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The Origin of the Universe - Justnowism

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Everything came into being the instant this video started. Welcome to existence Now you may be a bit skeptical of such a claim. You may thing I'm playing a little joke. But I'm not. The universe is now 28 seconds old. Hold on you say. I know the universe is older than that. I have memories of my entire life. And there is a written history that goes back thousands of years. Unfortunately, it is all a trick orchestrated by me. Who am I? I'm not cdk007. I just created him as well. I created the universe exactly 76 seconds ago and designed it to LOOK old. Those memories you have... I planted them in your mind. All the photographs you have... Created them myself. Your relatives are not REALLY related to you. I simply created the memories so you would all think you were related. I even created your DNA to make it look as if you WERE related. Have any scars? I created those to go along with a traumatic memory. Belly buttons... All part of the plan. But hold on you say. What about all the scientific evidence that says the world is old: Bodies in cemeteries... I buried them. Fossils in the ground... Burlied them as well. Pyramids... The Great Wall... Stonehenge... Me, me, and me. Radioisotopes... Balanced them all by hand. Distant stars... Placed the photons in route to earth so you could see them. I created people in all stages of life: Some in the process of having sex... Made some women with fetuses in their uteruses... Even some in the process of childbirth. Most people I made middle aged. I even made some people just about to die: Some in the process of being hit by cars... Others with bullets about to hit them... And others in comas hooked up to life support. Why? Because I can. (and it makes things look more realistic) Some people I placed in prison.... and planted evidence and memories to make you all think they comitted crimes... which of course they didn't. And what about all the books... Movies... and music? Again, all me. I actually created every video on Heck, I created the internet. Now there are many people out there who are going to deny what I'm telling you. I made them that way. Some are scientists. They actually think they can use logic and reason... skills I programmed into most of your brains... to figure out of the universe. They have fallen completely for my trick. To be fair I did make them that way. But I'll still punish them for it. The others are the religious. I planted a series of books amongst the billions I wrote, in which I claim the universe was created differently. Some people devoutly believe these books are 100% literally true. Others will spend their lives lying to you to pad their wallets. Don't be fooled. This video describes the true origin of everything. And if anyone refuses to accept the truth... I will be forced to torture them for all of eternity. Why? Because I love you all. Now some of you might be thinking, this was a nice trick, but this is not the first time I've watched this video... and the universe cannot be created more than once. Actually, this IS the first time you've watched this video, any others were a planted memory. Now I want all of you watching, to help spread this good word. Get this video seen by as many people as possible.

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Duration: 7 minutes and 16 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: cdk007
Director: cdk007
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Posted by: plommespiser on Dec 2, 2009

The new religion is called Justnowism.

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