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In this segment We're going to discuss fears. And there are many kinds of fears. There's the rational fear of Walking at night by yourself, In a dark place, There's many fears that we understand, A lot of people fear dying, But there are the irrational fears, The fears of being alone, you know, In a place by oneself, in a room, Feeling that people are watching you. Or paranoia's of different kinds, But usually, and I've said this before, That a lot of the irrational fear Is sometimes based on past lifetimes. For instance, when my boys were young, And I used to take them to school, I would be scared every single day, That I picked them up from school That they weren't gonna be there. Why? Because I lived in the Holocaust. And in the Holocaust my children were taken from me. So I had this constant fear, but I... Once I realized why it was there, Once I understood that where it came from, Then very simple I sent someone else to pick up my children. No. At least had a reason with that rationality. And all of us can do that. As a matter of fact, if we take a list of things, That are rational in our fear base, You write it down, maybe we can correlate The different places that are irrational And see if we can somehow draw it back into past life experience. I don't know how many of you know about There are different processes of hypnosis That one can go through to find out Where that fear is based. For instance, A little girl falls into a pool and she is taken out, She may have a fear of water, ok? And as she grows up she may become irrational, Because why would one be afraid of going to a swimming pool, With people around her? Why would one be afraid of water? But the point is : Something happened In her past, even though she was unaware of it as she grew up, or as he grew up, It still remains something as a part of that. There are a lot of people who For instance, have problems with intimacy. And often times, That problem with intimacy comes from things That happened when they were very young. And they had no rationality of it, They had no acknowledgment of it. Somebody touched them in the wrong way, somebody held them in the wrong way, But again, it isn't something that came into, You know, I can understand that. What happens is when things like that happen The mind, in order to tolerate the pain, Blocks the incident out, whatever that might be. And therefore, we have an irrational fear, For something that we have no explanation to. Because our mind is capable of blocking us, In other words, we don't have to get to feel. How many people do we know, that if we asked them about their childhood, That up to a certain age, they have no recollection of it. And sometimes it's because there were painful events that happened in that time. The mind, instead of copping with it, blocks it. And this is one of the reasons That we have many different types of irrational fears. Each one of you, I'm sure has a fear, At least one fear, if you're Scorpio you have more than one multiple choice. But for the most part, we're gonna discuss this evening, The reasons why we have, And what we can do to cope with those irrational things, That sort of plague our life. Thank you!

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