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Michael Jordan 1998

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The mountains of Salt Lake City (Utah) framed the setting, as Michael Jordan stepped on the floor in a Bulls uniform for the last time, in Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals, striving once again to reach basketball's mountaintop. In Michael's mind, he knew when that series began it was going to be his final dance as an NBA player. The Jazz respected Jordan, and they had earned his respect by taking 2 games in the Finals. In the early going of game 6, an awkward play improved Utah's chances to even the series. Pippen walked gingerly to the locker room. The Jazz took advantage, and the early lead. Michael Jordan found himself in familiar territory, with a challenge before him. He was at the end of his career, but at the top of his game. Jazz coach Jerry Malone summoned his reserves, but it was Jordan who found an endless supply of strengh. Veterans Tom Stockton and Carl Malone talked it over, and then demonstrated their own uncanny knack for unspoken communication on the court. The second half began with an exchange of smiles, between a couple of super-stars, who then exchanged blows on the floor, as the game's momentum shifted with nearly every shot. In his last NBA Finals, Michael Jordan was focused on winning his 6th championship for the Bulls. But a hunger also burned deep within the Jazz, who were determined to win their first NBA title. In the final minute, the Malone-Stockton connection struck again. He had already accomplished so much in his career, and this was only Game 6, after all, before a hostile crowd. Would Michael Jordan save his strength for a seventh game at home? The answer, as history will record, was "no". Jordan knocks it away from him. Jordan's got it. The Bulls could win it right here. The Bulls can win it. Unbelieveable! 16 seconds left. Bulls down one. Michael against Russell. 12 seconds... 11...10...Jordan. Jordan. a drive...hangs...fires...yes!! He scores! The Bulls lead, 87-86...with 5 and 2 tenths left. And new they are one stop away. Oh, my goodness!! Chicago is world champions once more!! The Chicago Bulls have won their sixth NBA championship in the last eight years!! The more time that passes... The more I look back at that last second shot at Utah in Game 6 that ended that series, it's just total fairy tale. It just had to end that way. Utah...last second...hold the pose...I just couldn't make it up. If I did it for Hollywood, they would just laugh at it, because it's just too neat. Too perfect a way to end it.

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Posted by: greenbo on Jun 22, 2010

Michael Jordan in Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals

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