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Odin the Cat - Animal life after death

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Forgetfulness - Odin the Cat I was a- a cat, in this world and my name was Odin and as you have heard probably, we are beings we are aware, we experience much more than human beings do actually we communicate with 'all' the other animals of the world inside ourselves so even the universe as with human beings exist within us as us so we have interdimensional communication and that's how we communicate, we communicate interdimensionally you can say telepathically but it's not that is telepathically it's just that we understand that the universe existence within ourselves and we are responsible, for existence as ourselves and that's exactly what we do and we're here now to support mankind and that's what we do oh! ok so, forgetfulness it was asked with the request of coming through and communicating forgetfulness is- an interesting phenomena! because, it's strange I mean, are human beings able to remember their experience when they were three or four years old? question? probably not not, hey, hum, not remember exactly what happened when you were, two years old three years old? four years old? every single day of that here? that from that you turned two? until you turned three? no! people don't! they forget that is strange right? and, I looked at that well I am looking at this now when I am speaking to you is that- a mind can only contain so much information and when you experience something, it becomes a memory but then, your mind becomes too clogged, with memory! information and that memory requires to disappear so how does memory disappear? they evaporate! they evaporate so you are asking me probably how did they evaporate? they evaporate because we are not present with that memory what hold memory together but us? what hold- everything together but us? so you had some memories maybe in your Life let's say you have a- relationship with your current fiance you'll probably remember the first date you heard the music that played, then you had- your song why? because it is an experience that you use to define yourself by you require that memory to hold on to because, that is part of you! and you require to remember it because it brings forth that experience of love and appreciation, and it's just a nice feeling when you go: Oh honey do you remember how we met? do you remember that beautiful day, night, evening? the song that played, the words but you don't remember when you are two or three years old why? because, you are not that anymore you are not that experience anymore you are not that- that point anymore when you were two or three years old you're not who you were when you were two or three years old have a look please so that's what- why peop- why beings forget when they die, it's the same thing because when you die you're not that memory of who you were on earth and that memory starts fading away because you are not present as that memory you're not present as an experience but we are working on it to be honest we are seeing how we're able to maybe- bring all the information here because certainly, although it may fade away we're here and that memory is us that existed, but we are not defined by that memory so maybe possibly we must look at where have we defined ourselves according to memory because if you defined yourself according to memory the best way to assist you in not defining yourself according to memory is to have it fade away so, now so- just maybe here is that in terms of the common sense in that perspective that if you would have, check that memory of you as a baby in two years old with you- always would you have expanded yourself in awareness? would you be who you are now which is still be the baby because you are still holding that memory of you as a baby inside your head! simple! so that's me that's what I would say describe forgetfulness as memories fading away, and your Life is but! a memory when you die, seriously it's really a memory and you are not as that memory any more and that's why it fades away when you die thank you very much, we- we are working on it and probably would get some more updates- as we go along because in terms of the process, of who you are who you've become and who you are right now that is important, then that's why I say information is important but not memory thank you very much ok bye More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: PW Botha, Rumi, Janis Joplin CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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