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Una pequeña historia sobre la diferencia - Tatiana García

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Well, Hello everyone! To begin, I would like to ask you Who remembers? How old were you when you learned to identify countries on a map? 15, over here I was more or less in second or third year of primary school I mean, I was about 9 or 10 years old I'm going to introduce you my oldest nephew, Federico since he was very little we realized that he had very special interests for example since 1,5 years old, he liked to talk about geography North America? Here it is And South America ?, South America? Here very good very good! And what is this Fede? A Big Ben! and that? An Eiffel tower and what is this? The flag of Israel that has triangles What is this, Fede A flag that has a little leave is called Canada from India Where is? this and what is this? The Taj Majal The original video has nine minutes and during this time Federico not only identifies Continents, countries, but also speaks of their flags about landmarks and you can even point to a Garota on the map Or speak like Paisa (Person from a specific region of Colombia with a certain accent) as he grew up we realized he had an impressive memory capacity at three years old for example he was talking about astronomy Fede, and what comet hit Jupiter? Think good! I'm thinking The Shoemaker-Levy The Shoemaker-Levy, All right! And tell me, what are the rings of Saturn made of? Do you remember? think good! I think Yes, I know, ice, rocks and dust ice, rocks and dust? Yeah! Yeah! And you remember, ¿what is the sun temperature? Yeah! Tell me think, think 10,000 degrees (Fahrenheit) 10,000 degrees .... and you remember, how old the solar system is? think good! I think, I think I know, 5 billion years It's okay .... Scientific topics definitely fascinate him And I would dare to affirm, that today, at his nine years old he handle concepts that many of us still don't know or for example someone wants to come and explain What is antimatter? in my house we were happy and why not? while at school they were teaching him to count he already knew how to multiply and even divide just like other kids like to play soccer In the sandbox, with carts, with toys Fede's topic, are the dinosaurs I remember once we were playing And we started to sort a lake, trees all these animals that you see here, because he has a lot and He suddenly he says: you are playing wrong we had not even begun and I was already doing it wrong seeing my face of incomprehension, he said: you put the Giganotosaurus in the wrong place I thought, well If at least He would have said the Tyrannosaurus Rex I would have got it easier he said, aunt, it's next to the tree anyone knows, why the Giganotosaurus was wrongly located? because it's a carnivorous animal and carnivores don't need plants to survive did it make sense that I put it next to a plant? He knows a lot about dinosaurs When He grow up, I think he's going to be paleontologist and in this context of dinosaurs we met Crylo A Criolophosaur today Crylo was naughty But at the same time sweet, friendly, good and he was happy to be as he was what would be his surprise? when he found himself surrounded by leopard seals that looked at him very bad with hungry eyes Hello Friends!, Crylo told them how are you? we don't want to talk to you, you're weird. Crylo felt sad, fearful and threatened. He felt very different He saw the seals playing things that seemed very violent to him or he didn't understand This is a fragment of a fairy tales that Fede wrote last year the truth, he is not the fastest in sports activities involving fine motor skills are difficult to him The truth is anyone who knows me can't judge the child for that I have very bad motor skills and that is in the genetics of my family and like Crylo, many times he doesn't find funny what other kids find amusing and vice versa remembers the story, playing with the dinosaurs now imagine explaining to a child who probably have not heard of carnivores, herbivores, nor omnivores that he is doing it wrong you are very strange, the seals told to Crylo I ask you, What is being weird? weird is ... he, who plays very well soccer or who does not play soccer so well Is the one who talks very loud at the meeting or who remained silent throughout the meeting or just weird, it's the one that is different from me Is that other And like me, don't understand him It's easier for me tag him like "the other", "the weird", "the different" maybe I'm going to tell you something that everyone knows and is... I am "the other" of someone else And if I am "the other" of someone else who said I was entitled over the word "normal"? To say that I am the normal and the other is the different Which leads me to the next question, and is ... What is to be normal? Have you ever asked? I'm going to give you my definition of normal For me, the most normal, is to be different The only thing we have all of us here in common is that we are human Otherwise everyone is in his own world Does this surprise you? I also know, this doesn't surprise you why? Because since we were a kid at school we are taught that we are all different and we have to love and accept each other in University, they tell us about the importance of the diverse teams, to get more enriching solutions Not to go far we have leadership imperatives, we have Lead which talks about maximizing the power of inclusion and diversity But if from theory we are so clear why sometimes we find ourselves discriminating against someone who dresses differently? Who is fatter than me? Who suddenly said something at a time when I had not said it? Why do we behave like those seals that made Crylo feel sad? The principle of all relationships Is respect and accept us But what we often do not take into account Is that the first step to this Is to understand that we contribute from the difference What makes me valuable to me Is what makes me unique And different from the other And likewise the value of the other person is in his difference I'm going to introduce you to another friend of Fede You probably know But first I'll ask you a question ... So you know?, what makes you special? Fede's friend is Dumbo Dumbo had a huge problem A humongous problem Who helps me?, with the Dumbo problem? He had huge ears He had a physical difference, which made him ... The slowest in the circus They did not let him do part of any show because his ears He felt sad, afraid and threatened As we probably have felt many of us In some environment that we consider hostile Which didn't make us feel good Which made us feel like "the weird" of someone else And what happened to those ears? Those ears made him fly Dumbo understood that as he grew up His ears were not going to disappear He wasn't going to have smaller ears But each time his ears were going to become more evident and bigger He was going to become more and more of himself And that was the first step to get to fly Understand that value that is unique, that belongs to us It is what we have to feed, it is what we have to improve Work every day to get to fly Back into the question of ... what makes you special? are you really clear? What is that unique power that will make you fly? In the day to day, we are so immersed in our problems so we forget to look at each other as a person We are results oriented To business And we ignore, at the end the business are made by people We don't take the time to recognize that person That I have sitting in front of me and that adds value to me with his difference at the end is not necessary, or is not enough, sorry if I want to fly and I accept myself, I become more of myself And try to do it if not, also collaborate in an environment where we all feel free and safe to fly ... Suddenly, he encountered a colony of penguins who welcomed him with sympathy Quickly, he found a family with two cute and playful penguins A mom and a dad penguins who gave him love A warm and safe home He would never cease to be a cryolophosaurus But there he definitely felt accepted at the end we are all Crylos Different, and we need safe spaces Like that colony of penguins to be able to fly I invite you all to be a great colony of penguins thank you very much! And now I want to introduce you, the main character of this story, seriously this is for me? Host: Well, I've been following for many years Fede's history All the incredible stories of Fede through Tatty For us is really pleasure to meet you And have him here today, and of course also his mother Please a strong applause for both Tatty we saw throughout the presentation You were reading the book written by Fede Which motivated him, why did he write this book? Fede: Hey, well ... I get the idea that ... To be different And being different is not nothing wrong as we all know Being different is a good thing And something essential Because everyone needs their differences To identify them and enrich a community

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