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PowerVault NX Windows NAS with Windows Storage Server 2012 R2

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PowerVault Windows NAS series of appliances is made up of three models. The NX400 is our 1U entry-level model with four drives, addressing SMB customers primarily. The NX3200 is our 2U, 12-drive model with a higher capacity point of 48 TB that addresses mid-tier customers. And the NX 3300 leverages shared back-end storage that can scale into the petabyte range. We target Windows NAS appliances at those customers who are in Windows environments that need to integrate into active directory. Environments with file and print needs, and those environments now with Windows Storage Server 2012, that have a need for SMB 3.0. So the synergy between our award winning Poweredge Server hardware, and Microsoft's Windows Storage Server OS which is based on Windows server 2012 is what makes this platform so powerful and allows us to build an affordable platform that still delivers a very high performance profile. All the features you find in Windows Server are available in Windows Storage Server. Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 delivers a variety of performance improvements operational improvements, and usability improvements. So from a data protection perspective for example, parity on failover clusters is something that customers are looking for. SSD tiering and write-back cache are also things from a performance perspective that customers want in enterprise class storage. Windows Storage Server also seemlessly ties into any Windows environment. If you have an active directory environment, if you are enforcing policies, if you have access control on folders, files, directories... you do this on your Windows Server in the very same way you do it on a Windows Storage Server. I like that customers that come from a Windows environment where they have Windows servers and Windows clients can deploy these NX appliances without having to go through any learning curve. No matter if you are a small business, mid-sized business, or enterprise, make sure to look at our PowerVault NAS appliances running Windows Storage Server 2012. Any of the NX appliances is a great solution for you.

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Posted by: ralph_jung on Feb 7, 2014

PowerVault NX Windows NAS with Windows Storage Server 2012 R2

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