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The Last Song

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(Father voicing) Dear Ronnie, Please know that none of what happened between your mother and me had anything to do with you. I hope this summer will give us a chance to reconnect. (boy) Dad! Jo-boy. (boy) You live ON the beach? That is AWESOME! (dad) How's she doing otherwise? (mom) You heard she got into Juliard, right? No. She says she's not going. [piano music] Look, I got bacon here, we got breakfast... She's vegetarian, Dad. Since when? For a year and a half. It's ridiculous. Did you and Mom ever think about getting back together? Your mom's about to get married. So? You have dibs. You married her first. (guy) The word is you're from New York. So what are you doing down here? My mom shipped me and my brother to my dad's for the summer. (boy) We'd better maintain visual contact. Your sister just got kissed. It's all over her face. No it's not! You got kissed. Hey. she was kissed - take a good look! No, no. [music: "When I look at You" - Miley Cyrus] ♪ A beautiful melody ♪ ♪When the nights are long ♪ When did you become so mellow? As soon as I got out of New York City. No one's made me feel like you do, Ronnie. We make mistakes, we're not perfect - any of us. (girl) I'd probably talk about this with a girlfriend, if I had one here, but I don't. Oh, do you want to talk? Yeah. Let's talk. ♪When the waves are flooding the shore ♪ ♪And I can't find my way home anymore ♪ (dad) Sometimes you have to be apart from people you love, but that doesn't mean you love them any less. Sometimes it even makes you love them more. ♪...when I, I look at you ♪ Stop smiling like that. It's creeping me out. Is my smile creepy? Let's see it. Kinda. ♪ When the waves are flooding the shore ♪ [captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Jan 26, 2010

The Last Song Movie Trailer with captions

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