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Opinión del Dr Rory McGreal

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my opinion of quality of Open Education Resource is the same says of my opinion of the quality commercial resources and resources produce the with the closed license in campbell that is some of them are very good and some of them are very bad and I don't believe that A quality issues can be conatined in a discussion of open educational resources it's a wether something is open or not or wether it's closed in commercial it's not the measurement o's not the measurement o quality is in the materials console and so open materials is not reason why open material will not be used will not have good quality, it's not there any reason like commercial material but not all quality and what we see emerging is the particulary with material dudes all your, all teacher in classrooms it's because when the alternative they want to make sure that because other people are seeing it now waw good once in a close kull: the day improve on another aspect the openness and quality is that once it's really enterests many othr professions with also were a using it improve and so with many different people improving it can get better and another aspect the quality in a very importnat what for teacher and teachers wether online is wether or not you can adapt material and change it or adapt and you can do this easily with open educational resources with commercial contract you're not alone to do another aspect of quality is the accessibility of who who is allowed to see the fun continous account and with open educational resources and you want to do so i'm adapting I mentioned earlier it's a major problem menu science if not most and you know the social science and the arts and a gain the ability to update is a significant aspect all and this does not even impinge in columbia your cost-effectiveness as well which all we are certainly beats or commercial content and impossible use and give one example of that how much quality how much quality is an alternative if what we i'm looking at the collaborative statistics a book that was written by two professors in Florida and now is being used 102 but differents universities and different courses and a redacting and making it better for example one professor is added videos another one is created links or I'm sorry pathways so was that content works very well with Microsoft Excel another one is done it for SPF there are many different aspects to open educational resources other peaks where the accessibility promotes the improvement of content so just to finish on that people who suggest to open eduactional resources and they don't have the quality of commercial i'm really not have an argument

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Opinión respecto a los recursos educativos abiertos

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