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The King's Speech trailer, subtitled by PALE students

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My husband is a... Well, he's required to speak publicly I have received, eee,eee Perhaps he should change jobs. And what if my husband were the king? The story first shows that all the Kings have been forced to not follow his owes You know, if someone could deliver direct for you, you would not tend to make speeches. I mean if you wanted to be Henry V then, you know, you are a military leader But not, it wasn't that part in the job description and if it'd come along ten years later, he could have been edited, recorded.. he could've been veiled up a bit What was your earliest memory? I am not here to discuss personal matters Why are you here then? Because I bloody well stammer Do you know any jokes? Timing isn't my strong suit That scene we were sitting opposite each other with ten pages of dialogue and I'm always always part actor and part audience in a funny kind of way watching him great and refined and defined all of the things that would go into that staffering and never once did I see a kind of technique a technical approach to the work of a man acting staffering I constantly saw here's a guy who really wants to say something but can't get it out daddy daddy said Edward's chair ...people don't have the names... ... listen to me, listen to me! why should I waste my time listening... B'cause I have a voice! Yes, you do You know, the thing that interested me most about the stammer is how you can best express I can bring the viewer in to experience what it must be like to try to climb out of that dreadful paralysis However this turns out I don't know how to thank you Birdie, You're the bravest man I know I intend to be a very good queen and you a great king Forget everything else and just say it to me

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Duration: 2 minutes and 18 seconds
Year: 2011
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Genre: Trailer
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Posted by: advancedenglish2 on Feb 7, 2011


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