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Workstyle Freestyle 019 - 'Carers'

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And... ACTION! Hello Hoxbies! Welcome to Workstyle Freestyle with me, Alex Hirst. And with me, Lizzie Penny. So, today we are talking about... We're talking about... Carers. Carers. An under-represented group. And something we feel passionately about as part of our work without bias cause channels, so, should I throw some stats at you, Alex? Throw them at me, I'll see if I can catch them. Be warned, they are depressing. So firstly, there are over 79 million carers in the world. Phew... And yet, only a quarter of companies have a policy for supporting employees who are also carers. And particularly bleak, More than 600 people are forced to leave their jobs every day in the UK alone, in order to look after a loved one or because they find the stress of trying to balance work and care too much. So we know that these are people who are actually leaving work that both earns them income and that they might find fulfilling, and enjoyable, and gives them a sense of identity, because they just can't fit it around their caring responsibilities. That's crazy, isn't it. And also, from what I've heard there are... that's only the sort of 'quantified' number of people who say they are carers, when actually a lot of people are performing a caring role without necessarily labelling themselves as such, or even placing themselves in that category. So I'm sure that the problem if you like, or the group is even bigger than we know it to be as well. So it's a huge, huge issue for the workplace. And for the future of work - for us to resolve. Yep. Which we will! So if you want to join us in our campaign to resolve it, using the hashtag: #workwithoutbias That's what Hoxby is all about. And help us to change the world for the better. See you soon. We've been Workstyle Freestyle, we'll see you next week! Bye! Bye!

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Posted by: jeslee on May 31, 2019

Alex and Lizzie share their insight into the world of work for carers

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