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Audrey Hapbum back from AfterLife/Death, teach you:Transforming Judgment into a Gift to you

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Transforming Judgments into Gifts - Audrey Hepburn Hi! this is Audrey Hapbum, and I am here to communicating about, 'transforming, judgments - into gift' lets use an example let us say that you're, working in a 'office', for a company, and there is, another being who, has a, 'position' that is 'above yours', within the company and you are "observing" this being, and you're observing this being's "sufficiency" this being's "directness", this being's specificity, this being's mannerism and way of 'approaching', situations circumstances 'events', and within your experience with this 'being' you start 'judging yourself', within yourself to comparison, comparing yourself to this being experiencing yourself as 'inferior' and, less than and you, placed yourself within an experience of absolute 'Turmoil' and, inner conflict as you day in, and day out observe this being and constantly and continuously 'judge', through comparison how do one, transform, such judgments - into gifts? as follow: when you realized, that you're, "comparing" yourself to another being and within that 'comparison', Judging you! and, experiencing 'you' as, anything 'less than' who you are that which you are judging, of that being to comparison Be that! Live that! Express yourself as that, meaning! you see this being's, specificity and, completing documents In 'writing', in putting together 'projects', working with other beings 'observe' the being 'as yourself', and, within the 'observation' apply, that which you observe within another, within and as yourself 'one and equal'! but, not from a perspective of wanting to 'be better than', not from a perspective of 'competition', from a perspective of assisting and supporting yourself, within specificity and efficiency, and that 'transforms' your entire experience, within the presence of that being, because then you, actually, instead of accepting and allowing you to 'judge, yourself' and, through comparison, and seeing yourself as 'less than' or inferior! towards that being you're actually, express 'gratefulness' why gratefulness? gratefulness from a perspective that, I see this being as efficient and specific within completing projects! putting together projects, the way they 'utilize words', the way they present themselves, the way they handle situations and, you use 'that' and you observe and, intently have a look at how you're able to assist and support you to be, 'as specific, as sufficient' and that's "how", you're able to "transform", judgments into gifts - for self So, have a look at what, judgments specifically judgments, you have towards, other human beings within your world, and you will find quite interestingly that they will be, 'many gifts' (smile) available to self through, (laugh) observing the judgment accepted and allowed within self, through comparison towards others and you'll you know what, would be, perfect 'is making a list', write down! have a look at the beings in your world, 'make a list' and, write down what judgments you have accepted and allowed within yourself 'toward yourself' 'through comparing yourself', toward that being and then have a look at "how", you're able to assist and support "yourself"! to 'transform' those judgments into 'gifts'! where you assist and support yourself, to specify, your effectiveness of, and as 'self', for instance you write down the being, in the office you write down alright I, admire their specificity, their 'sufficiency', within completing projects how they 'handle' situations, events how they 'move' their pressure, and then you observe how, the being that you are 'observing as yourself' is, expressing and living that 'as themselves' and then you assist and support 'you', for yourself! to do the same to become as sufficient, to become as specific, 'one and equal' be certain, that it is not about, 'enlighten self-interest', from the perspective of now trying to 'cover up' the, judgment that you have accepted and allowed within yourself to attempting trying 'to compete' or be better than them because, within that you're again, creating a manifesting a 'polarity' situation and within wanting to 'compete', 'you will lose' you can't compete, with something or someone they are 'you', one and equal, why compete to yourself!? (smile) why not, be grateful, that you're become 'aware', self-aware of noticing something within another, 'as yourself' that which you're able to assist and support you with or you're even able to "ask" the being: How did you assist and support yourself to become self-sufficient and effectiveness in what you do!? how did you do it? and 'hear the words', and assist and support you, to do the same! Alright! thank you very much, this is Audrey Hapbum of how to transform 'judgments' ~ into gifts Thank you. More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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