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Peter Joseph Blog talk radio (extract).

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Blog Talk Radio Hello everybody this is Peter and welcome to the February 17th 2010 weekly radio address at least I try to make it weekly as I'm sure people have noted this I have some scheduling problems so I've done my best to be as consistent as I can, unfortunately whit the development of the Zeitgeist day and of course the new film my time has been all over the place I've been having a bit to much traveling it's been exhausting but I apologize for the break in between all this I do believe the show has a lot of value and I'm trying continue to be as consistent as possible even when I am traveling is just the integrity of things ??? when I'm somewhere else and try to interface whith ??? to be done at blog talk radio to make it happen but anyway I hope everyone out there is doing god I have a few quick announcements and then I'm gonna go through long away the questions that have been ┬┐sitting? on the forum for two weeks and then we're gonna have Jaque and Roxane on for the second ??? and they'll be talking about... I think the world tour a little bit and also address some ??? questions to them as well, and anything else they want to address it's been a tiring past few months, I apologize if I'm a little lackluster but I'm ???? happy with the way things has been going with the settling aspect as I said before the movement still very much in its infancy those of you that are coming to this those of you that are new in other words you might say... well what's going on how do I involve myself more actively and it's important to point out that the teams are in existence we have teams ??? developing which you're gonna get more serious as we move forward as more people come to the surface that can serve organization or roles My biggest focus as of now has been the chapters and we have some great progress and we started Finland and Japan and a bunch of great countries to our international list and after the chapters stabilized we're gonna move into more focus with the teams and you guys have heard me talked about this so I wont go into the different angles of the teams and what their purpose is but please remind that at this stage in our communicative process we're still collecting people and trying to get things organized this movement isn't really functional in the sense that I would like it to be yet so I understand this frustration but... just relax and roll whit it, the collapse of the global economy is not stopping anytime soon and we're gonna be catching our breath many times over the course of this transition.

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Posted by: josesito on Mar 1, 2010

Peter joseph blog talk radio (extract)

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