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How the Wali/Saint can becomes Syed (سید)?

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Duration: 55 seconds
Country: Pakistan
Language: English
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Posted by: theallfaith on Jul 12, 2010

Answer: Believe it that the Wali/Saint achieves higher rank than a Syed. He even enters into Ahl-E-Bait. Syed cannot enter into Ahl-E-Bait. Wali/Saint enters into Ahl-E-Bait. Wali/Saint through spiritual entities gets nourished by Hazrat Fatima Al- Zahra (as). She (as) calls him light bearer (Noori) & attender (Hazoori) son. He is to be called light bearer (Noori) & attender (Hazoori) son. He is nourished by them and enters into Ahl-E-Bait.

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