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Rav Berg Tisha B'Av 19870208 edited 2017

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To begin with in as much as from a Kabbalistc point of view the word "tradition" does not belong to the lexicon of Kabbalah! Consequently, tradition as it is commonly understood, is something that relates to the past! And therefore the custom of Tisha B'av, unfortunately, and almost we might say corruptly, has become related to the fact of that we've lost a temple, a holy temple, on which we mourn but what is there for those who are here in the present. Is this nearly a day of mourning because the Temple once in this prime existed? whatever that meant! And now is no longer here with us, and therefore, as a tradition, we mourn the destruction of the Temple! That is tradition! And as I would like to repeat again: The word "tradition" is not part of the lexicon of Kabbalah! Consequently, I am sure that the question that you'll all raised at this moment is: "Then what are we all doing here?!" Doing something! Getting together! It almost appears that those of you who might be familiar with the tradition that we are doing as almost about the same thing that others do. However, there is going one basic, essential, fundamental difference: And that difference is that we have come here tonight for us! For us! Not for the fact that the destruction of the Temple, or to mourn the Temple, because mourning the Temple is mourning for materialism, in a way, in a sense, and to disturb ourselves a bit, if we are to understand The Zohar, The Temple was never destroyed in the first place. Consenquently, you now have a second question that you want to raise: Then really what we are doing here tonight if The Temple still exists?! This particular day is the day when the desire to receive the desire to receive, the vessel, is as, in a physical sense, in this physical corporeal world, exist as the greatest potential for drawing of energy. The greatest potential for drawing of energy! It is the greatest vessel, the greatest Kli, the most intensified vessel that exists amongst any of the 365 days of the year! We can compare this day to other days as we might compare the 5 watt bulb to a generator! A generator has a greater capacity of drawing energy. A 5 watt bulb has a very limited capacity to draw energy! So this particular day, this day drawn more energy, because of its capacity draws more energy than any other day, on this terrestrial level! On Yom Kippur, we leave this domain, we leave this domain, we are not supposedly existing! That's if you are doing it right, or you know how to do it right, but you are supposed to have totally exchanged this physical corporeal level for what we call the cosmic Binah level, the place where they hand out life for the year, There is a store: called the Binah Store! That is where on Yom Kippur we all line up with our 99% awareness, not the 1%, not the one, not the aspect of what the psychiatrist say we usually operate with. That 5% level, but that 90% level of ourselves who are totally aware of what is going on, and we go up there on Yom Kippur to reach out for energy for life of the year. We leave this terrestrial level! On Tisha B'Av we come down to the level of in fact increasing, attaching ourselves to that physical corporeal aspect of this universe called Earth, which has one particular characteristic of which I am sure you are all familiar with: It is known by its name "gravity". Earth has a power to draw to it self! Earth has a power to attract to it self! No greater force, no greater force in the universe can compare to Earth! So on Tisha B'Av, we are told, it is true: It is a day of mourning! But it is a day of mourning for those who do not know how to connect. It is a day of mourning for those who can not connect to the Holy Temple, which exist this very moment! For all of us, to make use of it! This day! When the desire to receive, the drawing energy, is at its highest point far greater than any atomic reactor will ver achieve, it drawns that kind of energy, however, if the vessels are not prepared, if that desire to receive, that greediness is not purified, meaning the aspect of restriction and everything that you have studied in Kabbalah which is necessary for creating, like a filament in the bulb, the aspect of restriction, if we do not make use of that kind of restriction, if we do not avail ourselves of the vessel that is there, whether we like it or not! And if those sages didn't learn the rule of "Love thy neighbor!" That was the reason for the destruction of The Temple, It is because they forgot that on this day of Tisha B'av when that energy is here, it flows whether we like it or not, because this day is that kind of vessel of drawing energy connecting with Maschiach, connecting with that revelation, connecting with that power of conciousness that when we go back tomorrow, in the following day, in next year, in three years, in ten years when things are always in a mystery, when we understand so little of what is going on around us We have so little of knowledge of what things are going on, in our immediate life or in the life surrounding us. We want to have a better perception, a clearer understanding of what's going on around us! That is this particular day!

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