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D3241_A1_11 (18) 04-2018

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Snap the upper end of the heater tube into the clamp of the holder for the heater tube. Push the heater tube against the stop of the holder for the heater tube. Slide the holder with the heater tube over the guide rod into the tuberator. Rotate the holder, and position the heater tube such that the side with the darkest deposit is visible. Insert the ASTM color standard into the tuberator. On completion of the test, compare the darkest heater tube deposit color between 5 millimeters and 55 millimeters above the bottom shoulder with the ASTM color standard. Only rate a deposit if the area is greater than 2.5 millimeters squared and the width of any axial that is longitudinal-- streak or spot-- is greater than 0.8 millimeters. Figure A1.1 of the written standard provides an illustration of spots or axial streaks with an area equivalent to 2.5 millimeters square. When the darkest deposit color corresponds to a color standard, that number should be recorded. If the darkest heater tube deposit color being rated is in the obvious transition state between any two adjacent color standards, the rating should be recorded as less than the darker-- that is, higher number standard. In the event the heater tube has deposits which do not match the normal color standard colors, use the following rules for rating with reference to standard terms. One, if the deposit is peacock color, rate this as code P, but also rate any deposit that shows normal deposit color. Or two, if the deposit contains an abnormal color, rate this as code A, but also rate any deposit that shows normal deposit color. Remove the rated heater tube and return to its original container.

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D3241_A1_11 (18) 04-2018

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