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Secretariat (2010)

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(woman) In frenzied excitement, he eats up the ground... [galloping hoofs] ...He paws fiercely, rejoicing in his strength. And charges into the fray, afraid of nothing. [starting bell] When the trumpet sounds... [thunder] (man) Our father's farm has been losing money for years. To run a horse breeding operation, you need a certain touch. You're a housewife. (woman) I feel like I could make something work. (hostess) Miss - this is a gentleman's club. Miss? I need a good trainer, just to get things stabilized. (man) You need Lucien Laurin. Races like superfly. He's tried to retire. (Lucien) Fore! I'm tired of babysitting half-ton animals who are as stubborn as their owners. Any other questions? (woman) How much did you spend on that hat? How would you like to see a horse being born? Have you ever seen that? (woman) What? A colt stand up that fast? Well, Mr. Laurins, what do you think? I think he eats too much, he lays against the back of that starting gate, like he's in the Caribbean,p (woman) Secretariat is not afraid, and neither am I. (announcer) Horse racing not forgiving for housewives... (woman) Just like every other million dollar gamble, we housewives make every day. [chuckles from crowd] Alright then, lets show them what you're made of. (Lucien) We're out of time. (banker) You need six million dollars. (woman) We just lost a race that we could not afford to lose. You're guaranteeing that this horse is going to win the triple crown? Three races, three states, in just five weeks. Hasn't been done in twenty five years. You're that sure, huh? (woman) I'm that right. She scares me. (woman) Good. Hey, there's mom! Now that you've gotten their attention, every owner, every trainer, every darkie out there is going to be trying to bring us down. This is about life being ahead of you. And you run at it. (man) You're about to see something that you ain't never seen before. [galloping] [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Sep 4, 2010

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