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Jacque Fresco - Bridging Differences

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- Just speak naturally. - Okay. The methods for bridging the differences between nations that have totally different social systems, values, religious beliefs, is relatively easy. You don't start out by attacking their religion, social customs or beliefs, you only bridge the difference to areas that you have in common, not differences. All the people on Earth require clean air, clean water, arable land, and the necessities of life, food, clothing, shelter, housing, and good education. This is where The Venus Project comes in, this is what The Venus Project has to offer to all nations, the necessities of life. It does not touch religious beliefs or social customs. By getting all the nations to join together in a reconstruction of the restoration of nature, the reefs, the oceans, the rivers, the water ways, cleaning them out, and rebuilding the soil, rebuilding our reefs, all nations can agree to that. But if you start talking about men having 5 wives, or this religion, or that, you are not going to bridge the difference. Even if you go to war, and convert them by religious force, you're not going to really change people, they are going to meet underground. So, the bridge between different nations is what they have in common, not the differences. And that is food, clothing, shelter, clean air, environment. Is that clear? So, if I went to, say, Saudi Arabia, and I was given any kind of opportunity there, I would like to attend universities, and talk to their university professors, who are already halfway there. I would not talk to their political leaders. I'd talk to the university professors by commonality, of the Earth and all its resources, and bridging all those differences, so we need not "require" this territory for Germany, this territory for France, we can open up the Earth, so that all people can travel anywhere without passports, sharing the ocean's (of Earth) resources, not 12 miles out. When you give a country like Africa, say 12 miles offshore, would be their territory, no other nation may fish in that area, they have paid off political leaders, 500 bucks to make them fish on those waters. Do you understand what I mean? It doesn't work. Money buys off the leaders. And they sell out their country. It isn't they don't believe on their country, they're opportunists, most politicians are. And I'm sorry about that. The real way to do it is to concentrate on the areas you have in common. Children become knowledgeable, better behave, well informed, and everybody on Earth grows at the same time. Is there enough... subscribe... thanks!

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Posted by: ltiofficial on Oct 12, 2012

The methods for bridging the differences between nations with different values, religious beliefs and social customs.

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