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[Episode] 'War of Hormone' MV & Photo shooting

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JH: Hello this is the "War of Hormone" (JK: Hello Jungkooke-) J: Hello I'm Jin J: This is our first group photo shoot JH: The location is Itaewon JH: Itaewon Freedom! [For the sake of the "War of Hormone" concept photo shoot..] [Bangtansonyeondan has come together at Itaewon] RM: I can't get used to having my bangs down RM: I can't open my eyes well JH: I can't blow the balloon JH: Can I do stuff like this? JH: I can? JH: I can make the balloon now that the photo shoot ended J: Suga told me to stop being so serious J: Ooh too inappropriate JK: Let's both just use 1000 won each [Caught it!] [It's falling..] JH: What is it? (x4) JM: Why can't you catch it?! JM: Can you give me 1000 won? (x2) JM: Now~ V: Our concept this time, is about a pretty girl walking by JM: A pretty girl? RM: I want to ride that subway and go home RM: When I first came to big hit, I used to commute all the way to Shinsa station [Celebrating the happy memories of commuting...] JK: It's the front of exit 7 of Shinchon station RM: It wasn't Gangnam station? S: My car has 8 wheels RM: It's my first time shaving like this [For the sake of being reborn into a real man..] [Please share the shaving cream with your skin] RM: Don't ever eat shaving cream JM: This is me coming to my girlfriend's house to check whether she was in or not JM: But since I don't have a girlfriend.. I don't know how to do it.. [A man without a girlfriend] JH: We have to show what we would feel in this kind of situation [Kind of like a "My neck hurts" feeling] JH: For the sake of being mannerly, don't spread your legs JK: Hello I'm Mr. "Spread legs" [Photo shoot finished!] JH: here! English town! RM: We are filming the music video for "War of Hormone" RM: It's hard RM: There are solo shootings, and I'm trying to decide what to do [But I am a ready man] RM: What should I do? [The rehearsal is very important!] [War of Hormone MV, recorded in one take] JH: This is my car JK: Ah this one's going to take a while S: This is hard [Rehearsal Start!] JH: Probably won't succeed on the first try.. RM: I don't think it's going to work.. [A connected shooting in the rehearsal] [Has to quickly get to their positions according to the next situation!] S: I was running really fast... S: and I didn't know how to get around S: Just now I had to run in like this [Has to keep looking at the camera while busily running around] JH: We failed right from the start (S: Ah this is really funny) [A one take recording that doesn't forgive even a single mistake] JH: It's a one take S: I can't see S: Ah Jimin said he got it wrong! Jimin said he got it wrong! JH: That was so sudden [Shooting, acting, and choreography all have to match up in one take] S: Ah I messed up my gesture S: I think I get it now, I'm getting the feel of it V: A present~ RM: I think we got it RM: But if Jiminie comes to me right now and says "Ah hyung I got it wrong" RM: I'm going to drown in anxiousness RM: But I think it was perfect JM: I got it wrong... JM: Just kidding!~ [Jimin's perfect finishing shot!] JH: Taking care of your bangs is a necessary life skill [The finale is at the gym because they are men] J: The color is turning out so pretty J: Honestly, I'm really excited to see how this MV will turn out S: This is the end of the song S: This is the last one S: Right now the time.. S: has not passed 9 yet S: This is the first time [The first time they finished shooting early] [The members are so happy they could fly] [Please give lots of love to Bangtansonyeondan's "War of Hormone"!]

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[Episode] 'War of Hormone' MV & Photo shooting

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