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Q: do you know what your mother had to go through in the camp? Yes, she used to tell us when she was younger and we used to get together, all her children and relatives. She used to tell us how she got here how things were for her here how she served her term how she was released and what was then all that situation with her she used to tell us. I don't know how to tell... I can tell you that if truth be told, she never when she got released, she never wanted to go back home, because something was here that would keep her here Mom, do you remember you used to tell me that you didn't want to go back home when you were released? And that you met our father? And... do you regret of anything? Do you regret that you were sent here? I regret, regret that... It used to be good... Your life with our farther you mean? Yes, we had a good life. Yes, I remember mom. She always said that she is sorry that our father passed away when he was quite young. He died early. That's what she is sorry for. Other then that she doesn't have any regerets. She used to say that if she hadn't come here she wouldn't have met our farther, that she woudn't have had so many children and there would be no grandchildren. She is of an age when she doesn't remember many things, she doesn't remember when we were born, Granny, do you remember... Stalin? Do you remember Stalin? How can I not remember Stalin? Do you remember why you got a term? I never got any terms... How come you didn't? You were sent here by Stalin, why? I don't remember... She doesn't remember, I told you... Do you remember how many children have you got? How many... give me a minute... Many, dear... -Many? - Many... We are many of us and we had a household... a big one, ours... was... all ours... Yes, you had a household... I remember She said that there was a fire on the field and they were very hungry and they got together and decided to go and get some wheat. So they did and they got caught. And not only her. Do you remember auntie Olya Stakh? Auntie Olya Stakh. Remember auntie Lyuba Sivak? They all have passed away already. They are gone. They were those who were here together with her. So, for 3 kilos of wheat... Such a good flat they gave me... Yes, a good flat... yes... So, for 3 kilos of wheat she was sentenced to 10 years. House? It's already got old... (translation) (translation) Q: How far is Altai? Altaisky kray, Smolensky region, Novoderyzhkino village Where Biysk is Novosibirsk... from there... How many rooms were there? (translation) (translation) There was a separate dining room? Yes, every room was separate... (translation) She said that she had relatives there. She had brothers there. Her mother was then still there. She used to go there for vacations but Well, I don't know why but she says that she grew to these lands yes, she had grown to these lands. I like working... I love working... Mama, do you remember you told us that your farther was a chairman? Yes, I remember. Her farther was a chiarman. Mischenko. Yes,Mischenko. Mischenko Ivan... Yes, he was a chairman. (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) At the time they were very strict in Russia and it just happened so that her farther left his family completely. And then he was punished for that he was taken down. He was a party member and he was removed from the party. Yes, he was expelled from the party, because he left his family. (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) (translation) do you remember anything from your youthtimes? (translation) I don't remember now... Do you remember what year you came here? I don't remember... And how old were you then? I am 80... No, when you came here? No, don't remember... Were you young then? Of course I was young. You are a veteran now. Who? A veteran, a retired veteran. (...) Do you know how much I worked, dear? I know... She says everything we had was for work... We used to sing all the way We sang a lot. (...) with songs always... (...) but now I am all alone... Why are you alone? We are here. You have us. You are always with us. You are not alone. Not alone, but I am alone... I live alone in this flat. (...) They bought me a flat and brought me... Do you remember your house? What was it like... that one? I don't remember... Do you remember you had a household? The household... we had it there... a household... pigs... everything... pigs and... we had a big household there... in Bardoe... (...) but we don't have Yes, now we don't have... Times were different then... (...) We used to sing on the way to work... and... Was it better then? Mom, was it better? It was much more better then. We used to sing. (...) (...) And now... what... Lost everything... I have everything... I have a house. They come to me... No, there is no house any more more there, the house was too old... No, not there. I mean the place I live now. You come here right? Yes, I do. (...) You see now she says it was better then now. And those times were better for her. We used sing... Look, workers are coming... The are meeting us... Workers are meeting? Yes. Were there many people? A lot... there were many children... and now... (...) They are all mine. All are mine. (...) (...) It's hard for her, he gets tired... (...) She sometimes has moments when she doesn't remember... how many children she has got... Do you remember how was then? Yes. I remember... The allotment? Yes, it was big... (...)

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