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Minoru Suzuki attempts to eat piping-hot food as fast as possible (English subtitles)

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"Pointless Top Ten" KUME: Good evening. KUROYANAGI: Good evening. Welcome to the show. Come on! 6893 points! Piping hot oden! Yoshihiro Takayama and Minoru Suzuki! #5: Takayama, Suzuki and piping-hot oden Evening. As a dominant heel duo, Takayama and Suzuki lord over the world of pro wrestling. These two have terrorized wrestler after wrestler, and amazingly, they're also good at eating piping-hot food. This oden has been stewed for about three hours, and we're going to have Mr. Suzuki eat some. - It looks tremendous. This... this is... This hasn't been chilled, right? This is the real thing. Let's get on with it. This week's #5... Suzuki, Takayama and piping-hot oden. - Soup dishes are dangerous. - Dangerous? - The soup's gonna fly everywhere. - Oh, I see. - Watch out. - Dangerous for us, you mean. He's going for the fried tofu first. Ahh, he's letting it cool down.. He totally let it cool down just now. Once you grab something, you have to eat it right away. - It's fine. This is my specialty. - Really? He's getting a piece from the back. Just pick it up and eat it. I've got it in my chopsticks. Well, thank you for the food, everyone. It's hot! What? What was that? He definitely said "It's hot!" He definitely said it. That was really dangerous just now! Fried tofu isn't really my specialty. What about this kinchaku, then? The broth has really soaked into it. (NOTE: Kinchaku is a tofu pouch filled with mochi) - I can do that. - The chunkiest piece... - Go ahead. - Thank you. What do you think about these two? They're terrible. That was a farce. Ridiculous. Ridiculous. This will be the end of pro wrestling, then! Bring out the soup dumplings! Piping-hot soup dumplings, Hiroiki Ariyoshi's specialty! The king of piping-hot dishes! Actually, I just remembered, these are more my speed. The soup dumpling is the KING OF KINGS in the piping-hot food world. - Mr. Takayama, hurry up and... - He's going to tap out. Well, then, let's have the champ show us how it's done. It's hot! Sorry, it's too hot to pick up. Ariyoshi's going to become a legend. Here I go. It's in his mouth! Amazing. - Just as we expected. - What a mighty tongue. Mr. Suzuki, you're up next. #5: Mr. Suzuki and the piping-hot soup dumplings! Piece of cake. He's crying, and his nose is running... Shall we continue until someone gives up? - No problem. - I'm fine with it too. - Which one should we do? - Either dish is fine. - That one's easy. - Piece of cake. I'll go with the radish. I'm going to cut off a smaller piece. Get a bite-sized piece. - Can I start? - Go ahead. - A first for the champion... - The piece was too big. Cut it in half. You have to be able to eat it in one bite. No problem. Mr. Suzuki. - Which one? - The other half of the piece I just ate. They're locked in battle. Mr. Suzuki! Hey, don't let it cool down, what the hell? Eat it. Do what Mr. Ariyoshi did. Please go ahead. He's put it in his mouth. Your champion, Hiroiki Ariyoshi! Well done. Next, #4!

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