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NEW WorldVentures Presentation by Matt Morris 2013

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Hi thanks for taking a few quick minutes to watch this video in the next few minutes I'm gonna share with you an entire world the travel you probably never knew existed I'm gonna show you how to travel at wholesale prices, have a lot more fun in your life than you're having right now and I'll show you how to earn anywhere from next door part time income up to a full time income without having to be a pushy salesperson by following the simple system that you're watching in action right now . Now I got started with this concept almost 4 years ago and It's been the single best business decision that I've ever made Previous to this I own my own business and was doing pretty well financially Challenge was I was stuck in my office 50,60 hours a week and I realize that if I didn't make a change I was gonna miss my children frowing up and when the recession hit I went from no debt to almost a million dollars in debt within about 6 months so I got very open minded to doing something else and because I said yes to what you're about to see my wife and I are now both stay at home parents we vacation to the Greek Islands, South Africa Zimbabwe to see Victoria Falls, London Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Paris, Germany and several other countries paid for with companies travel bonus program and we also earned a heck of a lot more money than we ever have Now if you haven't figured out yet worled ventures is positioned and one of the largest most fun exciting industries in the world travel in just seven years in business we become one of the largest travel companies in the world, then of thousands of customers in 22 countries around the world have purcharsed our product and because of the enormous success of our company we've been featured in numerous magazines and the founders were even named regional finalists and Earnst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award now the reason for the success is simple we have a product that almost everyone in the world wants TRAVEL WorldVentures takes the same bought mine concept that Sam's Club and Costco used to build a membership base a hundred million members but instead of giving you access to saving on products like toilet paper and peanut butter WorldVentures applies it to something we think is a littler sexier Travel Here's how it works we buy vacations and ball 50 500 , we negotiate the price to wholesale pricing pass the saving on to you as a member on many cases you can go on just one of these dream trips and you can save more than the cost of the membership so it just make sense you're gonna have access to hundreds of dream trip all over the world to choose from We do things like 69 dollar cruise every single month we do four and five star all inclusive resort in go on trips all across Europe and the Mediterranean trips to Asia trips across North and South America amazing cruises ski trips Spring Break packages you can do African safaris fishing trips adventure trips major sporting events like the Indianapolis 500 the Final Four in the Masters Tournament we have trips for every budget and every schedule if you have a calling to make a difference in the lives of others we even have voluntarism trips where you can give back and contribute to those in need we're so confident in our dream trips product worldventures offers you that dream price promise after booking your dream trips if you can find the exact same vacation at a lower price within seven days worldventures will refund your money and send you on the trip for free obviously that's been a major reason for the success of our company but what you'll discover that is way more valuable than the savings is the incredible experience that you're gonna have on our trips we know when you go on a dream trip it's going to be one of the best if not the best vacation experience have in your life now that may sound like a pretty bold claim but I want you to take a look at a few of our last trips to see for yourself Here we are in Cancun It's a blast Everything is taking care of we just have to show up Never a dull moment just cannot devoured you service like no other Nothing compares to what this trip is all right see it when we go on vacation before it always looks like people having bigger fun Now we have a bigger fun it's marvelous I have a big jacuzzi a big bed it's not only a beach trip like this is economical for a family of four the best beaches Beautiful Everyone just enjoying themselves An experience of a lifetime Will never forget this vacation If you're not travelling with worldventures You're absolutely just doing the wrong way As you can see these trips are absolute blast After having gone on several these trips myself with my family I can tell you if all this membership offered was access to the dream trips just from the experience alone it would be worth way more than the cost of the membership and pardon the cheesy salesman cliche here but wait there's more if you need a flight somewhere a hotel room you're gonna have access to a world class booking engine called Rovia where you're going to have the guaranteed lowest price on flights and hotels so if you find the same offer less somewhere else within the same day Rovia Price Pledge will give a hundred and fifty percent of the difference pay back to you in the former Rovia bucks We are also the only major online booking engine that we know of that gives you a saving program we called the Rate Shrinker so if the price of a flight or hotel that you booked through Rovia goes down Rate Shrinker will actually rebook you on the exact same itinerary at a lower price and refund to your credit card the difference As an added member benefit you gonna also gonna have access to a 24 hour concierge service The toll free number can be like Google over the phone Gonna give you driving directions You can do dinner reservations Research online Wake up call service just about anything else that you might want from a virtual assistant You also have access to our dining and entertainment member-only discount program where you can save up to fifty-percent on the things that you're already doing like eating out going to movies bowling get you all change your haircut shopping tons more mean if you just wanted the travel site what we do you can't find it there's travel clubs out there where the membership cost anywhere from 8 to eighty thousand dollars and they don't have anywhere close to the kinda savings that you're gonna have from Worldventures but Worldventures is broken the mold in literally reinventing the travel industry by making our membership affordable to anyone in the world so our product is not ten thousand dollars is not five thousand dollars it's not even a thousand dollars our membership is a one-time fee of just 200 dollars and about fifty-five dollars a month to maintain you can of course cancel anytime but you like many of our customers have been on our dream trips we know you're gonna want to keep it forever and finally to make this program completely irresistible your loyalty is rewarded by turning every dollar that you spend on your membership in the dream trips points redeemable dollar for dollar towards a dream for get away so when you purchase your membership every dollar can be used to book a vacation if that weren't enough where you're refer just four other members Worldventures is gonna waive your monthly fees we call that refer four and pay no more We have people who simply show this video that you're watching right now either online or on a DVD and they get their 4 in their first week we had people who had their four on the same day unlike most direct selling companies that you heard of in the past you don't have to convince people that they need your product everyone already loves travel so they want it the chances are most people that you know would even admit they need a vacation by now I am sure you can see why this concept is spreading like a wildfire in 22 countries around the world become one of the largest travel companies in the world just like Sam's and Costco I personally believe this membership program is gonna grow to millions members around the world just because the value of product makes so much sense now as as additional option you can also become a representative for worldventures for approximately a hundred dollars at about eleven dollars a month you're gonna be able to earn commisions for all the members that you refer all the members they refer and so on no matter how large your membership base grows just a minute I'm gonna show you how our business building system works but to give you an idea of the power of referal program you refer just six other customers in your first months with the bonuses you're gonna earn 570 dollars in less than 30 days for simply sharing this videos with others what I probably love most about our business building system is how incredibly simple the whole program is step one is to get your wings you gonna accomplish that by simply referring four others who become a dream trips life customers when you do that your monthly fees are waived and you're now qualified to earn commission checks every single week step 2 is to get you wheels Now this is where it gets really exciting and this is a major reason why we believe worldventures will quickly grow to become a household name over the next couple years getting your wheels means that you're qualified for a six hundred dollar per month payment to be used towards the purchase or lease of a silver BMW and you think this bonus might only be for the superstars are just for a select few nothing could be farther from the truth in our first year since we roll the bonus out we've had over 1000 people qualify in fact we've had people who qualify for their BMW in their first month by simply showing this video to others here how's it work you can get BMW qualified with as few as 20 new dream trips life members joining your organization in your first month that can happen as an example from you referring 4 and then teaching those 4 to refer 4 to give you an idea of the type of person who can do this let me introduce you just a few friends who are qualified so here's my buddy David he's a 22-year-old college student he qualified to his BMW in only 17 days his buddy Matt qualified a few days later so here they are in their matching BMWs as you can see college students can do this here's my friend Tracy is a single mom who qualified so single moms can do this Michael was unemployed before seeing Worldventures so rather than getting a job he actually started referring others to worldventures he built up a full time income and qualified for his BMW here is Deena who is a stay at home mom with her BMW so stay at home moms can definitely do this here's Craig with his BMW so as you can see even engineers can do this Ronnie worked for utility company retired more than five years early because of Worldventures Here's Megan withe her BMW so hairdressers can do this here is Jerod he was late IT worker Here's my buddy John he was a burn-out sales executive with his BMW gotta love the no job customized plate there so just imagine the next 30 to 60 days he's been qualified to drive his own BMW drive in you dream car is just the beginning you can earn an income which is all based on simply helping other people get their wings and wheels so here's my biggest advice for you in getting started please do not try and go out be a pushy salesperson don't try to explain this concept on your own because the fact is ninety percent of the people in the world do not like to sell so if you go out and try and sell your friends on it they gonna think they have to sell it which we know most people do not want to do if you want to have success here simply invite people to see the video that you're watching right now and let me do all the selling for you and because this video was recorded you can use me 24 hours a day seven days a week I will never take a vacation i will never call in sick and if i do my job right many people you show this to are going to love the concept they're gonna join your team and and they're gonna start referring other members as well as you can imagine we have people who simply followed that system they are now earning anywhere from a few hundred dollars extra per month as part-time income all the way up to a full time income that's given them true financial freedom now that's excited you that's awesome let me just ask you a simple question if all this did was allow you to take an extra one or two vacations a year given your memories that you have for a lifetime wouldn't that be possible without the membership wouldn't it be worth it if all this did was get you into a brand new BMW Wouldn't it be worth it If all this did was allow you to create a residual income that's just slightly higher than your bills giving you freedom in your life Wouldn't it be worth it Folks there are certainly be no income here what you get out of it is what you put into it you may make no money at all and just enjoy the tremendous value of our product or you can end up like many of our leaders have completely changed their life taken several vacations a year who are able to fire their boss you don't have to fight traffic to and from work every day and who are now earning more money than they ever dream they could see the thing is you never know if any of that is possible unless you get started so if you're serious about making you life the most that it can possibly be if you're serious about having more fun making more money and definitely travelling a lot more just follow our simple system of success Number 1 get back to the person who show you this video and let them know you want to get started Number 2 begin sharing this idea with others using one of our many presentation tools like this video it's going to do all the enplaning for you and then finally number 3 is plug into our training and support to build a global business we got amazing training so you gonna be in business for yourself but definitely not by yourself you have access to an incredible support network to help you Again thanks for taking time to watch this video Look forward to meet you in person one day on whenever upcoming dream trips come join us on the beaches of the world

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The New WorldVentures Presentation by Matt Morris is a full overview video on the WorldVentures opportunity. It covers the WorldVentures company information, product offering and it's compensation plan

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