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Kabbalah 1 - 6

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Hello everyone, welcome to class 6 of the Power of Kabbalah course the subject of this class is the power of certainty and mind over matter we're going to learn one of the most important principles as far as controlling our consciousness and we're going to learn as well in this session unique, Kabbalahlistic tools how to achieve transformation in a deep metaphysical level, in a DNA level so far when we've spoke about transforming our consciousness and elevating ourself to the next level closer to the light we spoke of transforming from reactive to proactive taking responsibility for our Tikkun transformational sharing when we speak about the concept of certainty we spoke about transformation that takes place mainly in our mind is the attitude and the consciousness we attach to everything that we do when we're overcoming reactivity... when we're working on our Tikkun when we're in the midst of sharing... when we're facing tough time... that all speaks mainly about the consciousness but is the seed that'll affect any other action in our life some of the most common, negative consciousness... negative intentions...negative states of mind that causes static in the bottom of consciousness inspite of maybe some positive action that we do is worries... fears... being stressed out... sadness but what all of those negative consciousness stem from one root consciousness of uncertainty consciousness of uncertainty refer to I'm uncertain how my future will be I'm afraid it's going to be bad I'm afraid I'll never shift and change I'm afraid what I'm going through and the mistake I did will never be recoverable consciousness of uncertainty is consciousness of not trusting the light. it's doubting that the light is present at all times doubting that the light is an infinite force of sharing and never stops sharing inspite of mistakes that I've done inspite of pain and [inaudible] I'm going through the light never ceases from sharing uncertainty brings us to a place of doubting that the end all things will be good certainty is the consciousness that in spite of pain and suffering.... in spite of challenges.... I'm certain it's for the good doesn't mean I'm certain what's going to be good doesn't mean I'm certain these business deals will close or not doesn't mean I'm certain that, that's my best soul mate or not but I'm certain the relationship issue will be solved how the light knows...but I'm certain the good is the final outcome I'm certain the prosperity..and the blessings will manifest themselves in my life I'm certain the pain I'm going through will leads toward blessing and transformation I'm certain that the end of the process will be good. I'm certain that the challenge I'm facing... or even the mistake I've done after the fact will lead towards growth and blessings and sweet ending What do you mean? How can you be certain? the concept of certainty is based on very simple understanding that the light is an infinite force of goodness and it never stops sharing so how come we see misfortune? and how come we see negativity? it's very simple kabbalahistically my consciousness is the vessel to connect with the light or not connect with the light my consciousness is the vessel-- in my consciousness I'm saying, "Wow, it's going to be bad! What's going to happen? I'm doubting it!" so I'm blocking the infinite goodness of the light so it can reveal itself in my life but when I'm injecting certainty in spite of things appearing horrible and dark I'm actually having that consciousness to connect in the light and I'm igniting and speeding up the process that the force of goodness will manifest in my life sometimes not all of us are clear what will be tomorrow that doesn't mean I'm not certain tomorrow will be good it's two different things lack of clarity, that's understandable that's part of life...I'm not sure what's the right thing for me to do but please the Light with your help I'm sure the clarity will come... I'm certain that your answer will come while I'm doing my spiritual work... while I'm using the other tools that we learned but sometime we can do action of sharing and we try not to be reactive but in our mind we are sad and worried...and we don't let go we still let the doubt control our consciousness even though my actions are positive, but because in my consciousness I have doubt and uncertainty that things really will be good I'm actually blocking the Light to manifest itself that's the biggest enemy of humanity, the doubt we all have within us and in the way we are doubting the Light, we are doubting things will be good... sometimes we doubting ourselves which is actually doubting the Light because the Light created us with all our imperfection in a way we can manifest our potentional in spite of our imperfection doubting that casts the opportunity for growth and for blessings is doubting the light doubting for every positive action and maximum effort and putting the right consciousness it will bring blessings in my doubting the light... and doubting cause and effect doubting that whatever I'm going through, every difficulty... is a lesson to doubting the Light and that's the route consciousness, that's where actually all negativity and Satan consciousness enter through our mind when that doubt is there one of the natural manifestation of certainty is injecting happiness when I'm truly certain, I also have happiness even though I don't see happy things yet and that's the mistake for most people most people first need happy things to happen then it'll make me happy the Kabbalah is saying, "don't wait for things to happen that will affect my consciousness inject certainty...inject happiness... and that will create the reveal a happy reality" is it matter over mind or mind over matter as the Rothberg has said many times for most people, seeing is believing for the Kabbalahist, believing is seeing the light never stops sharing if in my consciousness I have a doubt things will be good I'm blocking that light...I'm disconnected... I've created a curtain between me and the light we've learned, being like the light...connecting me to the light not being like the light...disconnecting me from the light when I'm uncertain and worried am I like the light? is the Light uncertain about himself, about the infinite blessings and goodness and everything is actually good? and the thought of Creation is only to give and to share even though we don't always see the process so when I have doubt and uncertainty I'm not like the light when I have doubt and uncertainty I am being a reactive being because certain situations triggered doubt in me so I'm reacting... again I'm not like the Light one of the basic indications that I'm not in a state of certainty and I need to wake up is when I'm not present very often when I have fears... when I have sadness... when I have worries... when I'm stressed out I'll be so consumed with what's going to be and how it use to be and now it's this...and it's going to be like this... I'm anticipating and I'm worrying and part of my energy is drained by my focus on the future and the past and I'm not actually injecting my energy into the present I'm not putting my consciousness okay that feels like negativity...what can I do in the present to inject blessings, positivity, proactivity giving, transformation, learning lessons it's okay to have some concern about the future but I need to take them and inject certainty and say, "I'm sure it's good for the good, what can I do in the present to plant the right seeds?" but when I'm so concerned and consumed about the's indication that I'm ruled by consciousness of uncertainty and doubt which Satan is in the process is it always easy to transform from uncertainty to certainty? not at all it's a's the biggest challenge actually but it is possible, if we catch ourself early enough when we fill of uncertainty consciousness... when we fill of doubt... when we fill of our sadness and we say, "no, I trust the process" let's look at nature, again example from Roth Aschberg Roth Aschberg shared with us imagine if you take two trees you planted new trees takes five years for the fruit to be ripe and sweet and after three years you taste the fruit from tree A and you taste the fruit from tree B from tree A the fruit is VERY sour from tree B the fruit is not so sour who would you bet on...which tree would you bet on that would have the sweeter fruit eventually? now it's only three years into the process after five years the fruit is ripe the fruit B which was not so sour, or the fruit A which was very sour? what do you think, physically not spiritually? where will you have sweeter fruit? if you ask a farmer, he'll tell you the more sour the fruit is in the process, the sweeter it is in the end which is interesting the way the goodness of the Light reveal itself in this world from a seed level of birth of any process...of any person...of any fruit of every situation there's a will eventually lead to sweetness to positive great results but in the process it'll have to go through sourness.... through difficulties... through something that will appear the opposite of the final, good ending of a situation positive blessing...positive satisfying fulfillment the opposite...but that's part of the test in this world that's the test we all have, it's a process to go through it we have to go through it, as a child even when we get into the certain age of a teenager the hormones kick in and suddenly we're anti we're against, we're a little strange it's the part of developing our true character parents shouldn't react to this we need to go through a selfish consciousness before we go through a true giving it's part of the process...the fruit needs to go through the sourness before it becomes sweet when you're creating and you're planning a huge project to make a huge difference in the world... in the process you'll have a position... in the process you'll have negativity but it's a test for our certainty when a woman gives birth, in this process there's tremendous pain but with this comes major blessing, a major gift in this world, in the process toward sweetness, towards blessings at these moments when things appear opposite and in our consciousness we cannot give up we cannot forget the Light is in the process even when things appear in doubt, the Light never left but a situation needs to go through a process and in those moments is the test, am I falling to sadness or uncertainty or I'm saying, "no, I'm certain it's for the good it's a fight and me while in the present will continue to do my maximum, physical effort my maximum tools that I've learned about productivity and sharing" for example, you have no money to pay your employees it feels like the business is about to be finish so you're going to sit down and say "certainty is all for the good?" of course not. you'll do everything in your power to recover the situation in a honest, giving, real way but the biggest question you have to ask your in the midst of that process, in the midst working hard to try to recover the situation, where is your consciousness? stress...worry...anxiety...uncertainty? or you know what, I know it's difficult, I know it's almost impossible but in the midst of it, I'm constantly injecting certainty I'm sure it's for the good and I'm sure the good will come out and the good will not necessarily be the good that I expected or hoped it's the good that the Light will reveal itself sometime you might need to let go of the business, but something more amazing will come but when I have the consciousness of certainty, I'm shortening the process from sour to sweet because it's inevitable that the sour will eventually turn sweet but it may also be five life times it might be 20 years...we don't want to be those who say "no, that disease 20 years ago was for the good" we'd like to see the transformation fast and that's our consciousness the more I am able to inject that consciousness of certainty during sour moment or tough moment the faster the transformation I will see in my life towards the good because I'm truly creating a vessel to allow the goodness of the Light to reveal itself Satan, because of some physical difficulties once to cause me to have doubt and uncertainty because he cannot push away the Light, the Light never disappears--it's always there the only thing Satan can push is my consciousness, my true conviction that a force of good is here if we can pause for a moment and ask ourselves, "where is my test of certainty?" for example, you know for me when I'm in financial stress, I become worried and uncertain I know, "wow, that's my test" that's my Tikkun, that's when I need to inject certainty for another person is, whenever I'm getting a little rejection in relationship that's actually triggering my fear, my insecurity, my uncertainty so if each one of you can please pause and write down to yourself where do you have repetitive Tikkun with uncertainty? because the more you're aware, the more you know to come with the weapon of transformational consciousness there's a story, famous story from 2000 years ago with a person named Nachum Ish Gamzu his name was Nachum and they attached the name to him Gamzu which means "it's also for the good" because whenever he went through difficulty and pain, right away before the doubt, said, "I'm sure it's for the good." I'm sure it's for the good and the story said that he was supposed to be the messenger sent by the Israelites to give offering to the Caesar that time the Roman Empire was the ruling force also in Jerusalem it's an important thing, bringing offering and on his way he had to stop at a motel and it was in the eve and thieves were there ask him what he has and he says, "I have some treasure...some gifts for the Caesar" and they say "really?" when he went to sleep, they stole all the gifts and replaced the bags with sand when he came to the Caesar he handed them the gift and the Caesar said, "it's all sand...." what did he say? "Hang that person right away, kill that person" referred to Nachum right away the guards held Nachum to take him towards execution what did Nachum say to himself right away? "[Hebrew translation] I'm sure it's for the good" of course if he could run away, he could... but physically he couldn't do anything but he still knew he had consciousness... I have choice in my consciousness nobody can take away our consciousness people can take away something physical away from us... people can hurt our body... but our consciousness we will always have a choice and he exercised that choice and he said, "I'm sure it's for the good" by saying it, he actually sped up the reality of the good he revealed the hidden good that's always there and suddenly Elijah the prophet, dressed as a man appeared and told the Caesar, "Don't you know? This sand is a gift. It's magical sand. If you throw it in the air it becomes swords against your enemy" you can find that story in books of histories from the Talmud actually and indeed that's what happened this sand was magical sand that made swords he never saw before and he not only released Nachum, he also gave and offered him all the treasure that he could give him for this amazing gift and apologized to him what did we see here? the miracles created through the power of certainty the Light is infinite everything is possible at the moment I'm doubting the goodness of the light I will not see the light in that moment maybe through a lot of pain and activity I'll open up and see the Light but the consciousness of certainty created the miracle... created the miracle in our work...with relationship when facing rejection...when we're going through hard time it's so easy to fall to the consciousness of uncertainty I've seen myself with my teacher and the Rav Berg working on projects to make a difference in other peoples' life and very often there will be difficulties and challenges and I remember that consciousness of the "wow, challenges? Great! It means amazing things are about to happen-- don't give up! Bring it on! this blessing here, but I don't see any blessing...especially when I don't see any blessing" it's not just, "okay let's look at the positive side" "let's look at the half full of the cup" ...there's nothing in the cup it feels dark....there's no light at the end of the tunnel that's the time to inject the biggest certainty is it easy? No. Is it possible? Yes! because there's strength in our soul and if we catch ourself as we fall into sadness...uncertainty effected by the ups and downs of life we can inject that certainty and inject as much we can of happiness even though we don't feel it yet, we'll see results that'll push our consciousness and shift reality, avoid the Light and create changes and miracles in our life sometimes we have a gut feeling about what I should do or shouldn't do and it's just clear to us--we hear the voice, I know it's the right thing to do but then, the voice of logic will tell me " no...not now... not's too risky... let's ask 20 people to validate it..." and eventually we go with logic...tomorrow that's also opportunity to inject certainty when I have a gut feeling, an intuitive feeling, deep inside I know it's the right thing but of course, doubts and fears will come in this particular case, injecting certainty is "go, listen to your gut feeling" it appears like risk, but deep inside you know it's the right thing but sometimes I want to make sure that I'm all secure before I make that move then you'll get nowhere in life what is prophet, people who lived thousands of years ago? we often receive various messages saying "do this" or "don't do that" "call that person" "make that deal" "go ahead" but we want to be so secure that we lose the gift of prophecy and we don't inject certainty...sometimes injecting certainty is following through listen to the gut feeling listen to the voice within Go for it! Don't look for validation! have you seen the movie "Field of Dreams" with Kevin Costner? when he saw that vision of building a baseball field in the midst of a corn field it was the middle of nowhere but he had this message, "if you build it, he will come" and he eventually listened to it and people came from all over each one of us have those little messages of great messages when I'm not following them then I won't actually have the gift to being guided more and more so that's another way to express certainty there's another way the test of certainty manifests itself in life I'd like to read to you a section from the Zohar so I will read the beginning of a story from the Zohar I'm reading it especially in aramaic letters to draw that energy of certainty [reading in Hebrew] the Zohar is sharing with us a story a story of two men walking in the desert and in the middle of nowhere someone appears and asks "do you have any food for me?" and these two guys just had enough for themselves and one person said "yes, I do have food" and for some reason, he decided to give all the food he had to that poor man his friend told him, "What are you doing? You're going to die" "You're not going to have food for yourself and I'm not going to give you my food because if I give you, I'm going to die" so he answered, "Am I supported by your food? The one who provides food is the Light" and then the next verse as the Zohar continues to share with us that the two are walking as the poor man went his way and after a few hours, the person with gave away the food started to feel the hunger, starved, thirsty weak...and his friend told him, "I told you. You shouldn't have given the food" and he continued and eventually the friend with the food left and he fell asleep after hours and hours and he fell asleep and a snake approached him and the snake was about to bite him but in a last second another snake came and killed the first one and he woke up and saw the dead snake in front of him and then in front of him he saw as well two students of Rav Shimon Bar Yochai Rabbi Chya and Rabbi Yossi and they told him a story first they gave him food and told him the story it was written based in your Tikkun that you're supposed to be killed by this snake but there's a rule in the universe the cure comes always before the disease and the Creator sent you the cure what was the cure? the opportunity to express unlimited certainty by giving without knowing how you're going to receive anything in return the fact that you gave away everything to that poor.... that poor was not a real man, that was Elijah the prophet as a messenger he was there to give you a chance not just to give giving is easy to give with total certainty...not knowing when you're going to receive anything back but knowing that, that person came out of nowhere to give you an opportunity to express trust and certainty so when you give and part of this giving is ability to express certainty and trust because you knew it came for a reason in your life you actually change your destiny you created miracles because that level of certainty giving up your life actually gave you back your life the level of consciousness that you raised yourself from where you were is huge and as a result you gained life Kabbalahlistically, miracles are not God's creation if we look at the chart of the 10 levels of consciousness this actually stems from the chart of the 10 sefirot 10 levels of consciousness was the Zohart or the tree of life from the lower level called the "Malchut" which is a code name to the lower the 1% level to the desire to receive for oneself low level to the highest level which the code name for it is "Ketter" and the levels in between Kabbalahlistically, besides these 10 levels represent 10 levels of consciousness within us that we came to this world to gradually ascend ourself each one of them represent parallel universe which the lower one is the lower destiny; the most chaotic destiny but the one above it is more miraculous and the one above more miraculous and more miraculous and more miraculous and all these realms co-existing at the same time so Kabbalahlistically each one of us have potential miracles at every second of our life waiting to be revealed as I'm shifting my consciousness in this case giving and injecting certainty in the time that it's illogical totally beyond my 1%, totally beyond my lower consciousness I've just shifted myself to a higher realm and in that realm, death does not exist... the miracle exists so Kabbalahlistically, in order to wait for miracles to happen to me how can I access the miracle? how can I shift to a consciousness that is much more certain, that is much more giving, much more outside of myself alone? because if I want 'normal life", normal...expected its' living in the 1% and in that 1% it's ups and it's downs and in the end it's more down than up but if I want to go beyond normal, who cares what's logical I want to live all day long by logical most of the day anyways is by logic but all day long? Only when it's logical I'll share? only when it's logical I'll inject trust? Only when it's logical I'll be happy? Only when it's logical I'll be exited to be outside of myself and share with someone? logic ruled by the 1% and by the opponent to inject miracles, I need to create miracles in the same way we say miracles is beyond nature I need to be beyond nature to access the miracles that are waiting for me for each one of us, doesn't matter where we are there is miraculous reality waiting to be accessed by us to all the tools that we learned, when it's an extreme shift-- I'm accessing miracles especially the consciousness of certainty I want to share with you a story from the Bible, from the five books of Moses we know that the Zohar besides the fact it's de-codifying life and helping us understand the secrets of life it's actually going book by book, story by story word by word of the Torah, and help us to de-codify the story and to learn the true secrets and the true lessons reveal the true light behind the story so this story is 7 days after Exodus 7 days after Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt out of slavery celebrating, running towards the land of Israel and here in front of them facing the Red Sea water...and they don't know how to cross no boats that time, no way to cross the water and then they realize that behind them, Pharaoh and Egyptian walk up and realize they made a mistake that we let go of the Israelites we want revenge... we want to kill them...we want to finish them so on one side they see the Red Sea in front of them and in the back, the Egyptian the Israelites started to be scared and begging to Moses "Moses, what happened!: What are we going to do!?" and Moses...the messenger, the prophet connecting to the light, asking to the Light "What should we do?" What is the answer of the Light? [Hebrew phrase] (translation: "Why are you asking me for help?) talk to the Israelites and go ahead--I gave you the tools cross the sea somehow Moses taught the Israelites a powerful lesson so we're going to learn the secret and the depth of that lesson but what happened is, after they learned the secrets that I will soon share and reveal they quiet down, and they started to prepare themselves with the consciousness of certainty that they're going to cross the sea but they had that consciousness and nothing happened any one person, one of the head of the tribes ....started to walk toward the water with total certainty...and only after the water reach over his nose, the sea really parted... and the Israelites went through According to the Kabbalahists' parting of the red sea it is not just the physical parting of the red sea we're spouting our own Red Sea in our life which we face on a day to day basis when things are tough...when things are impossible they injected the consciousness of certainty and had to be manifestation to it had to be jumping into the water and not waiting for the sea to part mind is over matter and not matter over mind but one secret Moses taught the Israelites and that's what I want to spend and talk a little about is about another powerful, metaphysical tool that is unique to Kabbalah The Kabbalists share sometimes I would love to have certainty, but I'm still stuck in worry I would love to be proactive, but I'm still stuck in reactive sometimes it's tough to change in a DNA level our consciousness...our intention...even though we want it's all rooted with us...the consciousness of Satan the consciousness of the opponent that it's almost impossible to say, "certainty!", "give!", "let go!", "be proactive!" we need tools...we need tools that see at a DNA level we can achieve transformation The Kabbalahists teach that the 22 Hebrew letters are not about the language and it's not about religion actually the shapes of the letters the sounds of these letters are the most powerful mantras that ever existed and these letters...and these tools...and these vibrations existed a long time before Abraham it was there from the beginning and in the past people knew those letters were technology to access the light the same way there's a physical DNA there's a metaphysical DNA that we can use that DNA to shift our consciousness what consists of the metaphysical DNA? consciousness How do we access this consciouness? Kabbalahlistically, the Hebrew letters--the 22 Hebrew letters different sequences and combinations of the letters are tools to help us to access different support systems from the Light the secret Moses provided to the Israelites is the secrets of the 72 names of God which 72 powerful combination, none of them mean anything in Hebrew it's just sequence of letters that combine together 72 that stems from 3 verses in the Torah that each one of these verses is 72 letters and when you combine them in a special way you get three 72 names that each one of them has 3 letters and those names, those sequences are antennas that draws down the energy of elevated consciousness energy of miracles energy of transforming ego to humility transforming uncertainty to certainty transforming fear of blockage of abundance to fear unlimited abundance of consciousness of sickness to consciousness of healing each one of these 72 names that you see on the screen represent an antenna to draw down a special support from the light of the Creator the Kabbalahi explains I have to make the maximum effort that they can but I need some tools to connect that's part of humility--I need help I need the rope between me and the light of the Creator I need support system Kabbalahistically, the Hebrew letters, specifically the 72 names of God being used this technology to perform miracles in that particular case as technology to transform the consciousness of answer to deem fear the consciousness of certainty and miracles and when that consciousness shifted and one person jumped into the water and began that process the splitting of the Red sea was already the result Kabbalahistically, one of the most powerful tools to help us to shift consciousness is the letters that channel through the Zohar Kabbalah since the beginning of time, using the Zohar based on weekly energy based on weekly portion as tools of transformation, as tools of raising our consciousness if you look at the chart of the tens feyolt actually through the Zohar we can reach a level called "bina consciousness" the eighth level from the bottom and in that level negativity does not exist in that level caste does not exist...of course using the Zohar without making an attempt to transform ourself to be more proactive... to be more of a giver to have more work on my Tikkun...of course we're not but when I'm truly working on myself, accompanied with using the Zohar to raise my consciousness as a tool to reveal the Light in the world this is DNA technology to affect change in our life in a seed level Kabbalistically , even the presence of the Zohar in a room in a house since the letters are not just physical letters and language they're actually capturing consciousness, able to shift the consciousness of a room... a create protection--what is protection? elevated consciousness when you're around a person with elevated consciousness and you let his energy in you connect to a bubble of protection when youre around the Zohar which not just contains the teachings and the secrets of the Zohar the actual letters...and that's the reason we read in each lesson from the Zohar the actual letters...the actual shape...stand as the eyes and the windows of the soul actually capturing the energy the Zohar talks about not just the intellect the another powerful tool of elevation of raising consciousness...of performing miracles miracles in our lives exist when I'm able to raise consciousness we can raise consciousness in an extreme way, through proactive when I'm so reactive giving when it's very uncomfortable working on my Tikkun when I want to blame the world injecting certainty when I'm so fearful and uncertain injecting happiness and excitement the Zohar...and using the Zohar daily is the most powerful tool to transform consciousness and to create miracles into our own life miracles depend on us miracles are waiting for us to be revealed what homework can we take with us? with all these topics and powerful lessons that we learned during the course of the day, besides all the other consciousness we shared proactivity...sharing....of Tikkun during the course of the day, catch yourself when you fall into uncertainty catch yourself when you're not totally present part of your mind is focusing on something else dwelling too much of what was or the future dwelling and not being so excited something is holding you back...and recognize "Wow! I'm not injecting certainty! I'm not totally present!" "I'm not giving all my energy into the present!" shift that consciousness, catch yourself and you will see actually how it's shifting your entire energy and as a result, attracting blessing and speeding up blessings in your life is it easy? No, it is a process but it starts from making the effort and persevering....all the best

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Kabbalah 1 - 6

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