this... like this, like this... — Oh I see! — Can you do it? Nice! It's kind of dirty, so we should wipe it. Should I hold it up? No, I'm okay. Sorry — Put it here — Do it like this This part goes... — Then make it straight. — Just like that Then this bottom part... Did you get it? Got it? Here we go Over here, you might hurt your hand. Here we go. Do you wanna put them together? So that we can see each other. — Sure, sure — Rie, can you bring that here? You're strong! Here... There we go. Nagi... What's up? Um.... Did you do the senior project? It was summer break so I didn't have to do it and I was busy with my club practices. What? You don't have a game today? Nagi, I'll give you something interesting. [Can I borrow that?] [Borrow what?] Ah, that's wrong. Hey Nagi... later... later let's make notes so it's easier to make. [Thank you] [I got it from Satsuki] With a pen... Hold on for second With a pen, make this white area... Can you lift up your bags? Thank you so much! — Can you move that way? — Sure Just like that. Yup! Look Rumi! Oh... What's this? It's a... There's this white spot here. Can you color it with the pen here and under here? Only this spot? Right Color those areas... then we'll cut out the different ones later. Cut out? Cut off? Cut out? I'm bad at this. I feel dizzy... Make sure the whole white area is thick. What do you mean by thick? I can't, no no no It's not that hard. What? What's wrong? Well, use this afterward. I mean the Leader and the Senior Ranger. [Clothes?] [It's nice right?] Where are we going? Itoyokado Are we buying something? In the center of Sakai... What? Itoyokado? — Yup — On bike? We're going to Itoyokado shopping? — That's tough — Are we buying cloth? Yes, we're going to buy pre-made clothes — Then how do I do this? — Did you already make the order? This is, "good morning", "good morning" Could you write this? Good, you brought it This is really impossible, right? What is this? Make this part thicker. Right, we can use colored pencils too. I finished. Here... You're coloring this small area right? Can you color over all this? What? What do you mean? Should we use a thinner pen? What's this part? Right Here? Okay Oh! I forgot something again! I gotta go home later to get 1700 yen What? I didn't bring my lunch today. Why? Because I woke up at 9. Come on, bring your lunch. What time did you wake up? I woke up at 9. Rie, what time did you wake up? Around 7? That's so early. What are you doing? Do you have to think? I want to cut off this black area. I want to cut it off but... I want to leave this white area. What about this part? Right? Think about it... How should I do it? Think about it. Is your head okay? The black won't come out. — Won't come out? — I'll get it ♫ Here we go! Hey, how do we make clothes? Which one? Show me! It came out. Here, take it... I got it! Hey, how do I do this? I said you think Not sure. Middle school student! What are you having trouble with? My thinking ability isn't at a middle school level yet. No way 'Cause I'm still in elementary school You really should think about it Right now... Right now, she's becoming an adult I think. She's more mature than you guys. Hey, how do I do this? Think about how you do it. How? You think about "how". Like how? Let's do it like this. So, right here... Rina, I don't think I can finish this We have to leave this part and this part. Yeah, but we don't need this one... this black part. What we want is this part here. That means that if we cut here, there's nothing left Right? So, we need to have a part which connects with the main board. Which means... There has to be parts you can't cut What? Do you get it? Not really. Whaaat? Whaaaaat? What, really? Do I really have to explain this to you? Yup, I don't get it. You are lying? I don't get it. But you... you're a senior right? So, for example... when I draw a circle here... just like this one the middle is colored with black. but I want to leave the center like this. Right? I want to leave the center... I want to cut this part off so if I cut this all this hole will be gone right? So we have to make a path that goes through this path So... You can't cut here.. Do you get it? Which means... Where can't I cut? Get rid of this Then... Here, cut it like this If we do like this then it's still there Oh... Got it? That means make parts you can't cut here too Not one, but a lot A lot? Yeah, a lot. It's complicated cause it's not just a circle Then what? 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