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Top 6 tastiest bugs

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They're munchy, they're crunchy, they're the most delectable bugs people like to eat. It’s Orkin's Top 6 Tastiest Bugs. Number Six, stink bugs. Don’t turn up your nose at these funky smelling insects. Stink bugs actually add an apple flavor to sauces and they're a good source of iodine, so next time you're looking to dip your favorite foods, consider adding a little stink bug to your favorite fondue. Number Five grasshoppers, crickets and locust. You should jump at the chance to try these awesome sources of protein. They come in all different sizes and varieties, so you're certain to find the perfect cricket for your curry or that savory grasshopper for your stir fry. Mmmm! My legs start rubbing together just thinking about it. Number Four, ants. Forget about the ants in your pants. Think about keeping ants in your pantry. One hundred grams of ants provide more protein than an egg, plus calcium and iron and they're low carb. Ants are perfect for your next picnic. Number Three, bees and wasps. Indigenous peoples of Asia, Africa, Australia, South America and Mexico eat bees and wasps while they're still in egg or larval stage. Bee brood taste like peanuts or almonds and some say wasps have a nutty pine flavor, so technically, you can have your honey and eat your bees too. Number Two, butterflies and moths. Nothing tickles your tummy like these succulent winged morsels. A favorite in African countries, these help provide protein and iron to supplement diets that are deficient in nutrients and with a good butterfly net, they're much easier to catch than fish. Before we reveal our number one, make sure you call the number one name in pest control, Orkin. If you have any questions or concerns about bugs or pets in and around your home, your Orkin man has pest control down to a science. So finally, it's time to serve up number one of Orkin's Top 6 Tastiest Bugs and that honor goes to beetles. Yes, after a hard day sitting at a computer, you come home wanting a hearty meal you can sink your teeth into. Well, consider a delicious gourmet dinner that includes longhorn, June, dung and rhinoceros beetles. You don't even need to run to the grocery store. Just turn over a log or pull some bark from a tree and voila! You have a free package meal. These beefy bugs are popular throughout the Amazon, Africa and other heavily forested areas due to their high protein content. And if you're looking for a different kind of snack next time you go to the movies, some Native Americans have even roasted them over coals and eaten them like popcorn. Hope you've enjoyed our Orkin's Top 6. Please feel free to let us know what you think or even share your favorite insect recipe. Until next time, happy crunching.

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Top 6 tastiest bugs

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