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Dušan Lazić - Vojka, Serbia - Serbian (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~11:07:54 - 11:53:06

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(tap water splashing) -Are you tired? -A bit. -Do you want some tea? -No, I don’t. Let me see what Sloba is doing. (wife speaking in the background) (on the cell) Hello, Mira, Dule Lazic speaking. What are you doing, Mira, where are you? Oh, you’re returning home from the market. Is Sloba driving? Sloba's driving? All right, I’ll call later. Bye, bye. -What did you want? -Nothing special, just to hear him. I haven’t opened the beehives for a while, I don’t know what the situation is inside. -Why don’t you call Pera? -I’m out of shape, I don’t know what’s happening. I haven’t opened them for a while, haven’t monitored them. -How much work do you have? Dule said that he’ll be here tomorrow morning. -Yes, yes. -He said: We’ll finish that tomorrow morning. -I hope so. -Then you could move it as soon as Monday. -I hope so. They started developing already, it’s no game. I opened them. -Did you open them? -Yes. -And how is it? -It’s just that now you have to add more cord foundations. -Do you have them? -I haven’t got any ready. (phone ringing) I have little time. -You told me you’d do that the whole winter. -I’ll do what I manage. -What about those by the fence? -They’ll turn out to be the best. -You won't move them. -Yes. -Do you need all these photocopies? They’ve been here for a really long time. -Probably not. -I don’t know what to do with them. -She had the originals framed, you can probably throw these away. -I won’t throw them away, I’ll just put them aside. I hope Slobodan remembers to bring us Vrbica. Maybe it’s in the afternoon, that’s probably why the church wasn’t open. -I’m off to the workshop, to get a few frames ready. -What time is it? -Almost 12:30. -Zeljko, show them how to open that door. (doors slam) (truck honks) (dog barking) -Calm down, Aska. (men talking in the noise of the truck) -I’ll move my car. (dog barking) -Good afternoon. -Good afternoon. (dog barking) Don’t, Aska, don’t. It’s OK, unload it. -What? -Unload it. Put it down. (dog barking) -Just put the cotter pin in its place. No, no, wait. Is it OK here? -It’s OK, just so we can go around it. (dog barking) Don't, Aska. (dog barking) Enough, Aska. -That’s it. -Lift it up a bit on that side. -Say hi to Mile. Aska, Aska. Don’t. Here, Aska, here. -What did he do? -What? Like he’d put it on my head. -Please, this is terrible. -I don’t know what to do anymore. -What are we going to do with it? -Nothing. God’s will. -He threw it out just like that. -What other way could he do it? (wife speaking in the background) -What? Whatever. We’ll take it away. (women speaking in the background)

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Duration: 35 minutes and 11 seconds
Country: Serbia
Language: Serbian
Views: 108
Posted by: globallives.serbia on Oct 14, 2009

tape 17, second 30 min

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