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A public apology

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Since the current fashion seems to be for making abject public apologies for harmless offhand remarks, I have an apology I'd like to make. It's a bit embarrassing, but sometimes a person just has to do the right thing. As most people know, British establishment politicians will go to the most humiliating and revealing lengths to derail or to sabotage democracy in order to keep us imprisoned in a money-sucking anti-democratic federal dictatorship against our will. And recently I was listening to a typical speech from David Cameron on the European Union, and I happened to remark that, typically, it was almost as full of weasel words as a typical speech from Miliband or Clegg, the other two losers - I mean leaders. However, on reflection I've realised that to call them weasel words is actually a gross and unforgivable insult to weasels, for which I now apologise unreservedly. I also apologise to any stoats, ferrets, or polecats who may have felt included in the insult, but not to parliamentary polecats, obviously. I don't apologise to them. Oh no. I've done it again now, haven't I? I've inadvertantly insulted polecats in a quite unforgivable way by morally equating them with British establishment politicians. Sorry about that, polecats. Although, to be honest, while I'm here I might just as well apologise now in advance to skunks and to snakes, as well. Oh, and to rats too. Yes, I apologise to plague-carrying rats for morally equating them with British establishment politicians. I also apologise to cockroaches, to lice, to tapeworms, all noxious and deadly bacteria and viruses, all flies, and their maggots, and to all carnivorous plants. I think that covers just about everyone, but if any disgusting predatory life form feels left out, I apologise to them as well unreservedly for morally equating them, however peripherally, to British establishment politicians. Nothing deserves to be insulted like that, not even the surface slime that forms on a tank of untreated sewage in the sun, to which I also apologise unreservedly.

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Posted by: patcondell on Nov 14, 2014

A bit embarrassing, but it has to be done.

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